Product Profiles

Aug. 1, 2001
Acrylic Enamels Keep Fleets Looking Sharp Magnet Paints provides Magnacryl Series 9000 acrylic enamels, formulated to help preserve truck and commercial

Acrylic Enamels Keep Fleets Looking Sharp

Magnet Paints provides Magnacryl Series 9000 acrylic enamels, formulated to help preserve truck and commercial fleets. These acrylic enamels help resist corrosion while standing up to repeated washings. The Magnacryl Series 9000 allows application via conventional air, airless, or HVLP spray equipment.

The 9000 Series paints can be applied over other manufacturers' primers, while Magnet's rust- and corrosion-inhibiting metal primers can accept other topcoats.

Magnet paints adhere to various surfaces and offer durability, acid and alkali chemical resistance, high opacity, resistance to abrasion and weathering, and heat stability. Series 9000 paints offer color strength and come in a spectrum of hues.

In conjunction with optional additives such as Magnet's 79HS Catalyst, surfaces coated with Series 9000 paints take on a wet look to add luster to any vehicle.

Magnet also offers a line of reducers to fit temperature and application conditions ranging from 50° to 85° F and higher.

For more information, contact Magnet, 336 Bayview Ave, Amityville NY 11701.

Safe Shop Tools Enhances Portable Tire Step

Safe Shop Tools Inc has improved its Stepper II portable tire step, a compact, adjustable steel platform that fits over most truck tires and provides safe, secure footing for work on engines and windshields.

Instead of black coating, the Stepper II now comes in standard safety neon yellow. Urethane protective strips are applied in order to keep metal parts from coming in contact with chrome or aluminum wheels to prevent scratching or marring.

The Stepper II's folded size is 5" × 14.5" × 30". It unfolds quickly and locks into position, and can be hung over the front or back tire, on either side of a vehicle.

This patent-pending product has an adjustable width, so a single unit can work for trucks of all sizes. The lightweight, steel Stepper II has a nonslip, OSHA-approved surface, comes ready for use, and requires no tools or bolts. For full details, contact Safe Shop, PO Box 4206, Missoula MT 59806.

SB Series Wins a Gold for Thermo King

In the 2001 Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Thermo King Corp won a Gold IDEA2001 award for its SB Series transport refrigeration units for trailers. The IDEA award, sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week magazine, recognizes product designs that match consumer needs with appropriate technology.

The SB Series design was one of 44 Gold awards selected by the jury this year from more than 12,000 entries. Winners will be recognized at the IDEA2001 award presentation ceremony Aug 18, 2001, at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston MA.

MGM Improves Spring Brake Capabilities

The MGM Brakes Magnum Performance Plus series of piston-type spring brakes has an improved ability to handle space, weight, performance, safety, life expectancy, and quality requirements. Advantages of this series of actuators include:

  • 3" (76-mm)-long stroke design ensures increased reserve stroke and greater safety.

  • Patented “roll-in” tamper-resistant design prevents inadvertent disassembly of the power spring housing, while eliminating the large-outside-diameter flange.

  • Patented dual-thread release bolt design offers minimal bolt protrusion at maximum release.

  • New push-rod boot (for ball end adjuster disc brake applications only) seals the non-pressure chamber to the caliper upon installation with a two-lipped compression seal.

  • Power spring has a corrosion protection coating of electrostatically applied and baked-on epoxy.

  • External breather tube system prevents entry of liquid and airborne contaminants, allowing the exchange of only clean atmospheric air from the inside of the non-pressure chamber to the power spring chamber.

  • Double protective coating on the head increases the actuator's impact and corrosion resistance.

  • Compatible with S-cam, wedge, and air disc brake designs.

Current range of model variations: parking brakes from 1,550 to 2,600 pounds of push-rod braking force (at 1.25" stroke); service brakes in sizes 20, 24, 30, and 36.

For more information, contact MGM, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269-9786.

Leyman Liftgate Can Hold Up to 3,300 Pounds

An aluminum platform tuckunder-style hydraulic liftgate has been introduced by Leyman Lift Gates. The new LAH 3300 liftgate, offered with 80" × 48" and 80" × 56" platforms, is suitable for weight-sensitive applications that also require enhanced durability and capacity. The tuckunder-style aluminum gate can handle loads up to 3,300 pounds.

Leyman also is offering as an option the new aluminum platform gate in 86" width for 102"-wide vehicles.

