Product Profiles

Oct. 1, 2004
Program aims to add accuracy to freight pricing The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has established a new Weighing & Research (W&R)

Program aims to add accuracy to freight pricing

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has established a new Weighing & Research (W&R) training and support program and appointed Don Newell to head the effort, which was developed to help motor carriers more accurately weigh, measure, and classify freight.

Newell, who joins NMFTA from Roadway Express, said, “With estimates that as many as one in four shipments transported by common carriers are described, weighed, or measured incorrectly, a W&R program can help shippers and motor freight carriers meet legal obligations related to the description, measurement, and weight of freight being transported as well as more accurately reflect shipping costs.” He said that basic W&R training could help shippers as well as motor freight carriers.

NMFTA's new W&R program can be customized for a particular business need — whether it's to start one of the programs from scratch, take an existing program to a new level, or for continuing education to provide additional training and support for W&R personnel. This program builds on the motor freight transportation association's freight classification training and freight packaging workshop program.

Volvo redesigns web site

Visitors to the redesigned Volvo Trucks North America web site can get details on new Volvo trucks or locate used trucks. They also can find a dealer, get information on leasing and financing, download service manuals, sign up for training courses, and find the right accessories to customize their new Volvo.

The site links to an array of service and support for fleets, owner-operators, and dealers, in addition to details and features about the Volvo VN tractor, Volvo VHD vocational truck, and Volvo VED12 engine.

ConMet updates web site

Consolidated Metco Inc (ConMet) has made upgrades to its web site ( so that visitors can more easily access online product catalogs as well as trucking industry information.

The online hub catalog allows visitors to input pertinent data for selecting the appropriate hub, and the online system responds by displaying the products that best meet customer requirements.

ArvinMeritor receives RSA grant for facility in Wales

ArvinMeritor Inc has received a Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grant from the Welsh Assembly Government. The award is for up to 1.75 million British pounds (about US $3.3 million), and is intended to improve ArvinMeritor's Commercial Vehicle Systems facility in Cwmbran, Wales.

The grant — to be paid in installments over at least two years — is contingent upon a number of factors. They include requiring ArvinMeritor to upgrade its existing, 750,000-square-foot Heavy-Vehicle Braking Systems manufacturing facility, and adapt it to accommodate additional air brake assembly capability.

This award will play a major role in enhancing the Cwmbran facility's manufacturing capacity, as it launches production of a contract with the Volvo Group to supply air disc brakes for both Renault and Volvo heavy trucks. That four-year contract is valued at more than $250 million.

Better-designed, better-performing air disc brakes catch buyer interest

Interest in air disc brakes is growing among Class 8 truck buyers, according to Kenworth. The company recently began offering Bendix Spicer ESD225 air disc brakes on T600 and T800 Kenworth models.

Leading the way is Contract Freighters Inc.(CFI). The Joplin MO-based truckload fleet is going standard with disc brakes on all new Kenworth trucks it purchases over the next few years.

Bruce Stockton, vice-president of operations for CFI, said his company believes spec'ing disc brakes will help the company lower operating costs. “We have been testing disc brakes on a Kenworth T2000 for over three years now,” Stockton said. “I've driven that truck and Glenn Brown, our chairman, has driven it. That convinced us that we needed to spec disc brakes on all our trucks as soon as possible.”

Stockton said CFI worked closely with Kenworth to give input on the new brakes.

Jim Bechtold, Kenworth's chief engineer, said fleet interest in heavy-duty air disc brakes is rising because of the improvements made to their design in recent years. “They have better actuators and better performance,” he said. “They've improved significantly compared to first-generation air disc products offered in the North American truck market.”

Bechtold said the long pad life of the Dana Spicer air disc product would allow many fleets to get a payback in maintenance costs. “A typical truckload fleet should be able to eliminate at least one reline and drum replacement,” he said. “That translates into a savings of around $700 in maintenance costs over 500,000 miles.”

Truck operators who spec disc brakes now may also get valuable experience with them ahead of new brake standards expected from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Dana Spicer air disc brake features a straightforward design that reduces maintenance costs while the brake's caliper design provides strong caliper support, minimal slide pin wear, and reduced lining and rotor wear. Quick-change brake linings and a unitized actuator minimize maintenance labor and expense. Plus, fade resistance is improved under extreme high brake temperatures.

Material chute door comes in two heights

Global Custom Products Inc T/A Cobra Truck Equipment has added a material chute door to its product line. The 7-gauge steel door comes in two heights: 18" and 26". Both are 17" wide and available for left- or right-hand operation. With its 1" bar stock handle, the door comes primed and ready for paint.

For more, information contact Global Custom Products Inc, 101 Sycamore Ave, Folsom PA. 19033.

Lane Departure Warning system receives thumbs-up from truckers, survey finds

Iteris Inc, a subsidiary of Iteris Holdings Inc, has released the results of its recently commissioned International Driver Satisfaction Study for the deployment of its Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system in commercial trucks.

The study, conducted over a six-month period with commercial truck drivers in both the United States and Europe, indicates that they consider Iteris's LDW system a valuable safety feature. More than 140 drivers in the United States and 100 in Europe responded to the survey.

Iteris conducted the study in an effort to gauge market receptivity as well as the effectiveness of its LDW system from drivers using the system first-hand on a regular basis. With more than 8,000 Iteris lane departure warning systems installed in commercial trucks in the United States and Europe, driver responses were positive, with many citing specific examples of how the system made them more alert and assisted in potentially dangerous situations.

Here is a brief summary of US data collected:

  • 98% believe the system can prevent accidents.

  • 92% believe the system is a valuable safety feature.

  • 71% say the system has made them safer drivers.

  • 80% normally drive with the system enabled.

