Sept. 1, 2001
Curtis Boosts Capacity of Salt/Sand Spreader Curtis International Inc has unveiled its patent-pending TS-25, a 2.5-cubic-yard salt and sand spreader available

Curtis Boosts Capacity of Salt/Sand Spreader

Curtis International Inc has unveiled its patent-pending TS-25, a 2.5-cubic-yard salt and sand spreader available in both rolled and stainless steel. With an overall length of 120", this hydraulically driven unit weighs 1,000 pounds empty and 8,500 pounds fully loaded. The hopper measures 96" × 54" × 35", with a base width of 36" and conveyor width of 13".

The company now offers its patent-pending TS-17 spreader in stainless steel. For a catalog or more details, contact Curtis, 111 Higgins St, Worcester MA 01606.
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CUE Inc Adds 9" Salt/Sand Spinner Disc

CUE Inc has added a 9"-diameter urethane sand/salt spinner disc to its product line. This new urethane spinner, designed for use on pickup truck tailgate spreader units, will be manufactured in bi-directional (straight) vane, or formed clockwise and counterclockwise directional vane designs. For mounting, the center area of the spinner has been left blank so that it can be drilled — in the field — to accommodate the spreader's existing mounting hub.

With the addition of the 9" spinner, CUE now offers one-piece urethane spinners in 13", 18", 20", and 24" diameters. All are engineered to resist rust, corrosion, and impact damage. Urethane spinner mounting hubs and snowplow blades complete the product line. For more information, contact CUE, 11 Leonberg Rd, Cranberry Township PA 16066.
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TC-140 D-Icer Plus Performs Minus Hydraulics

TruckCraft's new TC-140 D-Icer Plus tailgate replacement spreader for one-ton trucks requires no hydraulic system and is easy to install. Key features of this spreader include:

  • Handles any free-flowing material up to 3/4" diameter.

  • 12-volt electric power.

  • Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Spreads up to 6,000 pounds of material per hour.

  • Sealed electric motors with stainless steel shafts and oversize bearings.

  • Hinged auger housing opens and closes in 60 seconds to clear auger jams.

  • Four-hour installation, then on and off in 10 minutes.

  • Mounting frame is a direct tailgate replacement.

  • In-cab, lighted controls.

  • One-year factory warranty.

For full details, contact TruckCraft, 5751 Molly Pitcher Hwy South, Chambersburg PA 17201.
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Plow Attachment/Removal Becomes Simpler

To design a better attaching system, Western Products talked to plowers to find out what was most important to them. The overwhelming response: make the on/off procedure simple, so Western redesigned the system for attaching and removing the plow. Key features of the simplified system include:

  • Simple on/off, drive in attachment.

  • Drive in at any angle. The UltraMount System incorporates a pivot bar that rotates, allowing drive-in points to remain level, even when the blade is not.

  • Optimum off-season ground clearance. Two receiver brackets on the vehicle are removable for better off-season ground clearance — no tools are required.

For complete information, contact Western Products, 7777 N 73rd St, Milwaukee WI 53223.
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Revers-A-Cast Puts Snow Where It Should Go

Frink America Inc has reintroduced the Revers-A-Cast snowplow, its original flexible moldboard snowplow. This plow offers maximum versatility, allowing an operator to cast snow either to the right or left in a one-way plow application or in conventional reversible plow contour.

The reversing action can be performed during actual plowing operations without lifting the plow. Revers-A-Cast features torsion spring-powered, trip-edge design to protect equipment and operators from road hazards. Frink offer two choices in power reverse with its worm-gear or ram-reverse options.

For full information, contact Frink, PO Box 390, 1077 Westmount St, Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, Canada J0B 1C0.
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Magnum Mounts on Variety of Vehicles

Imperial Electric announces its new Magnum salt spreaders designed for light- to medium-duty snow and ice removal.

Besides standard fixed, hinged, and receiver mount configurations, Magnum spreaders offer five other mounting methods including the Dual Port System produced by Reese and Draw-Tite. This selection permits mounting on a range of vehicles including small utility vehicles and tractors.

All three models are available with either 304 stainless steel or roto-cast polyethylene hoppers. Hopper capacities range from 5.75 cubic feet holding up to 350 pounds to 10.75 cubic feet holding up to 750 pounds.

