Hino's 258LP designed for serviceability

Nov. 1, 2006
HINO TRUCKS' new 258LP is designed for easy serviceability, which it says is not rocket science but instead is all about common sense, innovation, and smart thinking so that diagnostics and repair are simple and straightforward.

HINO TRUCKS' new 258LP is designed for easy serviceability, which it says is “not rocket science” but instead is “all about common sense, innovation, and smart thinking” so that diagnostics and repair are simple and straightforward.

  • Electrical wire bulk head: Connections are on the right front corner of the cab, mounted in a water tight box; covers are removable from the outside as well as the inside for troubleshooting; eliminates common electrical problems.

  • Windshield wiper motor: located under the hood on the firewall for easy, “walk-up” accessibility; simple removal with standard tools reduces service time to minutes.

  • Windshield washer reservoir: easy access for refilling; spray nozzles are mounted to wiper arms to give the driver maximum coverage in bad weather conditions and prevent the nozzles from becoming buried in snow.

  • ECU for engine, ABS computer and other relays: conveniently located below the fuse panel; open area for automatic transmission TCM; Hino PC and hand held diagnostics available.

  • Accelerator, brake, and clutch: all switches and connectors are easy to reach for diagnosis and replacement if needed.

  • AC and heater access: removal of the dash panel is simple and straightforward; heater/AC unit can be easily removed as a unit for quicker service.

  • Cab fuse panel: located above the electrical wire bulk head, the panel can be easily pulled out for service; equipped with a decal indicating the correct fuse usage.

  • Battery: the battery cover slides out easily after unlocking two rubber handles; cables and connections are easy to reach from the top; the back of the cab has a separate ground strap making troubleshooting electrical problems with the dashboard and instrument panel more convenient; secure wiring harness mounting for vibration resistance.

Optimizing air/fuel mixture

Combining high-pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection, Variable Geometry Turbocharger design and cooled EGR for emission control allows Hino to optimize the air/fuel mixture across the entire speed range of its engines:

  • Variable Nozzle Turbocharger: VNT turbochargers optimize airflow by changing the turbocharger's output based on control input from the engine's electronic control unit. This allows engine designers to more accurately control cylinder pressure and air/fuel ratio.

  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation: Hino's system controls temperatures of exhaust gases before they are reintroduced to the combustion process. Controlling temperature reduces Nox emissions.

  • Common Rail Fuel Injection: Provides higher pressure over the entire speed range of an engine. Unlike unit injectors whose pressure varies with the “rise time” of the injection event, common rail systems are supplied by constant pressure pumps that assure instant high-pressure response for each injection event. The result is a more responsive engine and better control of fuel quantity in the combustion cylinder.

TRW worked directly with Hino's engineers to develop a steering package unique to Hino's product line. The result is a conventional truck that turns like a COE.

The 2200 RDS Series is a fully automatic, five-speed overdrive transmission with lockup and a powerful 32-bit microprocessor that determines the exact shift point for maximum performance. Hino uses the 3000 RDS series in the 338 model.

There is a standard two-person passenger seat and comfortable driver's seat. Hino placed the driving position high to gain a wide perspective of the road while also maintaining a good feel for the corners of the hood.

It has a fully galvanized steel cab with extra rigidity for ride comfort and noise reduction.

Service panels are easy to remove. Fuses are right out front where the technician can see and replace them.

In other news:

  • Hino Trucks announced to its dealers that the 2007 EPA compliant engine surcharge will be $3,950.

    “This announcement places our dealers in a very advantageous position against the competition who have announced 2007 EPA surcharges in the range of $4,500 to $5,700,” said Nick Vermet, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and customer support. “Because of our ability to share technology with trucks in Japan, to meet the Japan 2005 emission regulations, we are able to provide our customers with a proven, cost-effective solution. The combination of our excellent fuel economy, proven durability and high demand for our conventional trucks in the resale market, make our trucks a great value for our customers.”

  • Hino Trucks received Certification of Conformity from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for all of their 2007 model year engines, adhering to stringent EPA standards of emissions reduction being introduced for all on-highway heavy duty diesel engines in the up-coming year. Hino Trucks will start producing its 2008 model year trucks in the first quarter of 2007 at its Long Beach, California, assembly plant.

“We are pleased to have met the challenge of producing cleaner engines while still maintaining our competitive edge in fuel economy and engine performance”, Vermet said.

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