  • 97% are satisfied or very satisfied with the system.

  • Here is a brief summary of European data collected:

  • 93% are satisfied or very satisfied with the system.

  • 62% recall situations where the system assisted them.

  • 83% drive with the system enabled regularly or in relevant situations.

  • 70% say the system warned while drowsy, distracted, not concentrating or driving in fog.

  • 83% said the warning comes at the right time providing enough notice to correct.

The LDW system uses a windshield-mounted camera that tracks the lane markings and provides “virtual” rumble strips anywhere there are lane markings.

Using image recognition software and algorithms, the system monitors the relative position of the truck, and if it unintentionally crosses the lane markings, the system automatically emits a distinctive rumble strip sound on the right or left side depending on the direction of travel, alerting the driver to make a correction. Use of the truck's turn signals automatically overrides the system.

Airtek provided on Mack Vision tractors

Mack Trucks Inc now offers Hendrickson's Airtek integrated front axle and air suspension on its Vision tractors.

Airtek helps protect drivers from bumps and potholes, providing a smooth ride while reducing noise, vibration, and harshness.

The axle-section and leaf-spring geometry produce improvements of up to 30% in ride and 64% in roll stability, in addition to 35-45 pounds of weight savings compared with standard front axle and suspension.

Some fleets have claimed substantial increase in steer tire life by using Airtek, says Hendrickson. The unit's rubber suspension bushings eliminate lubrication requirements, while the two-piece knuckle steering design simplifies servicing.

For more information, phone 630-910-2800.

Emergency vehicle system gets green light

Responding to emergencies is proving harder as the number of vehicles on the road increases every year. To remain responsive, the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, is putting a new technology system in place that changes the traffic lights to green as emergency vehicles approach and go through intersections.

WebTech Wireless Inc announced that WebTech and Coastal Range Systems Inc have signed memorandums of understanding with Richmond to develop this citywide system for improving emergency response times. The system will integrate with the city's existing centralized traffic controls and is expected to be completed by September 2006.

Anwar Sukkarie, president and chief executive officer of WebTech, said, “The city-wide system will help improve response times to both natural and man-made disasters, providing an extra level of safety for the driving public as well as emergency response teams while en-route.”

Watson & Chalin lift axles help Heritage save more than 1,000 pounds per vehicle

Heritage Trucking is counting on new lightweight Watson & Chalin lift axles to help reduce weight and boost payload on its 27 new Kenworth T800 dump trucks.

It became the first company to benefit from Kenworth's new factory installation option for Watson & Chalin Tru-Track Super Lite steerable lift axles available on Kenworth T800 and W900 models. The lift axles are offered in single, double, or triple configurations equipped with lightweight brakes, specialized hubs, 17.5" tires, and aluminum wheels.

“Inland Kenworth in Phoenix and Kenworth Truck Co stepped forward to arrange the factory installation,” said Heritage Trucking owner Pete Tode.

Thenew Kenworth T800s are configured as “Super 18” dump trucks with 18½-ft dump boxes and a hauling capacity of 22 cubic yards, or about 25½ tons. “We get paid by the ton of material we haul,” said Tode. “By going with the lightweight lift axles, we're saving over 1,000 pounds per truck and gaining that much in payload over our competition.”

Heritage has a contract to haul asphalt and aggregate for Rinker Materials to housing developments and other construction sites in the greater Phoenix AZ area.

Heritage's fleet numbers about 200 trucks. About 160 are “Super” dump trucks equipped with lift axles, including trucks that were added through an acquisition. Heritage is converting “Super 16” dump trucks to “Super 18” dumps by installing the Super Lite axles. The rest of the trucks in the Heritage fleet are semi-end dump and belly dump trucks.

NCSC salutes Gabriel's War-Lok products

Gabriel Technologies Corp has received the National Cargo Security Council's Most Innovative New Product Award for its War-Lok i-Series. Designed in conjunction with industry security leaders, the War-Lok i-Series deters cargo and full container thefts in the intermodal and marine industries.

More than 550 exhibitors were judged in three categories, Best in Show, Most Creative, and Most Innovative, at the annual NCSC Conference. Gabriel's combination of the War-Lok Intermodal Barrier Box (IB-10) and Security Pin (IP-10), which requires a proprietary removal tool (IRT-10), was chosen as the most innovative product because it offers a simple, cost effective solution for securing cargo containers while successfully deterring thieves.

A two-part seal system, the IP-10 locking pin secures the hasp, and the IB-10 cast iron barrier protects the pin. Each locking pin is individually numbered and bar-coded for tracking and tracing. With its easy to use design and completely reusable barrier box, the cost of the IP-10/IB-10 is comparable to a regular disposable bolt seal, but much more effective. The IB-10 fits most intermodal container hasps.

Firms team to develop tire pressure monitoring system

Bridgestone Corp and Continental AG will join forces to develop an advanced tire pressure monitoring system for commercial vehicles. The two companies aim to begin mass-producing the system in 2007.

“We want to set a worldwide standard,” said Dr Hans-Joachim Nikolin, board member responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Tires division at Continental.

Tire-pressure monitoring systems could help enhance safety and lower vehicle maintenance costs by alerting drivers to improper air pressure in tires. Improper air pressure accelerates tire wear and can cause tires to fail. The pressure-monitoring technology that Bridgestone and Continental will develop together centers on a batteryless module for installation on the inside surface of tires. That sensor will detect air pressure and temperature, and it will contain a readable and writable ID tag. Wheel arch modules will pick up the measurements, and at the same time, supply energy to the tire module.

The two companies will also develop peripheral technologies to enable drivers and maintenance personnel to monitor sensor readings. In the future, truck drivers will receive early warning of any loss in tire pressure, thus helping to prevent tire blowouts and to reduce the danger of an accident. Optimum tire pressure at all times also cuts fuel expenses.