Standard equipment includes high-current capacity wiring harnesses and variable-speed controllers with off/on, burst positions to control spread widths from minimal up to 40 feet. Indicator lights tell the operator when contents have been depleted or stoppage has occurred at the impeller. Top covers for all models match hopper construction material.

Other features include a 6.5" corrosion-resistant Imperial DC motor, delivering 1/2 horsepower, providing power to keep augers working under severe weather conditions. All models come with a two-year warranty. For more information, contact Imperial, 1503 Exeter Rd, Akron OH 44306.
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Boss Headlight Package Lights the Way

The Boss Snowplow introduces a new plow light package that projects light wider and further out in front of the vehicle.

The light output of this package features custom-designed composite lights with dual halogen bulbs. Reflective surfaces of these new headlights are optimized to get the best possible width and distance from each halogen bulb, whether on high or low beam. This allows the headlights to provide up to 2½ times more light output. What's more, the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) option will provide up to six times the light output.

This light package projects a much whiter light that reduces eyestrain and helps prevent fatigue. Headlights also have antiglare shields that improve visibility and prevent snow blindness. The Boss two-stud mounting reduces vibrations so the headlights do not lose adjustment.

For further details, contact Boss, PO Box 788, Iron Mountain MI 49801-0788.
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Road Patch Roller from Root

Root Spring Scraper Co's new Root Road Patch Roller is a versatile piece of equipment designed to roll cold patch, shoulders, chip seal, or any other material a normal roller would handle. This roller can be used on any highway truck with a quick hitch with no modification to the truck. Design features include:

  • 24"-diameter water-filled drum with baffles

  • 48" width with hydraulically activated side-shift

  • Easy hook-up to existing plow quick hitch with no modification necessary

  • Attached spray tank and scraper bar to keep drum clean

For full information, contact Root, 527 W North St, Kalamazoo MI 49007.
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Sno-Way Hits the Roads

Sno-Way International Inc's product line is in use in more and more places where snow and ice fall. Due to the faster, more efficient SM01 hydraulic power unit and implementation of the patented Down Pressure System, all the firm's plows are commercial-grade. The company has expanded use of high-strength steels in many of its plow components.

For more details, contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027.
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Arrow Adds Wiring Harness

In response to requests from OEM upfitters, Arrow Safety Device Co has introduced a snowplow wiring harness for large vehicles. By upscaling its pre-wired harness that was developed for pickup trucks, Arrow can now fit Class 7 and 8 trucks. The company says Harness #96-14569-0 can save large-vehicle installers as much as three hours per truck installation time.

EZ-V Snowplow from Fisher Engineering Keeps Pushing On

Fisher Engineering offers the EZ-V multi-position snowplow. Highlights include:

  • Adjustable V-plow configures to scoop, straight, or “V” position in seconds.

  • Insta-Act Hydraulic system locks blade wings to act as one unit.

  • Fish-Stik hand-held control operates all blade functions.

  • EZ-V Plow features Fisher trip-edge and easy on/off blade design.

For more information, contact Fisher, 50 Gordon Dr, Rockland ME 04841.
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Hiniker Co Product Line Keeps Spreading

Hiniker Co has expanded its snow and ice removal product line with a new size of salt and sand spreader. The company is offering a 6½-foot hopper that will fit full-size extended cab short-box pickup trucks. The new Model 610 joins Hiniker's Models 810 and 850, which have 8-ft hoppers.

The 6½-ft spreader has a capacity of 1.45 cubic yards, and the larger spreader has a capacity of 1.78 cubic yards. Available optional equipment includes hopper screens, pickup truck tiedowns, 12" side extensions, and spinner extensions.

Hiniker spreaders have adjustable deflectors and internal baffles that customize spread patterns from 4 to 25 feet wide. For full details, contact Hiniker, 58766 240th St, PO Box 3407, Mankato MN 56001.
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Scraper Offers Independent Pressure Control

Tenco Machinery Ltd's Series 700 one-way underbody scraper with air springs features independent control of pressure on each air bag for a maximum efficiency when scraping hard-packed snow and ice. A dual air bag system cushions the impact upon encountering road obstruction.

