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Aug. 1, 2003
On Select Pro body, hinges stay out of sight Warner Bodies' new Select Pro body provides flush-mount doors and concealed hinges. The company developed

On Select Pro body, hinges stay out of sight

Warner Bodies' new Select Pro body provides flush-mount doors and concealed hinges. The company developed an exclusive concealed stainless steel hinge system (patent pending) to deliver value while retaining an aerodynamic look.

Doors offer 16-gauge double-panel construction, and A60 galvanneal steel resists rust throughout the body and bumper. Clip-on automotive door seals provide watertight compartments. Spring-loaded door holders have built-in stops. Hinges will not break off, and dirt cannot get inside them.

Compartments are deep from top to bottom, and a convertible panel allows for storage of long articles. Two adjustable shelves are in each front compartment, one in each rear, and the passenger side horizontal compartment has a divider tray. The lift-and-lock tailgate allows one-handed operation.

The Select Pro has no weld-on drip rail, and the aluminum fuel fill enhances appearance and eliminates paint chipping from fuel runoff.

This body comes with a five-year warranty. Contact Warner, PO Box 2076, Noblesville IN 46060 for more information.
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GCX service body dispels corrosion worries

GCX, Stahl's new corrosion-resistant service body, has large secure storage compartments and an open cargo space for hauling equipment. It is designed with standard features including stylized, high-impact ABS plastic outer door skins and body rear end panels, larger compartment clear door openings, and mechanically fastened construction.

This body also features a clip-on door seal for improved protection against water leaks, a galvanneal steel rear step bumper, light package, concealed door hinges, and a removable slam-locking tailgate with rotary latch and corrosion-resistant plated hardware that does not interfere with load space. Rear vertical doors are rearward-opening for more efficient access to the rear vertical compartment while working at the horizontal workbench.

GCX is constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanneal steel, which is mechanically fastened for improved corrosion resistance. The body is covered by Stahl's five-year “No Rust, No Bust” warranty. Contact Stahl, 3201 W Old Lincoln Way, Wooster OH 44691 for more information.
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Snug-A-Lug helps foil tire, lug wrench theft

Bully Truck Accessories, a subsidiary of Wang's International Inc, has added Snug-A-Lug, a new universal spare tire and lug wrench lock, to its truck accessory line. Snug-A-Lug prevents theft of the spare tire and lug wrench on trailers, SUVs, and Jeeps. It installs in minutes with no drilling and fits most standard spare tire carriers. Constructed of steel, Snug-A-Lug fits four- and eight-lug hole carriers and 13" to 16" wheels.

Contact Bully, 768 S Turnbull Canyon Rd, City of Industry CA 91745 for more details.
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Slim-Line LED brightens Peterson's lineup

Peterson Mfg Co has added the new Model 168 Slim-Line clearance/side marker light to its Piranha brand LED line.

Less than 3" wide, this mini LED's twin diodes are housed in a sealed light that operates from 8-16 volts and includes separate lead and ground wires for ease of installation. Available in amber or red, the 168 may be surface-mounted with or without brackets. A multi-volt version is also available.

For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.
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Ramsey RPH winch adds two-speed option

Ramsey has added another winch model to the planetary hydraulic RPH Series. The most powerful winch in the Ramsey lineup, the RPH 50,000, now has the option of a two-speed motor. The RPH 50,000 two-speed winch has the same features and benefits of the RPH 50,000:

  • Rated line pull of 50,000 pounds
  • Gear reduction ratio of 52.35:1
  • Efficient two-stage hydraulic planetary design
  • Fast line speed of 23 feet per minute at 25 gpm
  • Spring-applied hydraulic released disc brake
  • Advanced modular motor and brake design
  • Air shift clutch
  • Ramsey cable tensioners available

For more details, contact Ramsey, PO Box 581510, Tulsa OK 74158-1510.
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Gladhand releases brakes in half the time

A half-second delay in brake release at 45 mph reportedly causes a trailer to be dragged 33 feet. This delay and drag causes excessive wear in tires and brake components, as well as tire hop in stop-and-go traffic.

By using the Phillips QWIK-E quick-release gladhand, brakes are released in 0.5 seconds versus 1.0 second — a 50% reduction in release time.

For more details, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.
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Haldex cartridge takes air drying to a drier plane

The heart of the Haldex DRYest and PURest air dryers is the interchangeable Multi-Treatment Cartridge. With a five-stage cleaning system, the Multi-Treatment Cartridge delivers up to three times more water-drying capacity.

This water drying capacity doesn't impede airflow. Designed to remove up to 99% of contaminants in the compressed-air system, it eliminates oil while maintaining adsorption capability.

The five-stage cleaning system begins by eliminating solid particles through a fine corrosion- and chemical-resistant aluminum mesh. Air then flows through a large desiccant bed where oil and water droplets are eliminated. A second desiccant bed removes oil and water vapor, while the main desiccant bed treats water vapor and any remaining contaminants. As a final precaution, ultra-fine particulates are removed from the airflow through a dust filter before the air enters the system.

