Product Profiles

Nov. 1, 2001
Rumber Materials Inc Comes Out with T-Rail Flooring Rumber Materials Inc announces a new T-rail flooring system for heavy-equipment trailers and trucks.

Rumber Materials Inc Comes Out with T-Rail Flooring

Rumber Materials Inc announces a new T-rail flooring system for heavy-equipment trailers and trucks. Developed by one of Rumber's heavy-equipment manufacturers, this system uses 1.5" × 1.5" × 0.25" T-rail and angle iron spaced to accommodate 2" × 8" Rumber boards between the rails and angle iron. While these flooring boards are normally spaced on 9" centers for weight support, the T-rail and angle iron system uses crossmembers spaced 24" apart.

The manufacturer says this new design results in a 65% reduction in labor and a 33% decrease in overall weight (from similar trailers with 9" centers).

Rumber boards are manufactured by a patented process from 100% recycled tire rubber and plastic. They are environmentally friendly and durable, impervious to water, and will not crack, rot, or split. For full details, contact Rumber, 621 W Division St, Muenster TX 76252.

Auxiliary Tank Doubles Fuel Capacity on Dodge Pickups

Transfer Flow Inc provides a 38-gallon aft axle auxiliary fuel tank system for 1994-2001 Dodge diesel and gasoline-fueled (non-OBD-II) pickups with 8' beds. With this fuel tank, the pickup's fuel capacity is more than doubled.

The complete fuel system includes fuel tank, sending unit, wire harness, straps, mounting hardware, in-line pump, and dash-mounted LCD. This LCD will display gallons in the main tank, auxiliary tank, and the vehicle's combined gallonage. The auxiliary system is computer-controlled by Transfer Flow's patent-pending Trax-UFS operating system.

The auxiliary tank's fillneck design allows the existing fuel door opening to accommodate fillnecks of the OEM tank and the auxiliary tank.

For more details, contact Transfer Flow, 1444 Fortress St, Chico, CA 95973.

TIP Helps Trailer Inspection Enter High-Tech Territory

Transport International Pool (TIP), a GE Capital company, is using handheld computers and digital cameras to facilitate trailer inspection. Fleet owners can review repair detail worksheets, as well as photos of damage, within 24 hours of trailer return by accessing their Premier Services account at

Also available online is TIP's damage repair policy, which provides a description of trailer turn-in conditions as well as criteria for specific types of repairs. The national policy provides a standardized list of the parts and labor required by many common trailer repairs. Customers can access TIP's standardized national repair price list via their Premier Services account.

Pliogrip Beats Humidity

The Specialty Polymers and Adhesives (SP&A) Division of Ashland Specialty Chemical Co has introduced an advanced two-component urethane-based adhesive called Pliogrip 9100/9115. This adhesive system bonds various thermosetting composites, minimizes the effect of environmental humidity, and exhibits a long, bondable open time.

For full information, contact Ashland, 5200 Blazer Parkway, Dublin OH 43017.

Volvo FH12 Model Sports An Array of Enhancements

Volvo Truck Corp presents the third generation of its FH12 model with new 500-bhp engine, automatic Volvo I-Shift gear-changing system, and improved engine range, transmission, cab, chassis, and electronics systems.

The engine was developed from the 460-bhp D12 engine. Volvo's FH12 engine series runs from 380 to 500 bhp and complies with the Euro 3 emission standard while retaining fuel economy.

I-Shift, the new automatic gear-changing system, improves comfort and safety levels, reduces fuel consumption, and lowers weight. It changes gear swiftly and smoothly in response to actual conditions on the road.

Volvo's Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) helps the driver to retain full control of the vehicle in conditions such as unfavorable road surfaces, any tendency toward excessive roll, or after sharp braking. Another safety innovation is the front underrun protection system (FUPS), which is now standard and integrated in the cab design. In case of frontal collision with a car, FUPS is designed to prevent the car from going underneath the front of the truck.

The FH Series cab provides a work environment for the driver, whether driving or parked. Options now include a choice of one or two beds, or an office/dinette. More practical storage compartments have been created above the bed and desk/table. At the wheel, the driver has a new instrument panel with central driver display unit. The steering wheel has integrated controls, and telephone controls are built into it.

For complete details, contact Volvo, 7900 National Service Rd, PO Box 26115, Greensboro NC 27402-6115.

CartCaddy5W Attachment Handles Various Cart Sizes

DJ Products Inc has developed a universal adjustable attachment that allows the operator of the CartCaddy5W to attach to various sizes of carts. This attachment eliminates the need for custom attachments and is designed to handle various applications and carts.

The CartCaddy5W walk-behind design allows the operator to manipulate loads in tight areas. This design also helps cut the cost of the machine. In manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution environments, the CartCaddy5W will reduce the risk of injuries caused by overextending the human body. For more details, contact DJ Products, 3875 Yellowstone Lane, Plymouth MN 55446.

Roof Panel Resists Tearing

Kemlite Co Inc, a subsidiary of Crane Co, is introducing an advanced translucent roof panel to the commercial trailer market. This product, Kemlite ETR Translucent Roof, nearly doubles tear propagation strengths of typical translucent roof products, says the company.

“ETR” stands for “enhanced tear resistance.” The key to its tear strength lies on the bottom side of the roof with the addition of an “engineered fabric.” This fabric mesh is encapsulated in the panel during production. The resulting combination not only resists tearing, but also minimizes tear propagation.

For complete details, contact Kemlite, PO Box 2429, Joliet IL 60434.

CM Utility Truck Bodies Crafted from Steel

CM Trailers' new line of utility truck bodies is designed to fit pickup and utility truck chassis, including those with dual rear wheels. Truck bodies are available in three configurations: 2001 RS (Regular Side) with external pockets, 2001 SS (Smooth Side) with internal pockets, and 2001 SK (Skirted Side — full-length side skirt and internal pockets).

These truck bodies feature steel frame construction, 4" steel channel frame rails, 3" steel channel crossmembers, and 1/8-inch steel treadplate deck. All models are equipped to accommodate a rear ball hitch and have a recessed gooseneck ball mounting box with easy-access cover and two safety chain hook loops. CM also includes all Department of Transportation lighting and conspicuity for safety. The rear skirt includes mounting holes for a trailer light plug and spare-tire crank access.

Bodies are available in 86", 90", 92", 94", and 96" widths, and lengths from 8'-6" to 11'. The 2001 SK has two recessed, lockable toolboxes. The truck bodies are finished with epoxy primer and two applications of topcoat urethane. All models feature the new round “easy view” window grill, which increases viewing when backing. For more information, contact CM, PO Box 680, Madill OK 73446.

Highway Products Adds Aluminum Flatbeds

Highway Products Inc has introduced aluminum flatbeds to its line of products. These flatbeds are manufactured with widths of 7' to 8' and standard lengths from 6' to 22'. They also can custom-build.

Flatbeds are manufactured from 1/8" marine-grade, diamondplate aluminum with 6" exterior aluminum frame rails. The basic unit includes headboard, rear tail apron with all required lighting, rope hooks, and all mounting hardware.

Options include: toolboxes in all sizes, side rails, removable side rails, side stakes, stake pockets, Class 5 receiver hitch, 25,000-lb fifthwheel hitch, gooseneck ball hitch, gooseneck well with or without a well cover, directional light box, load lights, electric brake controller, seven-prong trailer plugs, and mudflaps. For more information, contact Highway Products, 7905 Agate Rd, White City OR 97503.