The in-cab control console for air springs is included with the underbody scraper. This scraper has a regulator that automatically releases pressure in the air bags upon encountering a road obstruction. The regulator then resets the air pressure to its predetermined level.

Series 700 is available in 11' and 12' lengths with a 15"-high, 1"-thick moldboard. For more details, contact Tenco, 1318 Principale St, PO Box 60, St-Valérien de Milton, Québec, Canada J0H 2B0.
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TARCO 2000 Comes in Three Capacities

Tarrant Mfg Co Inc (TARCO) offers the TARCO 2000 combination dump body/spreader. The dump body is available in 3.0-, 3.25-, or 3.8-cubic-yard water-level capacities with a side height of 16" with inside dimensions of 8', 8'-6", or 10'-6" long and 89" wide. The tailgate is 24" high, and the top rail of the dump body sides is 3" wide with side pockets for a wooden side board. All seams are fully welded. The body is constructed of 10-gauge steel sides, ends, tailgate, and floor, and the front wall is one piece and self cleaning without any indentations or tapers. Two-section top screens are optional.

For dumping, the body is raised by a telescopic cylinder which is NTEA-rated Class 20 with a lifting capacity of 10 tons. The hoist provides a low-profile mounting height and a minimum dump angle of 55°. A safety prop is also installed on the body.

The body floor is designed to elevate the passenger side, enabling material to slide to a conveyor running longitudinally on the driver's side, When the floor is elevated, material slides onto the conveyor without any interference from bracing or bulkheads.

Constructed of 3/16"-thick Type 304 stainless steel, the conveyor is 15" wide. The Chevron conveyor chain assembly uses a pintle chain with a tensile strength of 22,000 lbs and ensures a steady flow of material from the conveyor chain to the spinner assembly.

The flow gate is adjustable in height from 0" to 9" and is fitted with a rubber sealer strip. The gate is 9" wide and is adjustable using a rack-and-pinion jack.

Located on the left side of the body, the spinner enables material to be spread in front of the rear truck tires. The discharge chute is polyethylene and adjustable to control the spread pattern. For full details, contact TARCO, 225 Excelsior Ave, Saratoga Springs NY 12866.
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Spread It Around: Model MP Makes Debut

Highway Equipment Co has introduced the newly designed MP pickup-mounted de-icing spreader. Replacing the Hi-Way Model P, the MP features a new spinner assembly, patent-pending Screen-N-Store, and new control panel.

The spinner assembly may be removed in minutes for service. Screen-N-Store serves as a material screen that converts into a stand to store the MP in the off-season. The control panel starts and stops the engine and/or conveyor from the cab. It can be upgraded to include an optional tach/hourmeter that displays engine rpm and accumulated hours of use.

The MP comes in one of three packages: the Basic Pak, equipped with a 10-horsepower Tecumseh engine; Classic Pak, equipped with a 10.5-hp Briggs & Stratton engine; and Pro Pak, equipped with an 11-hp Honda engine. The MP also can be ordered per individual specifications. It is available in lengths from 6' to 10', may be hydraulically driven, and can be constructed of 304 stainless steel. For complete details, contact Highway Equipment, 616 D Ave NW, Cedar Rapids IA 52405-3823.
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Pivot-Pro 1075 Provides Pivot-Mount Option

SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, introduces its Pivot-Pro 1075 tailgate spreader. An option for both large and small contractors, the Pivot-Pro 1075 offers a pivot-mount, maximum-torque transmission and spreader control system.

The pivot-mount option requires no drill holes in the truck bed and allows the spreader to swing away, providing full tailgate or rear-door access. This unit comes standard with a 2" receiver hitch mount and is available with a three-point mount.

Built with a direct-drive system, the Pivot-Pro 1075 has no belts, pulleys, or chains. Mounted in a weather-tight enclosure, it includes a 12-volt DC motor and maximum torque transmission. The cab-mounted controller offers a variable-speed dial control with digital system status protection and a blast feature. Spread width is variable from four to 40 feet.

The Pivot-Pro 1075 features a modular steel frame with high-density polymer, UV-protected material hopper. Up to 10.75 cubic feet of material can be moved by a welded-steel flighted auger system with agitator and spread using a 10″ powdercoated steel spinner.