Single-rotor compartment latch for off-road vehicles

TriMark's new 050-0600 single-rotor compartment latch is intended for storage and compartment doors for off-road vehicles including agricultural and construction equipment.

Other product details include:

  • Single-rotor design for use with 12-mm-diameter striker or standard bar stock.

  • Product is available in single- or two-position rotary-style latching functions, with several direct and remote release actuators.

  • Latch is easy to install with two M8 × 1.25 fasteners in threaded or through axles.

Contact TriMark, 500 Bailey Ave, PO Box 350, New Hampton IA 50659 for complete details.

Astoria tonneau cover sports three doors

The newest product in the Astoria Industries line is the T-3, which stands for tonneau cover with three doors. This top allows the workability of a topper with the visual clearance of a tonneau cover. It is equipped with one large gull wing door on each side and a rear flip-up door that provides superior accessibility to the pickup bed. The T-3 unit fits full-size GM and Ford 8-foot pickup beds and is available with movable trays.

Available in colors to match the pickup, the T-3 can be used in conjunction with a pullout drawer mounted to the bed. The T-3 comes with a five-year warranty.

For more information, contact Astoria, 301 Northwestern Ave, PO Box 715, Chariton IA 50049.

Twist locks an option on Transcraft trailers

Transcraft Corp has introduced factory-installed container twist locks as flatbed and dropdeck trailer options. The twist locks eliminate the need for aftermarket alteration and touch-up. In addition, factory installation of twist locks includes an increased main beam flange size and reduced camber.

One simple turn and push raises the twist lock into position. Another turn on the twist lock handle, and the container is locked into place. Transcraft's twist locks come in two standard styles of both single and double twist locks to assure lockup with any 20- or 40-foot container or combination.

These twist locks have an ISO standard rating of 30 tons and are available on any model Transcraft flatbed or dropdeck trailer. For full information, contact Transcraft, PO Box 500, Anna IL 62906.

Grote unveils high-diode count LED lamps

Grote Industries introduces a new line of high-diode count LED lamps that includes seven varieties of clearance/marker and stop/tail/turn lamps in red and yellow.

The line features Grote Plug and Go technology that enables owner-operators to exchange their current incandescent lamps with Grote's high-diode count LED lamps. All the lamps in the new line are sealed to keep environmental contaminants out of the circuit boards. The lamps are fully backed by Grote's standard two-year warranty.

Grote's high-diode count LEDs include:

  • Square corner high-diode count LED clearance/marker lamp, 13 diodes (part #G4602 red and #G4603 yellow)

  • US 19 Series high-diode count LED clearance/marker lamp, three diodes (part #G1902 red and #G1903 yellow)

  • 2½" US 10 Series high-diode count LED clearance/marker lamp, 13 diodes (part #G1032 red and #G1033 yellow)

  • 2" US 30 Series high-diode count LED clearance/marker lamp, nine diodes (part #3002 red and #3003 yellow)

  • 2½" US 10 Series high-diode count LED 4700 style clearance/marker lamp, nine diodes (part #1092 red and #1093 yellow)

  • Turtleback II high-diode count LED clearance/marker lamp (part #G2102 red, eight diodes and #G2103 yellow, 13 diodes)

  • 4" US 40 Series, full-pattern, female pin stop/tail/turn LED lamp (S/T/T part #G4002 red, 24 diodes and rear turn part #G4003 yellow, 39 diodes)

For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Safe-T-Shift guards against driveline damage

Marmon-Herrington Co has introduced the Safe-T-Shift, which prevents drivers of heavy-duty trucks from shifting at the wrong time. The company began including the Safe-T-Shift in all conversion kits in November 2003.

Enclosed in a small black box inside the truck, a computer recognizes movement and disables shifting. When the truck is stopped, the computer records no motion and allows the driver to engage or disengage the front axle or shift into high/low drive settings. The driver cannot override the system.

For more information, contact Marmon-Herrington, 13001 Magisterial Dr, Louisville KY 40223.

Tweel Handler lightens a mechanic's burden

Safe Shop Tools Inc has introduced the Tweel Handler 2000, a versatile tool that allows truck mechanics to remove, install, elevate, rotate, and transport single tire-and-wheel assemblies. The word “Tweel” is a streamlined version of “tire-and-wheel assemblies.”

Vertical range of wheel dollies is at most 7", which forces mechanics to hunker down to inspect tires, or to use a floor jack to raise the tire up to machines like balancers. The Tweel Handler has a built-in ratcheting jack with 26" of vertical travel. Placed at waist height so users don't have to stoop, the jack can raise or lower the tool's tire cradle as quickly as 3" a second, or as slowly as a controlled crawl, for fine adjustments.

The Tweel Handler's chassis is U-shaped, to allow users to get closer to the work area. Its tire cradle has a circular shape that allows unhindered access to the wheel for jobs like removing nuts. The tool's tire cradle doesn't need the restraining chains required by wheel dollies, yet it holds virtually any single truck wheel, including wide-base singles.

Three heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels are mounted under a ball-bearing swivel caster. This configuration makes the tool more maneuverable, especially during installation. Wheels move so smoothly that the rear wheel includes a foot brake. The Tweel Handler's two bottom rollers are angled back at 5∞, so tires remain stable during transport, but nearly upright for easy alignment. The tire cradle has three additional rollers to make rotating tires a single-handed job.

Contact Safe Shop, PO Box 4206, Missoula MT 59806 for more information.