Features of the LAH 3300 include:

  • Automatic hydraulic leveling platform with auto tilt.
  • Keyed power unit lock-out.
  • Weathertight power pack enclosure.
  • Hand-held pendant to enhance user mobility.

Leyman also offers an optional cart stop for the liftgate to prevent loads from rolling off the platform. For more information, contact Leyman, 10900 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242.

Peterson Provides New Fender-Mount Light

Peterson Manufacturing Co has added the new M154A-R sealed fender-mount light. This combination front and rear clearance light marks the widest points on the trailer from both the front and rear driving views.

Suitable for clearance light applications on horse, cargo, or utility trailers, the M154A-R uses the same mounting hardware as Peterson's standard 154 series.

For complete details, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Wheel Force Transducer Technology Expands

MTS Systems Corp has extended patented Swift spinning wheel integrated force transducer technology to applications for medium and heavy trucks. Swift units bolt onto an adapted wheel, replacing hand placement of transducers at critical locations on the truck suspension, body, and frame. Besides providing road load data for laboratory simulation testing, they are also used in test rigs in the laboratory for test control and data acquisition functions. Other applications include tire tread wear and characterization, dynamic suspension characteristics measurements, tests of agricultural equipment, and support of vehicle analysis needs for applications such as computer model verification and noise and vibration studies. For more details, contact MTS, 14000 Technology Dr, Eden Prairie MN 55344-2290.

Intraax 300 Class Rolls Off Production Line

Hendrickson International's Intraax 300 Class trailer suspension systems come in both top-mount and low-ride-height/liftable configurations. Ride heights range from 9" to 19". The Intraax 300 Class includes the AA300EDT (extreme-duty top-mount) and AA300EDL (extreme-duty low-ride-height/liftable) 30,000-lb structural- and axle-capacity systems.

Hendrickson developed the Intraax 300EDT and 300EDL to tackle severe applications. They feature low-pressure air springs with steel pistons and full bottom plate coverage; high-damping, extended-service shock absorbers, and a 30,000-lb-capacity axle with HP spindles. Heavy-duty options include rear-mount shock absorbers and chain down-stops.

For more mainstream heavy-haul applications, Intraax AA300T and AA300L systems provide a 30,000-lb suspension capacity matched with a full 25,000-lb axle rating. The AA300T and AA300L have heavy-duty low-pressure air springs and high-damping shock absorbers as well as optional rear-mount shocks and chain down-stops. HN and HP spindles are available for both the top-mount and low-ride units.

Besides Tri-Functional bushings, Intraax 300 Class systems provide Quik-Align for fast, accurate alignment, and Hendrickson backs all of its products with a customer support network and warranties. For complete details, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904

Model 10 Beehive Lamp Simplifies Retrofitting

Truck-Lite Co offers the LED Model 10 Beehive lamp, which fits all existing Model 10 incandescent clearance marker mounts and cab marker mounts. Designed in both red and amber, the LED Model 10 Beehive uses the standard PL-10 adapter plug. Both versions of the LED Model 10 Beehive measure 2.3" high and comply with SAE 592e and J2042 standards. Manufactured from impact-resistant polycarbonate, the lens and housing are sonically sealed. All electronics are encapsulated in epoxy, providing additional moisture and corrosion resistance. A direct pin-to-circuit board soldering method assures solid electrical contacts within the assembly. The LED Model 10 Beehive operates at 14 volts and uses .1 amp. It is protected by Truck-Lite's LED limited warranty.

For more information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Compact Gen-Set Delivers Power to Spare

The patented UCT1-3.5 diesel generator set from Truck Gen fits inside an aluminum box measuring 30" long × 18" high × 20" deep. This gen-set also can be ordered with a custom box. The basic engine weighs 160 pounds, while the finished unit in a box weighs 200 pounds.

Originally designed for and proven in a marine environment, this 7-hp, 3,500-watt Kubota-powered gen-set is cooled by its own radiator and operates at 2800 rpm. This speed — low for a compact unit — means low vibration and noise levels and superior fuel efficiency. In fact, the gen-set burns 2/10 gallon per hour of diesel fuel. The UCT1-3.5 will run a 13,000-Btu rooftop air-conditioner/heater, with power to spare.

For full details, contact Truck Gen, 1732 St Johns Bluff Rd, Jacksonville FL 32246.