The cartridge's four-bolt slide in-and-out design allows for quick replacement while still on the vehicle.

Contact Haldex, 10707 NW Airworld Dr, Kansas City MO 64153-1215 for more information.
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Saw cuts more than 40 square inches/minute

DoALL Co's new production cut-off saw uses a high torque 15-horsepower motor to reach high cutting speeds. In field tests, the new Model C-455CNC has cut 303 stainless steel at rates of more than 40 square inches/minute while maintaining an accuracy of ±0.002" per inch of work height.

This saw uses an AC variable-frequency drive assembly that provides infinitely variable band speeds from 40 to 500 feet per minute. Its base provides the stability to use either carbide or bimetal blades. Capacity for rectangular or round stock is up to 17" high, and rectangles up to 18" wide can be accommodated.

To handle the increased volume of chips created by the high sawing rates, the dual column saw incorporates a chip/coolant containment cabinet with a flood coolant system using coolant multiple application points including through the saw guides to wash away chips. The cabinet is also fitted with special baffles to direct the chips to a powered chip auger. A powered band brush removes chips from the blade gullets.

For further information, contact DoALL, 254 N Laurel Ave, Des Plaines IL 60016.
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Stellar Shuttle can heft 14,000 pounds

Stellar Industries Inc's new 14000 Stellar Shuttle hooklift loader system can lift 14,000 pounds using various body configurations. It can load, unload, and dump various bodies with lengths ranging from 10' to 16'. The maximum dump angle ranges from 50° to 56°, depending on length of body.

The 14000 Stellar Shuttle also features new breakaway dump/tilt tabs. These tabs prevent structural damage if the hooklift is operated out of sequence.

All models of the Stellar Shuttle have greaseless bushings, the Stellar patented dump/load interlock system, and an efficient low-low/high-pressure hydraulic system. Gravity-type safety latches are used to prevent accidental detachment of the body while rear body tiedowns ensure body stability when in transit.

Stellar Shuttle hooklifts provide a full-length dump frame with front saddles to support the body during the dump mode. These hooklifts are available in more than 40 models ranging in capacity of 3,000 to 65,000 pounds.

For more information, contact Stellar, 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.
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Company develops aluminum welding kits

Wire Propellant Systems LLC has developed kits for standard wire feed MIG welders that it says allow effective aluminum welding.

The Wire Propellant System installs in about 15 minutes and eliminates excessive burnbacks into the contact tip and nested wire in the drive rollers. The kits allow users of standard wire feed welders to produce quality aluminum welds. Kits are available for 120- or 220-volt welders.

For more details, contact Wire Propellant Systems, 207 Summit St, Negaunee MI 49866.

Tuf-Tug makes carrying spare tire convenient

Ohio Hoist & Puller's Tuf-Tug spare tire stowage system lifts, retains, and secures spare tires. With a lockable anti-theft design, this system lifts and lowers spares up to 250 pounds. The geared web-strap winch easily lifts tires; no manual lifting is required. Spare tires bolt securely to the frame-mounted carrier. Designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency, Tuf-Tug is offered in an under trailer mount and side rail mount. The system fits rails on 12" centers and adapts to 15" on center.

For complete details, contact Ohio Hoist & Puller, 3434 Encrete Lane, Moraine OH 45439.
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Liftgate power units from Leyman can be ‘smart’ choice

A commercial liftgate power unit that incorporates “smart” technology, including the ability to record key operating data and control unit performance in low-voltage and/or high-temperature conditions has been produced by Leyman Lift Gates.

The new MaintenanceMinder2 power unit, available on each of Leyman's gates, helps fleets measure and record liftgate performance and operating data while protecting the gate from potentially damaging conditions. MaintenanceMinder2 includes a backlit LCD that indicates key data during operation, with no need for a separate, hand-held reader.

This power unit can simultaneously store the number of low-voltage cycles, high-temperature operations, number of overweight/over-pressure operations, number of lifts/cycles, and total run time on motor. It also includes automatic low-voltage and high-temperature cutoffs with audible warning. This unit also can be programmed to alert the user when scheduled maintenance is due and record when the work is performed.

MaintenanceMinder2 units are offered with these models: FDC Series Foldavador, FBG Series Foldavador, TLS Series Hide-A-Way, LHLP Series Hide-A-Way, and STG Series Hide-A-Way. For complete details, contact Leyman, 10900 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242.
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Del City trailer cable comes in various gauge sizes

A choice of four-, six-, seven-, or ABS-conductor trailer cable in a variety of gauge sizes is offered by Del City.

Each is manufactured with a polyvinyl chloride jacket outside and general-purpose primary wire inside. Each conductor is stranded copper and color-coded to meet industry standards. Del City's trailer cable resists cracking, abrasion, oils, and acids.

The ABS cable meets the recommended wire gauge requirements to ensure constant power to antilock braking systems. It is available with the lime green jacket for easy identification; black is also offered.

For full details, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.
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