ChevronTexaco improves Delo Grease EP

ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants has announced a new formulation of its Chevron Delo Grease EP.This formulation improves mechanical stability and water resistance, resulting in longer service life and reduced costs for a variety of applications. Delo Grease EP is formulated with ISOSYN technology, which provides synthetic-type performance at a lower cost and is recommended for extended service intervals.

Benefits of Chevron Delo Grease EP include:

  • Extreme-pressure high load carrying capacity
  • Excellent corrosion and wear protection
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding low-temperature pumpability
  • Excellent high-temperature stability

Chevron Delo Greases EP NLGI 1 and 2 exceed requirements of NLGI GC-LB in extreme pressure and rust protection, making them suited for the most severe applications and at extended greasing frequencies. The complete line of Chevron Delo Grease EP grades includes:

  • NLGI 2 for use in normal ambient temperatures

  • NLGI 1 for better pumpability and lower ambient temperatures

  • NLGI 0, 00 for customers with centralized lube systems featuring long runs and/or small size production lines

Access for more details.

Clean Diesel Technologies tests show fuel additive clearly reduces emissions

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc has completed independent testing of its Platinum Plus fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) in a range of fuels on four different engines at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio TX.

Results from these tests confirm that the FBC, when added to various commercial diesel fuels, can provide up to 35% reduction in diesel particulate emissions (PM) and up to 11% nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction.

Engines tested in the program included a 1990 International DT466, a 1991 Cummins 8.3 liter, a 1995 International DT466, and a 1998 Detroit Diesel Series 60 heavy-heavy duty engine. Fuels included Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on-road #2D, California ultra-low sulfur diesel, Texas low-emission diesel, on-road #1D, and biodiesel blends with selected fuels. In all, more than 200 transient tests were run over the past 2 years using the Platinum Plus FBC alone and in conjunction with after-treatment devices.

Blended into commercial ultra-low sulfur-diesel fuel, the FBC produced PM reductions of up to 28%; and when used with a Texas low-emissions diesel fuel, the FBC blend produced reductions of 31% PM and up to 11% NOx reductions.

When blended with pipeline grade #1D kerosene, the FBC produced PM reductions of up to 32% and 10% NOx. That same blend combined with a B-20 blend of biodiesel gave 35% PM and 4% NOx reductions. Used with low-cost after-treatment devices, the FBC has been verified by the EPA for 40% to 50% PM reduction when used with a diesel oxidation catalyst; and 65% to 75% reduction when used with a catalyzed wire-mesh filter.

The FBC also allows for lower temperature oxidation of soot collected by diesel-particulate filters that can give up to 90% reduction in particulate emissions.

Trim Hammer gives rapid installation an edge

Trim-Lok Inc takes the next step in trim installation technology by offering the Trim Hammer. This pneumatic hand- held hammer is used when applying trim where speed and high- volume installations are essential. Eliminate the need for manual hammers and mallets by use of the automatic Trim Hammer. For more information, contact Trim-Lok, 6855 Hermosa Circle, Buena Park CA 90622-6180.

BedRug fits snugly in Ford F-150 beds

The BedRug bedliner by Wise Industries Inc is available for the redesigned 2004 Ford F-150 (all cab and box configurations).

This bedliner features a non-skid, polypropylene fiber surface that looks and feels just like carpet, but is entirely plastic - so it is unaffected by water, dirt, grease, oil, acid, bleach, or solvents. The plastic surface is easy to clean using only a vacuum, hose, or pressure washer. The BedRug is also impervious to stains and will not fade or mildew.

Bonded to BedRug's plastic surface is a layer of water-resistant, closed-cell polypropylene foam that will not scratch the truck bed. The custom molded foam bottom is conformed exactly to a truck's bed ribs, creating a smooth and level “knee-friendly” surface. BedRug's bulkhead, tailgate, and sidewall sections also are custom-formed for an original equipment fit in the truck bed.

BedRug installs in less than one hour using hook-and-loop fasteners. It is backed by a complete customer satisfaction warranty from Wise. For more information, contact Wise, PO Box 149, Old Hickory TN 37138.

Extended King Pin thrives in tight situations

The RV5 Extended King Pin lets a driver maneuver in confined spots without the worry of limited trailer swing. It adds 10" of rearward clearance between a truck and fifthwheel trailer. This extra room gives the trailer swing required to negotiate tight spots. The kingpin is suitable for short beds, long beds, or custom haulers towing a fifthwheel RV.

Easy bolt-on installation includes a clamp that fits standard kingpin and box. The RV5 is fabricated from 1/2" steel, machined to precise tolerances, and white powdercoated. The unit is rated at 24,000 pounds gross trailer weight and 6,000 pounds gross tongue weight.

For complete information, contact PopUp Industries Inc, 220 W 14th St, Chanute KS 66720.

Cabinet cab protector the Ultimate for storage

East Mfg is offering a new cabinet cab protector designed with the room necessary to house everything a platform trailer operator needs. Called the Ultimate Cabinet Cab Protector, it stores chains, tarps, straps, and binders in a dry environment under lock and key.

These cab protectors are built with extruded and/or 3/16" high-bright diamondplate aluminum. Pound-for-pound, 3/16" aluminum is stronger than steel, yet weighs less. It's corrosion-resistant, doesn't peel or chip, and looks like new for years after simple polishing. All East cab protectors meet or exceed the Department of Transportation 393.106 regulation.

The Ultimate Cabinet Cab Protector has three weathersealed compartment doors with lockable stainless steel T-latches with lock covers. Contained in the driver side compartment is a shelf, as well as three chain hangers with a 30-chain capacity. The middle compartment also has a shelf, and is equal in capacity to a 26" × 15" × 42" toolbox. The passenger side compartment houses a coil rack hanger and extra storage space. Running the full top width of the cabinet is a wood and/or tarp tray.