ReycoGranning Suspension Provides Light Weight, Maintains Strength

The new ReycoGranning Model 19AR/RS1062 air-ride van slider suspension system is rated at 19,000-lb capacity per axle and weighs 854 pounds.

By using narrow beams and hangers, two main crossmembers, and eliminating U-bolts in the axle attachments, weight has been removed without reducing strength. Hundreds of hours of testing shows the 19AR axle attachment lasts 300% longer.

Strength has been added by a new unitized hanger design that attaches the hangers to the sides of the rails — not just at the bottom of the rails. Hangers and rails are joined by plug welds to reduce stress risers.Also adding strength are7-gauge 9" side rails, industry-standard double convoluted air springs, and 4.5"-wide bushings.

Options includea bolt-on load block mechanism, bolt-on mud flap brackets, choice of axle type, multiple pin spacings, quick pin release, and availability for either Hutchens, Binkley, or the TTMA standard rail. The ReycoGranning model 19AR/RS1062 also includes the ReyAlign axle alignment feature, which realigns with ordinary tools and no cutting.

For more information, contact ReycoGranning Suspensions, Tuthill Transport Technologies, 2715 N Airport Commerce, Springfield MO 65803.

MotoWeld Family Built for Robotic Welding

Motoman introduces the new MotoWeld family of power sources designed for robotic welding. The MotoWeld A300 is a “dual-pulse” AC/DC welder for aluminum, capable of making TIG-like beads. This AC MIG welder also can weld .6 mm (.024") galvanized steel with 0- to 2-mm gaps.

The MotoWeld P-series power sources are programmable dual-pulse welders that provide reduced heat input for welding aluminum or steel. Standard pulse is used for optimum cosmetics; high-speed pulse is used for increased welding speeds. Pulse data is stored in the robot (24 files) and communicated through the serial port to the welder. P-series welders are available in 350- or 500-amp capacity (P350 and P500).

The MotoWeld H500 is designed for high-speed, high-current pulse welding of mild steel, with welding travel speeds up to 3 meters (9.8 feet) per minute using 0.45" wire and CO2 gas. Travel speed increases to 4 meters (13 feet) per minute when used with a servo torch wire feeder.

The MotoWeld S-series power sources are general-purpose CV welders, which include a “software tap” that provides three different levels of inductance based on current. The MotoWeld S200 is designed for thinner material (1.0 — 2.0 mm) with a “super charge” circuit for better low-end stability. The MotoWeld S350 is suitable for general light-gauge fabrication (2.0 — 4.0 mm galvanized steel) while the S500 is suitable for heavier fabrication (3.0 — 6.0 steel). The S200 is rated at 200 amps at 100% duty cycle; the S350 is rated at 350 amps at 50% duty cycle; the S500 is rated at 500 amps at 60% duty cycle. For more information, contact Motoman, 805 Liberty Lane, West Carrollton OH 45449.

Champion Compressors Can Be Ordered Online

Champion, a Gardner Denver company, offers online ordering for splash-lubricated reciprocating compressors. The 13 models to choose from include portable or stationary compressors along with pneumatic tools and accessories. Shown is a portable 5.5-horsepower Honda-driven unit delivering 9.2 cfm at 100 psi with two four-gallon tanks. For more information, contact Champion, 1800 Gardner Expressway, Quincy IL 62301.

TempList Combines Probe, Data Storage Unit

Cox Technologies Inc's TempList “digital clipboard” temperature monitor is a data collection, storage, and documentation system that combines a temperature probe and an electronic data storage unit. The TempList is a virtual Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point documentation system in a single device. Users set up the critical control points in the TempList Windows-based software, note the correct or critical temperatures, and download these values in the TempList device. The unit is then ready to record temperatures and store them for later transfer to software installed on a computer.

While taking current temperature readings using a temperature probe, users are warned of unsafe or extreme temperature limits instantaneously. The device displays the reading on a large LCD screen that has its own backlight. The reading is then recorded with a push of a button. The TempList can record the critical temperature, product type, process or location, user identity, date, and time. For more information, contact Cox, 69 McAdenville Rd, Belmont NC 28012.

Hannay Improves N700 Hose Reel

Hannay Reels' N700 spring rewind hose reel has been enhanced with service, efficiency, and safety features to meet more applications. A non-sparking separate ratchet assembly composed of machined, forged, and stamped parts makes the reel safer to operate. The new design affords better access to the pawl and pin, even in hard-to-reach machine applications.