Optional accessories include a top screen, light kit, material deflector, vibrator kit, and gate assembly. All SnowEx spreaders come standard with the 2+5 extended warranty program. For more information, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Dr, Warren MI 48089.
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Plow/Spreader Combo Ready for Mounting

Everest Equipment Inc offers its new plow and spreader combination for installation on 17,500-lb-GVW trucks. The OWRL Series is a one-way plow and has a 10-gauge steel moldboard. This plow features a trip moldboard design with twin compression spring assemblies, and it has reversing capabilities with two hydraulic reversing rams. It mounts to Everest's 450/550 style chassis mount hitch with lift ram included.

The dump/spreader body portion is the firm's LSD09M1620 body. This side-tipping combination body has a integral spreader chain along the driver's side of the truck. The body is constructed entirely of Cor-Ten corrosion resistant material. This 9-foot body has a side height of 16" and tailgate 20" high. This unit also has a weld-on cab shield. A conveyor feeds material through a adjustable metering door of the headboard on the front driver's side of the body. The unit comes with hinged conveyor cover, material chute, and spinner assembly complete with hydraulic motors and hoses.

For full details, contact Everest, 1077 Westmount St, PO Box 390, Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, Canada J0B 1C0.
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TGS05A on a Tailgate Means Simplicity, Safety

Buyers Products Co has come out with the new TGS05A tailgate spreader, built for ease of use and safe operation with a low-profile design. The thermoplastic hopper and powdercoated frame resist corrosion and rust, and the 12-volt spreader motor is housed in a sealed motor chamber inside the hopper, protecting it from damage.

The spreader is designed to provide an even flow of 9 cubic feet/600 pounds of #1 rock salt or similar material, without the need of auger add-ons or vibration kits. The 45' hopper interior and auger channel material to the stainless steel-lined hopper throat and stainless steel spinner. Material flow and spread width from 3 to 35 feet are controlled from the in-cab electronic spreader control panel.

Three mounting options are offered for the TGS05A. It can be mounted directly to the step bumper; it can be mounted using the optional Wintergate Spreader Mount, allowing full bed access; or it can be mounted using a standard receiver tube for easy spreader removal. For more information, contact Buyers Products, 7700 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.
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With Blizzard 8611, Bigger Means Better

Blizzard Corp has developed a larger snow blade, the Model 8611 Municipal Power Plow snowplow. Engineered for two-ton vehicles, the Model 810 power plow features a higher and wider expanding moldboard for increased clearing and carrying capacity. In its 8'-6" compact position, the 8611 Municipal Power Plow is 6" wider than the Model 810, and in its WidePass position, it can expand an additional 12" to 11'. The BucketBlade, or scoop position, has a 9'-7" width.

The 8611 also features the patented Power Hitch mount system. Simply position a vehicle in line with mounting points on the plow's A-frame, connect the electrical harness, and activate the “connect” toggle switch on the A-frame. The Power Hitch arm raises beneath the undercarriage push beam, and the draw fingers pull the plow into the undercarriage receiving pockets. Insert the two safety pins, and snow is ready to be cleared.

All plow functions are controlled electronically from the cab of the vehicle using four rocker switches. The control securely mounts to the seat of a vehicle using Blizzard's Seat Cinch bench mount system.

A limited number of Model 811 plows are being placed in commercial snow removal applications this season for testing and evaluation. Production quantities will be available for the 2002-2003 season. For more information, contact Blizzard, 95 Airpark Blvd, Calumet MI 49913.
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Snowman Gets New Gear on Fifth Birthday

As Snowman Snowplow celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2001, it has added a new wiring harness and joystick controller for its complete line of pull snowplows. The harness has a mesh wrap and weatherproof molded plug ends. This system contains power source and remote wires together in one product.

Snowman now has a tight-sealing weatherproof wiring harness. The harness is compatible with all Snowman models.

Two new small joystick controllers operate hydraulics. One features an up-and-down controller for the two-way Power Up/Down SC and RS-commercial models and a four-way controller for the LDA-Power Angle models.

For further details, contact Snowman, PO Box 78, Bloomfield IA 52537.
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