Vertical support legs are provided inside the unit for close mounting to cab. Bolt-on handles and mounting kit are included. For more details, contact East, 1871 State Route 44, PO Box 277, Randolph OH 44265.

Now you see the running board, now you don't

The Mopar Parts Division of DaimlerChrysler Corp has introduced new Power Running Boards for the Dodge Ram Quad Cab.

These Power Running Boards automatically lower and extend outward when the front or rear doors of the truck are opened, and then retract when the doors are closed. Their retraction is so complete they are seamlessly hidden from view.

The running boards also come with a mechanized clutch and an electrical overload safety feature. These mechanisms stop the boards from extending or retracting if any object blocks its path. The boards, made of extruded aluminum, also feature a skid-resistant step surface that provides traction when entering or exiting the truck.

When installed on a DaimlerChrysler Corp vehicle that is within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period, all Dodge accessories by Mopar are covered by either the three-year/36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the 12-month/1 2,000-mile Mopar Basic Limited Warranty, whichever is more favorable to the customer.

For more information, contact J R Thompson, 26970 Haggerty Rd, Farmington Hills MI 48331.

Pulltarps underbody pivot for electric arm applications

Pulltarps Mfg introduces a new underbody pivot for electric arm applications. The innovative design allows infinite adjustment for perfect arm alignment. Spring tension is also fully adjustable and can accommodate applications to 40 feet long.

These features are all built into a compact design that places the arms close in to the sides of the body and the pivots under the body, out of harm's way. Pulltarps underbody pivots can be welded or bolted in place and feature a two-piece arm design made of common galvanized fence pipe or optional aluminum tubing that can be replaced if the arms become damaged.

Pulltarps, 1404 N Marshall Ave, El Cajon CA 92020.

Grille Guard mounting kits

Newly designed Patriot 15000 Grille Guard mounting kits from Ramsey Winch are provided for Chevrolet/GMC 2500 HD and 3500 trucks, as well as Ford Super Duty trucks. Each mounting kit is designed to mount to the vehicle frame for easy installation. Patriot 15000 Grille Guards offer stylish vehicle front-end protection and come in standard black powdercoat finish.

For more information, contact Ramsey, 1600 N Garnett, Tulsa OK 74116.

TAND-L can handle handles

The Tandem Handle Assist Tool (TAND-L) is designed to lock all types of tandem handles in any position easily. It also works on kingpin handles.

To use the pocket-size TAND-L, pull the tandem handle out or up as far as possible and wedge the TAND-L in place, locking the handle in that position. Slide the tandem to the desired position, then release pressure from the TAND-L. The tool will not slip once installed and eliminates “pop-back.”

This patent-pending, chrome/nickel-plated tool has no moving parts and requires no adjusting. For more information, phone Browning Diversified Products at 866-70-TANDL or access

Trailers include Cat's Eye

Bison Transport took delivery of 300 new trailers starting in autumn 2003. These trailers included Link Mfg Ltd's Cat's Eye tire pressure maintenance system. The Cat's Eye offers improved tire life and reduced labor time during preventative maintenance checks. For more details, access

Deep saddle boxes offer more storage space

Knaack Mfg Co's Weather Guard deep saddle boxes provide an additional 4 cubic feet of storage. They come in aluminum with a clearcoat finish (Model #123) or black finish (Model #123-5), and in steel in a bright white finish (Model #128-3). These deep saddle boxes have powdercoated finishes.

Weather Guard saddle boxes are designed to suspend from the side rails of pickup trucks. A single cover style conceals the full-length stainless steel piano hinge and provides easy access for, larger, bulkier items.

The aluminum style deep saddle box is an extra 59/16" deep and provides a storage capacity of 15.1 cubic feet; the steel style is an extra 6" in depth and provides a storage capacity of 16.85 cubic feet.

The saddle boxes feature a one-touch latch system with a patented automotive-style red pushbutton on both ends of the box that allows for one-handed opening of the box from either side of the truck. The cover pops open with the help of dual gas springs. A tight weatherproof seal protects contents of the box from snow, rain, and dust.

All seams of the saddle boxes are fully arc-welded. Mounting hardware and instructions are provided, as well as powdercoated steel tray with dividers. For complete details, contact Knaack, 420 E Terra Cotta Ave, Crystal Lake IL 60014.

Vantraax family grows by two models

Hendrickson has added top-mount tridem and low-ride height tandem configurations to its Vantraax family of trailer slider systems. Vantraax incorporates Intraax air suspension system and patented K-2 slider technology for durability with weight savings.

With overall capacities of 52,000 pounds, tridems come with axle ratings of 23,000 pounds or the heavier-duty 25,000 pounds in ride heights ranging from 14" to 19".

Ideal for drop-frame van applications, the low-ride Vantraax tandem offers ride heights from 6.5" to 12" in a 46,000-lb-capacity system.

The K slider designs provide a superior strength-to-weight ratio for longer life and full-length pads for durability and easy movement. The patented “K” bracing reduces weight while increasing durability. This simple design also opens interior spacing for easier plumbing and maintenance.

Vantraax features Hendrickson's rigid axle/beam connection combined with the Tri-Functional Bushing resulting in a combination of ride softness and stability.

Options include Hendrickson's pneumatic Quik-Draw, which does away with manual slider pin pulling, and the Tiremaax automatic tire inflation system.

For additional information, contact Hendrickson, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

Rock & Roll is here to stay as transfer system

B H Workman & Sons Co has developed a specially designed high-speed, heavy-load rack-and-pinion transfer system for large trucks and equipment trailers.