Newly designed seals in the heavy-duty spring motor and redesigned arbor provide protection in dirty environments and simplifies maintenance. The position of the hose riser has been adjusted to improve alignment of the hose on the drum during retraction.

The N700 can accommodate single 3/8"- or 1/2"-ID hose. The standard inlet is a 90° swivel joint with 1/2" female NPT threads, and the standard outlet has 1/2" female NPT threads. It operates at pressures to 3,000 psi (207 bar) and handles product temperatures from — 20° to +225° F. For additional information, contact: Hannay, 553 State Route 143, Westerlo NY 12193-0159.

MIG Machine Torch Offers Welding Versatility

OXO Welding Equipment Co has introduced the ARXM60 air-cooled, automatic MIG machine torch series for automated and rack welding. Designed for most wire types, including hard, tubular, aluminum, and stainless steel, the torches feature a steel monocoil power cable, multiple neck options, and OXO's patented easy-in/easy-out Quik Tip contact tip.

The ARXM60 is rated 600 amps at 100% duty cycle (carbon dioxide) with a maximum wire size of 1/8". Both torches have a nickel-plated brass Smith torch barrel with 32 pitch rack and standard screw-in Quik Nozzle.

Built into the power cable, the steel monocoil offers more strength, better feedability and a longer torch life. Torches are available in 5-, 10-, 15-, and 25-foot cable lengths.

To position the torch at the necessary angle, the machine torch series offers variable neck options that are interchangeable. Straight and angled necks are available in sizes including 4", 6", 8", and 12" lengths.

Other neck, nozzle and diffuser options are available. To learn more, contact OXO, c/o Inquiry Intelligence Systems, 18 N Central Ave, O'Fallon MO 63366.

Western Star Rolls Along on X-One Tires

Western Star Trucks provides the X-One, a wide-base tire for on-highway, heavy-duty trucks. Initiated by Western Star's parent company, Freightliner LLC, and developed by Michelin, the X-One takes the place of conventional dual truck tires. The new 445/50R22.5 X-One XDA tire is exclusively available on Western Star-, Sterling-, and Freightliner-brand Class 8 trucks.

The X-One replaces the dual tire configuration with a single tire that has a larger contact surface with the road. Instead of the usual eight tires for its tandem drive axles, a truck tractor only needs four X-One tires.

The X-One 445/50R22.5 has the same rolling radius as a conventional 275/80R22.5 tire, along with the same inflation pressure of 100 psi. It comes on a 22.5×14.00 Accuride wheel.

Weight savings is about 115 pounds per wheel end (460 pounds per tandem) compared with conventional duals on steel wheels or 102 pounds per wheel end (408 pounds per tandem) compared with conventional duals on aluminum wheels.

X-One also cuts fuel consumption. Road tests have shown up to 2.5% fuel savings with X-Ones on the tractor only and up to 5% fuel savings for truck/trailer combinations equipped with X-Ones. For more details, contact Western Star, 2076 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada V1Y 6H8.

EZ-Link Controllers Provide Flexibility

Pandjiris has introduced its new line of EZ-Link Series controllers — microprocessor-based devices that put automated equipment control functions at one's fingertips. Welding and motion functions are coordinated in one package.

These controllers are suitable for upgrades and retrofitting existing equipment made by any manufacturer. The front panel layout includes a backlit LCD display. Custom-designed software permits a range of programmed sequence configurations. For full information, contact Pandjiris, 5151 Northrup Ave, St Louis MO 63110.

Gunite 2000 Fits Welded-Clevis Applications

The Gunite Corp has unveiled the Gunite 2000, a new slack adjuster designed for the latest welded-clevis, long-stroke brake chamber applications. Fitting all welded clevis designs, the Gunite 2000 comes with a five-year warranty. Gunite slacks install in half the time and do not require external brackets or mounting hardware.

These slacks provide consistent brake adjustment, minimizing problems with roadside inspections. They also maintain consistent shoe-to-drum clearance.

For further information, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61108.

MagForce Combines Power, Portability

Jancy Engineering's MagForce portable magnetic drilling machine measures 11" in height and weighs 27 pounds, yet delivers more hole drilling power than machines twice its size. Features include 1,200-watt motor, new magnet design for superior holding strength, and soft touch control panel with smart circuitry to prevent motor startup on non-ferrous materials. Spindle coolant with positive slug ejection is also standard.

For full information, contact Jancy, 2735 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport IA 52804.

