Snow & Ice Control

Sept. 1, 2003
Boss has interchangeable hitch system The Boss Snowplow is adding versatility to the speed of hookup with its SmartHitch 2 attachment system. Thanks to

Boss has interchangeable hitch system

The Boss Snowplow is adding versatility to the speed of hookup with its SmartHitch 2 attachment system.

Thanks to a universal wiring harness and undercarriage offered on all Boss snowplows, the SmartHitch 2 System can interchange between multi-position and straight-blade plows by switching the control inside the cab of the truck. This allows the plow operator to use one truck with various plows.

Boss also offers a custom-designed composite light optimized for snowplow use. This light package can be upgraded to an HID (high-intensity discharge) light package. The HID option provides up to four times the light output of the typical snowplow light.

Similar to daylight, HID lamps provide a light source that is whiter in color and projects a beam wider and further out in front of the vehicle than typical halogen bulbs. Objects come into view sooner and are more noticeable.

For complete details, contact Boss, PO Box 778, Iron Mountain MI 49801-0788.
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Trip-edge plows can handle the heavy stuff

Hiniker Co has released the new HDX line of extreme-duty trip-edge snowplows for four-wheel-drive pickup trucks. These plows incorporate design features to handle the demands of wet, heavy snowfalls.

A split trip-edge with a 9"-high pivot point protects against higher obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers. A high-density polyethylene moldboard is used to reduce friction and provide a corrosion-free plowing surface. The poly moldboard is supported by a horizontally trussed moldboard frame. Ten laser-cut ribs give vertical strength to the 30"-high moldboard assembly.

Hiniker supplies the HDX in two versions — the conventional power-angling 7000 series and the patented C-Plow configuration, designated the 8000 series. The C-Plow design uses a hydraulically actuated fold mechanism to fold the upper two-thirds of the moldboard over 180°, creating a rear-facing backdrag plow. The top of the moldboard then becomes the ground contact point, with a second top-mounted cutting edge providing a rearward scraping action. More snow-carrying capacity and better surface cleaning while backdragging are the result.

Power is provided by a plow-mounted electric/hydraulic system. A compact handheld joystick controller provides convenient control of all plow functions. Hiniker also sells a flexible mounting stand — the Hiniker Flexstand — for its joystick. The Flexstand mounts magnetically to the center floorboard and can be removed when not in use.

For more information contact Hiniker, 58766 240 St, Mankato MN 56002-3407.
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MPJ lets one hand control multiple tasks

Force America's CommandAll Controller Model MPJ is a fully proportional control for medium- and heavy-duty snow removal equipment. The MPJ controller design integrates plow, hoist, and spreader control and up to eight auxiliary functions into an ergonomic, single-hand control system allowing the driver to perform multiple tasks. Integrating up to four programmable mini-proportional joysticks into a single stick design, the MPJ can control up to nine simultaneous functions without the use of mode menu selections.

For full details, contact Force America, 501 E Cliff Rd, Burnsville MN 55337.
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Dodge Ram 1500s can now use SnowSport

Agri-Cover Inc's SnowSport plow is now available for the new Dodge Ram 1500 Series pickup. The SnowSport mounts to a 2" front receiver hitch and can be attached and removed in seconds. The SnowSport is provided for most late-model full- size and compact pickups and sport utility vehicles. The heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum blade comes with a rubber cutting edge that is turf-friendly. For more information, contact Agri-Cover, PO Box 508, Jamestown ND 58401.
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Western wages war on the white stuff

Designed for heavy-duty contractor and municipal use, Western Products' new 8', 8½', and 9' Pro Plus plow line fits 1/4-ton to F-550-size trucks. These plows offer Power Bar construction for torsional strength and rigidity. The tubular quadrant is built to withstand severe use, and a pivot point with 1" pivot bolt prevents nose plate stress. “Back drag” edge and quick-fit blade wings are optional.

Western's MVP multi-position V-plow is offered with the UltraMount System, which incorporates a rotating Pivot Bar for accurate drive-in alignment and a cleaner scrape. A new, stronger T-frame design includes bolts to adjust blade pitch to improve edge wear. Each wing incorporates a trip-edge to protect the plow and truck. Standard equipment includes double-acting cylinders for efficient back dragging, as well as a snow deflector.

The new Ultrafinish powdercoating process, now applied to all Western snowplows, provides protection against wear and rust. A pre-treatment eight-wheel shot blaster removes mill scale and abrades surfaces for optimum adhesion. The multi-stage pre-wash is automated for consistency and provides superior surface preparation. Automated, climate controlled powder booths provide uniform coverage to all surfaces.

Western's new Model 500 low-profile tailgate spreader fits compact pickups and SUVs with a Class III trailer hitch. It has a 5-cubic-foot-capacity poly hopper that holds up to 225 pounds. A choice of on/off switch or variable-speed control is provided. The poly spinner is standard; adjustable deflector is optional.

The company's Under Tailgate Spreader fts 96" standard dump bodies. The poly spinner is standard to provide longer life. The spreader has a full-opening cleanout and auger “lock-out” pin. A 6" auger offers 3/8"-thick, 4" pitch continuous flights with reverse flights. The unit is also available in stainless steel. For more information on these products, contact Western, PO Box 245038, Milwaukee WI 53224-9538
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Vee Pro holds more material for spreading

SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, unveils the new Vee Pro 8000. Carrying up to 1.5 cubic yards of material, the Vee Pro 8000 offers more capacity than other SnowEx spreaders. Designed for use in standard pickup boxes, the Vee Pro 8000 is primarily meant to spread salt and salt/sand mixtures.

