Great Dane's new Everest series takes reefer trailer quality to new heights

July 1, 2012
Two models of Great Dane's all-new Everest series of refrigerated trailers made their debut at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville KY recently.

Two models of Great Dane's all-new Everest series of refrigerated trailers made their debut at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville KY recently.

The entire series of Everest reefers, including TL and SS models for longhaul truckload carriers and CL for specialized, foodservice, and multi-temp applications, has been re-engineered with stringent standards to be tougher, last longer, and operate more efficiently.

New standards for all Everest reefers include reinforced features like a stainless steel rear frame for superior strength and corrosion resistance; a patented corrugated aluminum roof that adds stiffness to the structure; and PunctureGuard interior lining, a lightweight, puncture-resistant, glass-reinforced thermoplastic material produced exclusively by Great Dane. Also standard are aluminum doors with a dual-sealed gasket, which eliminates moisture intrusion and locks in refrigerated air. The flooring system features aluminum ducts and full-width composite floor sills to protect the trailer from moisture damage inside and out.

All Great Dane trailers, including Everest models, now come with Stemco's Platinum Performance Plus wheel end system backed by an extended six-year warranty. Grote Micro Nova DOT LED lamps improve visibility and safety for drivers. Great Dane's Long Life Light System combines the flexibility of a custom wiring system with the durability of a fully sealed modular harness. The Long Life Light System prevents moisture intrusion and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The two Everest reefers showcase these new standards and an array of options available for additional thermal efficiency, weight savings, corrosion resistance, and maintenance reduction. Stainless steel rear doors on the 53-foot Everest TL trailer have a triple-sealed gasket for peak thermal performance. Interior walls are lined with ThermoGuard, produced using a patented multi-layer design that extends the useful life of a trailer as it ages by increasing thermal efficiency. Using ThermoGuard lining also reduces cooling unit run time for greater fuel efficiency. Because it is manufactured using a similar process, upgrading to ThermoGuard from the standard PunctureGuard lining is a simple, cost-effective way to increase the life of the trailer and resale value.

The undercarriage and support gear of the Everest TL is also armed with CorroGuard, the key component in Great Dane's corrosion prevention package. CorroGuard was developed specifically for trailer underbody protection from rock and stone impingement, de-icing chemicals, and road hazards.

The second Everest is a 48-ft all-stainless-steel CL model courtesy of Sysco. This foodservice trailer comes with all of the standard features of the TL and SS models but can be divided into as many as three temperature-controlled compartments and an ambient section. The Sysco CL has a stainless steel roll-up door frame and fully welded rear impact guard. Logistic track is installed for cargo security, and the undercarriage and support gear are treated with CorroGuard protection.

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