Durakon Offers X/L Bedliner

Durakon Industries has unveiled the Duraliner X/L bedliner. Made from the same materials as the original Duraliner, the X/L includes anti-skid floors, patented step-down corners, and a ribbed floor design that reduces moisture buildup below the bedliner.

The X/L features two built-in and lockable storage compartments for holding small tools, gear, and other loose cargo; recessed cargo lights that illuminate the entire truck bed; and four floor-mounted D-rings for accessible cargo restraint. For a limited time, the X/L comes complete with a protective cushion, which reduces vibrations and noise, and helps keep the liner from shifting. For complete information, contact Durakon, 2101 N Lapeer Rd, Lapeer MI 48446.

Strippit/LVD Brochure Details 20-ton CNC Punch Press

Strippit/LVD has released a color brochure detailing the features and benefits of its new Global 20 CNC turret punch press. The brochure highlights features, including frame, turret, table, and control, as well as optional items such as an automatic sheet loading/unloading system and parts sorting device.

The Global 20's punch press features a 100" (2.5-meter) X-axis to process workpieces up to 98.4" × 49.2" (2,500 × 1,250 mm) and material up to 0.250" (6.3 mm) thick. Fully programmable stroke profiles and the Smart Stroke feature maximize punching performance and provide flexibility for punching and forming applications.

Strippit's new 20-ton machine has a 30-station turret with station-to-station tool change in less than one second. It is available with up to four 3.5" (88.9-mm) auto-index stations. The CNC punch press is also equipped with three programmable, relocatable work clamps, which can be programmed to a position on the X carriage and individually relocated to a new position within the part program. A 15.7" × 17.7" (400 × 450 mm) programmable drop door further adds to productivity. The punch press features a PC-based GE Fanuc 180i control.

For more information or a copy of the new brochure, contact Strippit, 12975 Clarence Center Rd, Akron NY 14001.

Reiter Plastic Dump Body Built for Light-Duty Chassis

Reiter Industries Inc introduces a new 10-foot plastic dump body, Model 1004LS, for lighter-duty chassis. This unit has a carrying capacity of 4.4 cubic yards. Other features of the unit include:

  • Sides are 22" high; tailgate height is 32"; manual or air-release gates are available.

  • HDPE crosslink plastic resin has a 3/4"-thick floor and will not dent or rust. UV-protected, the solid black steel frame can be painted to match the chassis.

  • Shipping weight with the cab shield and without any hydraulics is 1,880 pounds.

  • 10" main rails under the dump body offer clearance when mounting hoists and subframe hoists. Underbody hoist-style frame is standard equipment.

  • Plastic fenders, cab shields, and cab protectors with rear window cutouts all are options.

For full details, contact Reiter, 926 E Industrial Dr, Dickinson ND 58601-7506.

Safe-T-Connect Assemblies Can Jump Vehicles Quickly

Superior Signals Inc manufactures the Safe-T-Connect line of booster cable assemblies. Safe-T-Connect allows an operator of one vehicle to jump another vehicle without opening the hood of the vehicle to which the booster cable system is permanently attached. Any fleet or automotive application can use the Safe-T-Connect assembly system. Available in 2- and 4-gauge, the assembly comes with one booster cable, one vehicle harness, one dust cover, and mounting hardware.

The 2GA-twin cable made with Ulturaflex Blue cable, comes in 20-, 25-, 30-, and 35-foot lengths, and works from -55° to 105° C (-67° to 221° F). The 4GA-twin cable made with Vu-Tron welding cable comes in 16-, 25-, and 30-ft lengths. Both sizes of booster cable assemblies may be purchased with the optional polarity light indicator. For additional information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Meter Lets Fleets Clear Air About Opacity Levels

The new SPX Dieseltune DX240 opacity smoke meter from SPX Service Solutions helps fleets accurately measure percentage of opacity.

The DX240 analyzes all smoke (black, white, or blue) produced at the truck's stack using the SmokeStick exhaust probe. The SmokeStick is dropped into the stack, allowing for fast, clean, and safe testing, while eliminating the need to attach the meter to the stack.

The DX240 is designed with all of its electronics outside the hot and dirty exhaust plume. It can test an average of 500 trucks without cleaning the lenses. A 150-mm path length enables the tool to be accurate at both high and low ends of the opacity range. For more information, contact SPX Corp, 28635 Mound Rd, Warren MI 48092.