The Rock & Roll transfer system uses a rack-and-pinion system to transfer, as opposed to traditional hydraulic, air, or electric systems.The power system is under the truck body and is powered by the truck's hydraulic wet kit. The hydraulic motor on the truck will pull anything that can be fitted with a Rock & Roll transfer carriage into the truck body. Driven by a high-torque hydraulic motor, the transfer system handles tough or heavy items with ease.

Rack-and-pinion doesn't require hooking and unhooking traditional hydraulic systems hoses twice for each transfer cycle. The Rock & Roll requires a driver to disconnect the trailer from the hitch, and that is all. Once the truck is backed up to the trailer and aligned with the stingers, the driver just flips a switch, and the drive motor pulls the transfer body quickly into the truck body.

The rack-and-pinion system has enough power to transfer on almost any terrain that would be safe to leave a trailer on. The Rock & Roll allows anything that can fit inside a dump body — and on a transfer carriage — to be used with this unit.

Contact B H Workman, 701 NE Peters Rd, Prineville OR 97754 for more information.

Electric winch weighs only 94 pounds

MileMarker Inc has added to its product line with a lightweight heavy-duty 12-volt DC 12,000-lb electric winch. Weighing just 94 pounds, the winch includes 100' × 3/8" cable, roller fairlead, 12' remote, 5.5-horsepower motor, and automatic brake. It comes with a two-year warranty.

For more information, contact MileMarker, 2121 Blount Rd, Pompano Beach FL 33069.

Anti-skid floor panel stands up to abuse

Kemlite Co Inc, a subsidiary of Crane Co, has introduced a new, durable fiberglass-reinforced anti-skid floor panel called Gripstar. This panel is manufactured with an anti-skid surface. Gripstar is a superior floor panel engineered for recreational vehicle “toy hauler” ramp doors, cargo trailer flooring, sky deck flooring, or anywhere a weatherproof, lightweight, anti-skid floor surface is necessary.

Unlike traditional materials such as plywood, steel, or aluminum, Gripstar will not mildew, rot, or corrode from road salt or moisture. It withstands abuse and damage typical from all-terrain vehicle tires and snowmobile skids.

Panel sizes include widths up to 102" by any length. The surface is heavy-duty grit somewhat like sandpaper, and it is available in a light gray color.

For full details, contact Kemlite, PO Box 2429, Joliet IL 60434.

Replacement fuel tanks for GM cab chassis

Transfer Flow Inc has introduced larger midship replacement fuel tank systems for the 2003 and 2004 GM C4500-C5500 cab chassis. For chassis with an 84", 108", 120", and 126" CA, Transfer Flow manufactures a 48-gallon fuel tank system. For chassis with a 60" CA, a 43-gallon fuel tank is provided. The fuel tanks will replace either the GM chassis' OEM midship or aft axle fuel tank, and are available for diesel or gas vehicles of more than 14,000 GVW.

Fuel systems come with all parts needed for installation, including straps and mounting hardware. The stock in-tank sending unit is reused in the Transfer Flow replacement fuel tank. Fuel tanks are made from a combination of 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior rust resistance and strength. Each fuel tank is baffled to reduce fuel sloshing, and is powdercoated black for a durable finish.

For more details, contact Transfer Flow, 1444 Fortress St, Chico CA 95973.

Low-profile stop lamp mounts with ease

Dialight Corp has introduced its 87 Series low-profile, red LED lamp for high-mount stop lamp and center-high-mount stop lamp applications. Measuring 18" long by 3/4" wide by 1/2" high, the new lamp is designed primarily for heavy-duty vehicles.

It has a polycarbonate lens and potted design for superior seal integrity. Additional features include integral wiring, metal-eyelet-reinforced mounting holes, and a foam gasket to seal the interface between the lamp and vehicle. With its low profile and flat-back design, the 87 Series lamp can be mounted on the surface of a vehicle with a small hole for the wiring. This eliminates the need for rework or retooling of the vehicle panel where the lamp is to be mounted.

For additional information, contact Dialight, 1501 Route 34 South, Farmingdale NJ 07727.

Brake shoe coating wages war on corrosion

After salt spray testing of coating alternatives for thousands of hours, Haldex is introducing a new protective coating for all remanufactured shoes. The Haldex protective coated shoe provides corrosion resistance by employing a new coating that is high in solid content and corrosion inhibitors. The coating is applied through a process that insures that each shoe is properly coated, cured, and ready for lining attachment.

When used in conjunction with Haldex Friction with Cross-Link Technology, the new brake shoe coating is guaranteed to protect against lining edge cracking from rust jacking.

This coating is available at six Haldex Service Center sites: Kansas City MO, Oklahoma City OK, Little Rock AR, Harrisburg PA, Fargo ND, and Grand Rapids MI. The remaining service centers will acquire the painting equipment in the near future. For more information, contact Haldex, 10930 N Pomona Ave, Kansas City MO 64153.

EZ Mount fits all newer-model trucks, SUVs

Stull Industries' new EZ Mount running board system fits all 2003-04 full-size trucks and SUVs. Highly polished 304 stainless steel tube with 430-18-gauge stainless steel top plates now come with an EZ Mount bracket system.

Each bracket set is specific to a model application. No drilling is required for installation, which can take less than an hour for a complete set of four boards. Brackets are black powdercoated and bolt to the model board for which they are designed. All Stull boards use OEM-style step treads for sure footing. EZ Mount boards come with either the 1½" or 2¼" tube.

For full details, contact Stull, 1315 W Flint St, Lake Elsinore CA 92530.

Mirrors reflect what's happening way ahead

How impossible does this sound? A driver is in a convoy, on a two-lane highway, the 10th driver behind a long line of 18-wheelers. Traffic slows down — and he can see what is causing the problem, just the same as the first driver.

