Kgel/Ekeri partnership gets sizable vehicle order from Norwegian Postal Service

Nov. 1, 2009
The Norwegian Postal Service has placed an order for 907 new semitrailers, bodies, and trailers with the Kgel and Ekeri partnership for its two logistics

The Norwegian Postal Service has placed an order for 907 new semitrailers, bodies, and trailers with the Kögel and Ekeri partnership for its two logistics divisions, Bring Logistics and Bring Frigoscandia.

Finland-based Ekeri, a refrigerated body and folding-wall specialist, represents Kögel as importer and service partner in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. In spite of Kögel Fahrzeugwerke GmbH's preliminary insolvency proceedings, the Norwegian Postal Service has placed its trust in the two cooperating vehicle manufacturers. The contract is scheduled to run over the next two to three years.

“Kögel and Ekeri convinced us not only because of their products but, in particular, due to the comprehensive range of services provided by Ekeri which also offers the same for the Kögel products,” said Torleiv Brennhovd of the Norwegian Postal Service.

Included is an extensive service network in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, as well as services related to the purchase and utilization of the vehicle fleet.

Kögel and Ekeri have been partners since 2007. Ekeri sells and markets Kögel products through its sales organization in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. In all three nations, Ekeri also has spare parts facilities and more than 20 service workshops. These also are authorized as Kögel service and repair centers.

Ekeri has manufactured its own trailers, semitrailers, and truck bodies for more than 50 years. The company has specialized in insulated and non-insulated box bodies with folding sidewalls. Ekeri prepared a service package for the Norwegian-based Bing Group which includes a leasing and a full-service contract for all 907 vehicles.

The order covers refrigerated and box body vehicles with and without folding walls along with curtainside semitrailers, as well as refrigerated bodies and trailers. For both the refrigerated vehicles and curtainsides, Bring has ordered many of these to be equipped for rail transportation. While Kögel will supply standard semitrailers, such as Cool-MAXX reefers and Cargo-MAXX Strong sliding tarpaulin semitrailers, Ekeri will be producing all folding-wall versions.