With a hopper constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene, the Vee Pro 8000 is up to 60% lighter than steel-built options and can be installed or removed by two people, freeing the vehicle to perform multiple applications.

The independent spinner/auger controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between spinner and auger. Spread width is infinitely variable from five to 40 feet. A digital system status display and audible warning protection are also included.

Vee Pro spreaders are built with few moving parts and a low-maintenance, direct-drive system — making the unit virtually maintenance-free. Powered by twin 12-volt DC direct-drive motors, these spreaders have an auger feed system that provides continuous flow of ice control materials. The patented multi-angle hopper with inverted-V assembly further facilitates efficient material movement.

The Vee Pro 8000 comes standard with a top screen and fitted tarp for effective material retention. Optional accessories include a light kit and mobile storage kit.

All Vee Pro models come standard with the TrynEx 2+5 warranty program. This warranty provides a two-year guarantee on all parts and labor from the day of purchase. An optional five-year parts and labor warranty also can be obtained.

For more information, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Dr, Warren MI 48089.
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Snowman rake handy for variety of chores

Snowman Snowplow has added the 8' SMR80 Rake to its line of multi-function attachments. This rake can handle road maintenance and landscaping, and it levels gravel, topsoil, and cinders. It also can remove stones, roots, and debris from job sites.

The rake comes as a complete system or as an attachment to the 75LDA snowplow. Attachments are made so operators can switch from rake to snowplow in minutes. Other advantages include:

  • Hydraulic power angle and cab remote control
  • Quick installation — starting at two hours
  • Simple receiver hitch hook-up
  • Optional gauge wheels

For more information, contact Snowman, PO Box 78, Bloomfield IA 52537.
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Fisher has the gear when winter's here

Fisher Engineering's new 8' and 9' Xblade snowplows combine an X-Bracing design with corrosion-resistant stainless steel to produce a sturdy commercial/municipal plow. A 12-gauge polished 304 stainless steel moldboard and powdercoated steel structure form a rust-free plow blade. Xtreme blade curl and 10" moldboard “overhang” promote snow rolling and “foiling” action, and the 75° attack angle facilitates ice-breaking and scraping.

The new Storm Guard powdercoating process, now applied to all Fisher snowplows, yields a 140% improvement in protection against wear and rust. An eight-wheel shot blaster removes mill scale and profiles steel surfaces for best adhesion. The multi-stage wash is automated for consistency and provides a superior surface preparation.

Fisher's new Model 500 tailgate spreader fits compact pickups or SUVs with a Class III trailer hitch and spreads dry rock salt, calcium chloride, and other materials. The poly hopper has a 5-cubic-foot capacity and holds up to 225 pounds. A built-in 2" hitch mount and choice of on-off switch or variable-speed control are provided. The poly spinner is standard; adjustable deflector is optional.

The company's Under Tailgate Spreader fits 96"-wide standard dump bodies. A poly spinner is standard, cleanout is full-opening, and an auger “lock-out” pin is included. The 6" auger offers 3/8"-thick, 4" pitch continuous flights with reverse flights. The spreader also comes in stainless steel.

For more information, contact Fisher, 50 Gordon Dr, PO Box 529, Rockland ME 04841.
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Snowplow may help a firm's bottom line

Bonnell Industries Inc is manufacturing the Utility snowplow, which may help the professional snowplow removal contractors improve profitability. This plow has extra reinforcement where failure has commonly occurred with typical snowplow designs.

Features include tight roll moldboard to roll the materials over and over to keep it moving and pushing easier. An extended table-to-moldboard hookup uses six ribs that distribute force across the plow. The design incorporates a short distance from the hookup point to the cutting edge, keeping the leverage of weight to a minimum.

The Utility snowplow is designed for 15,000- through 26,000-lb-GVW trucks, as well as skid steers with quick-mount utility brackets. For full details, contact Bonnell, 1385 Franklin Grove Rd, Dixon IL 61021.
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Poly V Plow hits the streets

Arctic Equipment Mfg Co's new Trip Edge Poly V Plow is being offered this year. Equipment includes Hi-Boy Quik-Link II mounting, with enclosed pump and 2" × 6" lift cylinder, and window mounted 11-position joystick.

Sizes will be 8' and 9', with the 8' available only for 2003, and the 9' next year. Arctic's 24" heavy-duty wings are also provided for this plow.

For more details, contact Arctic, 531 N Service Rd E, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 1A5.
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Tailgate spreader removal, installation a one-person job

Highway Equipment Co's new SA-6C tailgate spreader mounts on a dump body for centerline deicing or windrowing.

The 6" auger with bidirectional flighting ensures that deicing materials feed evenly from both sides of the dump body to the left-hand spinner assembly. It consists of an 18" polyurethane spinner disc with six formed fins to create a uniform spread pattern from 4' to 40' wide. One person can install or remove the spinner assembly, which can be adjusted to vary the spread pattern.

The SA-6C also has a hinged bottom panel for one-person trough clean out and a 7-gauge cover for dumping material over the spreader when not in use. Other features include quick-disconnect mounting and a direct-drive hydraulic motor that eliminates chain and sprocket maintenance.

Options for the SA-6C include 304 stainless steel construction, an in-cab control for the auger and spinner, plus master on/off controls.

For more details, contact Highway Equipment, 1330 76th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids IA 52404-7052.
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