The Forward View Mirror makes this possible. It's designed for professional drivers who want to increase road safety, and reduce driving stress caused by a limited field of view while driving behind other trucks.

The FVM has two mirrors that face each other with the forward-looking one pointed at an angle up the road. Traffic problems developing ahead can be seen without the driver having to veer in and out of the driving lane. He can see around the truck in front and four to six trailer lengths up the road ahead.

For complete details, contact Blair Enterprises of Florida, 10237 Blossom Lake Dr, Seminole FL 33772.

Wire clip has release tab, adhesive backing

Micro Plastics Inc has added a releasable, adhesive-backed wire clip with tab to its inventory of wire handling accessories. This wire clip has a handy release tab used to route wires and cables, and will accommodate wires up to 5/16" (7.94 mm) in diameter.

Parts are molded in UL-recognized Nylon 6/6 and are designed with a side entry. The base of the clip has double-coated polyethylene foam tape for easy mounting to most surfaces.

For free samples or a complimentary copy of catalog #34, contact: Micro Plastics, Customer Service Department, PO Box 149, Highway 178 North, Flippin AR 72634.

Wheels let light trucks do commercial duty

Hauling heavy loads with 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks is now easier and safer with HaulRite 19.5" commercial-duty wheel and tire upgrades from Rickson Truck Wheels & Accessories. These Department of Transportation-approved wheels and tires are direct replacement wheels, engineered and manufactured with the same offset, bolt pattern, and hub bore for each specific truck make.

For use on Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet/GMC 3/4 -ton and 1-ton pickups, vans, cab and chassis, and Class C motor homes, the wheels are available in powdercoated steel, chrome, or forged aluminum. In most cases, factory center caps, lug nuts, and torque specifications are used.

Haul-Rite 19.5" wheels allow commercial-duty tires to be used on 3/4- and 1-ton trucks. Using Haul-Rite wheels and 19.5" tires can provide two to four times more mileage than standard 16" and 17" tires.

For full information, contact Rickson, 15129 York Rd, Sparks MD 21152.

Radial builds on strengths of predecessor

Yokohama Tire Corp is introducing a new linehaul all-position radial tire, the Yokohama RY617. This tire shares much in common with its predecessor, the RY083A, including the five-rib tread design and casing configuration.

Upgrades for the RY617 include the integration of thousands of additional sipes for water evacuation, wet traction, and uniform wear. A wavy-groove wall design provides strengthened rib stiffness and combats uneven wear. A stress wear control groove reduces contact pressure at the tread edge, providing increased resistance to shoulder step-down wear. These changes add up to a modest but notable improvement in cost per mile.

Further enhancing tread life and cost efficiency, the RY617 has a slightly decreased tread depth that increases tread stiffness, thus minimizing uneven wear while reducing overall tire weight. The RY617 comes in the same sizes as its predecessor: 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5, 285/75R24.5, and 11R24.5 — all with a 14-ply rating.

The RY617 is supported by Yokohama's limited casing warranty and a four-year, two-retread limited warranty. For full details, contact Yokohama, 601 S Acacia Ave, Fullerton CA 92831.

Mate-N-Lok product line adds some seals

Waytek has added interface seals and wire seals to its Mate-N-Lok connector product line, making these connectors another option when sealed connections are needed.

These connectors are universal because the pin and socket terminals may be intermixed in the same housing. The plug and cap lock together positively and totally enclose the terminals.

For a completely sealed connection, use the new interface seals and wire seals Waytek offers. This splashproof/immersible sealed connector system can be used with existing applications using Mate-N-Lok connectors.

To order, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Bed liner can be sprayed on at dealership

Unlike standard truck spray-on systems that require large compressors, high pressure, and equipment in a permanent building, the portable, improved Vortex Sprayliner System KV-5003 gets its purchaser out of the shop and on the road.

The buyer can go to a truck dealer and have a high-density, permanent liner sprayed onto his truck bed right there. A dealer no longer has to send out the truck, wait for its return, and then arrange to get the buyer back to the dealership. This way, no possible damage occurs to the truck while it is transported, no unnecessary miles are being put on that truck, and it gets off the lot quicker.

The Vortex system only needs a 100-volt outlet to plug into. To get a free sample of the Vortex material or to learn more, contact Vortex, 27161 Burbank St, Foothill Ranch CA 92610.

Keyed-lok screw made to be tamperproof

A new socket screw being introduced to industrial markets features different, randomly selected, privately exclusive socket geometry for every purchaser. The screw has been named the Keyed-lok screw by its manufacturer, Bryce Fastener Mfg Inc. Keyed-lok screws feature a lock keyway forged into a screw head. Millions of variations are randomly available on each order, giving Keyed-lok users a private or exclusive fastener. Each keyway is licensed. Screw sizes range from #2 (2.5 mm) to 5/8-11 (14 mm) in truss head and flat head. Materials available are stainless steel and alloy steel.

For further information, contact Bryce Fastener, 1440 W Houston Ave #7 Gilbert AZ 85233.

SAFE Dragsled accurately measures skids

By applying the newest generation of electronic measurement to vehicle skid scenes, Massload has an effective new means of gathering and recording precise data required for detailed analysis. All of this is achieved with a portable electronic measuring device that weighs l6 kilograms.

The Sample Accumulator for Friction Evaluation (SAFE) Dragsled replaces the use of tires, half-full of concrete, pulled along a surface while attempting to read a spring scale. This type of mechanical system has long been used in evaluating the cause and nature of skids.

A fully automated data acquisition device, the SAFE Dragsled can be used in any weather conditions. It requires as little as 18" of pull for accurate friction calculations due to the rapidity of electronic tension samples (up to 500 per second).

Powered by a standard “off the shelf” PDA, and using an infrared signal, the Dragsled system offers ease of use, and since it has no external wiring, substantially longer system life. The PDA can be integrated with other standard desktop software to produce a range of professional-level, “skid scene” reports.

For full details, contact Massload, 301 — 47th St East, Saskatoon, Canada S7K 5H2.

Raised-center Intraax is 100 pounds lighter

The raised-center Intraax extends all benefits of an integrated trailer suspension system to operators running this configuration on rear-discharge tankers. This Intraax slashes weight by about 100 pounds compared with previous models while strengthening axle connections and system durability.

After a phased launch, the system will offer 23,000- and 25-000-lb-capacity models for 77.5" and 71.5" tracks in top-mount configurations and a range of ride heights from 13.5" to 19".

The patented Intraax system features the first standard trailer Cam Tube System to reduce S-cam maintenance and exceptionally tight axle tolerances to help stretch fuel mileage and tire life.

Fleets and owner-operators can customize their Intraax systems with a selection of Ready-to-Roll options, including an automatic tire inflation system, a long-life wheel end, HLS (Hendrickson Long-life System), and HXS (Hendrickson Extended Service) brakes.

For additional information, contact Hendrickson, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

TransTech has line of brake rotors, drums

TransTech Global is offering the transportation industry a full line of disc brake rotors and brake drums. Manufactured to QS9000 quality standards, products covering most applications in the light-, medium-, and heavy-duty truck, trailer, and bus markets are distributed exclusively by the company's facilities in the United States and Canada. Also provided by the company are friction material, castings, and extrusions.

For more details, contact TransTech Global, 125 Seven Bark Dr, Cullman AL 35057.

Waytek supplies HellermannTyton cable ties

Waytek has added a full line of HellermannTyton cable ties. Made in the United States, these cable ties are manufactured for maximum longevity and ease of application.

The large selection of UL-certified, military-specified cable ties come in different sizes and styles; standard ties are available with up to 50 pounds tensile strength, and heavy-duty ties are provided with up to 175 pounds tensile strength. The heavy-duty lashing ties have a tensile strength of 250 pounds. Also offered are push-mount ties, releasable ties, stainless steel ties, and stud mount ties. An assortment of cable tie tools are offered as well.

Waytek also supplies an extra heavy duty mounting system made by HellermannTyton, with dual clamp ties, swivel mounts, saddle mounts, and stud mounts. For more information, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Josam alignment program

Josam Products Inc has a new, Windows-based alignment program for its Laser AM Equipment. Designated AM1520, this program computes numbers, stores data, and prints easy-to-understand before-and-after report sheets.

For further details, contact Josam, 8849 Exchange Dr, Orlando FL 32809.

Air Power Extender tarps without use of hydraulics

Tarp Technologies Inc, a Kym Industries company, is introducing the Air Power Extender, an automatic tarp system for for roll-off truck applications in the waste industry.

The Air Power Extender is versatile, simple to operate, and environmentally friendly. This system does not use hydraulics, so waste companies will be confident that hydraulic leaks and spills are a thing of the past.

For more details, contact Tarp Technologies, 3191 SE Dominica Terrace, Stuart FL 34997.

Sierra kits for Ford F-150

Newly designed Sierra Wraparound and Grille Guard mounting kits are provided by Ramsey Winch for the 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

These kits are designed to fit Ramsey planetary gear winches of up to 9,500-lb capacity. Kits offer stylish vehicle front-end protection and come in standard black powdercoat finish. Each kit is designed to mount to the vehicle frame.

For more details, contact Ramsey, 1600 N Garnett, Tulsa OK 74116.

BFI Canada selects Air Link

BFI Canada has changed its truck ordering specicafions to include the Air Link air-ride walking beam suspension on all new trucks ordered for western Canada. A solid waste management company, BFI Canada provides services to more than 40,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in 18 major markets across Canada.

Higher horsepower ratings for International's vehicles

International Truck and Engine Corp is offering the new Cummins ISM 410-horsepower rating on International 8600 and 9000i Series vehicles. The ISM 425V-hp vocational rating is provided in the 5000i series vehicles. These engine ratings offer increased horsepower and 1,550 ft-lb of torque combined with a lightweight package of 2,190 pounds (dry weight).

The Cummins ISM is also equipped with Load-Based Speed Control, which manages available engine rpm based on changing operating conditions such as vehicle weight and terrain to optimize shifting. Another standard feature, Gear-Down Protection, encourages the driver to operate in top gear.

Alcoa extends Dura-Bright aluminum wheel warranty

Alcoa Wheel and Forged Products has extended the limited warranty on its Dura-Bright aluminum wheels for both the wheel and patented surface treatment in all commercial vehicle applications.

Dura-Bright wheels, which have a patented protective treatment that resists corrosion and enables them to be cleaned with a spray of soap and water, are now warranted for five years against corrosion, an extension on the previous warranty's two years.

Both the wheel and the Dura-Bright protection on heavy-duty trucks and truck trailers are warranted for five years (60 months from date of manufacture) against defects in materials, workmanship, and corrosion. Recreational vehicle and motorhome applications (19-5" and 22.5" sizes) are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 120 months from the date of manufacture shown on the wheel.

Clean Seal adds rubber hose

Clean Seal Inc is offering a line of rubber hose products to complement its lines of extruded rubber seals and gaskets. Bill Dawson, vice-president and general manager of Clean Seal, said, “Items like gas tank fuel fill hose and gas tank vent hose are used by several of our OEM customers. We're also able to supply premium fuel line, heater hose, air-conditioning hose, and a variety of other hose products.”

For full details, contact Clean Seal, 20900 W Ireland Rd, PO Box 2919, South Bend IN 46680-2919.