Product Profiles

Jan. 1, 2007
RotaCut tools make nearly burr-free holes Hougen Manufacturing offers the complete line of RotaCut annular cutter series for making holes in sheet metal

RotaCut tools make nearly burr-free holes

Hougen Manufacturing offers the complete line of RotaCut annular cutter series for making holes in sheet metal and plate materials, including non-ferrous alloys, plastics, and other materials up to 1/2" thick.

RotaCut cutters are hardened, precision-ground tools that can produce round, virtually burr-free holes without deforming the surrounding material. These cutters are made from M2 HSS tool steel and have precision ground, multiple cutting edges. Cutters feature a patented two-step cutting geometry designed to provide smooth cutting action, excellent chip evacuation, long tool life and exceptional surface finishes of the hole. The cutting cycle can be several times faster than with twist drills or hole saws. Because the RotaCut cutters are hollow and cut around the hole at its periphery, less torque and pressure are required to cut through materials.

RotaCut cutters are designed to work in standard 3/8" and 1/2" hand-held drills, as well as air feed drilling spindles for high-volume production. Individual sizes are available for cutting holes from 1/4" to 1½" fractional diameters and in true metric sizes from 6 to 25 mm.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Fabick liners protect fleet investments

Fabick's exclusive, patented Poured-on liner can withstand up to 350° F and wears better than steel. The Poured-on coating offers a mirror-smooth finish for a faster, cleaner load release. Other features of this Poured-on liner include:

  • No bolts, no holes — entirely seamless

  • High-impact coating is sprayed directly to the surface

  • Easy to repair

  • No vapor or fumes

  • No overspray

  • No taping/masking

  • Self-leveling — airtight and waterproof

  • Adheres directly to steel

Applications for both Poured-on and Sprayed-on range from dump and service trucks, to trailer floors and walls, sand and salt spreaders, utility trailers, and truck bodies.

Fabick can set up a coatings system that meets a facility's needs and budget, and it can train personnel. E-mail Joe Fabick at [email protected] for more information.

APUs can provide 10 times more current

eCycle announces auxiliary power units (APUs) based on the Kubota Z602 and D902 Super Mini diesel engines. These APUs offer up to 10 times the current (power) of competing products.

eCycle's APUs are ideal for vehicles requiring additional DC power as part of a total generation system. Depending on the application, they can be configured to produce up to 10 kw at regulated low voltage (14 or 28 volts DC) with current up to 360 amps continuous.

The electronically commutated motor/generator (CMG) uses SolidSlot technology that replaces traditional windings with trapezoidal conductor bars. These improvements result in a power-dense generator that delivers high current at low voltage to maintain battery charge, while providing sufficient current to support all other electrical needs.

eCycle's APU consists of the company's SolidSlot CMG brushless motor/generator, a high-current buck/boost regulator, and a liquid-cooled Kubota engine. The APU was designed to be mounted peripherally and requires 8 cubic feet of space. It features automatic starting capability and can be connected to the vehicle's main fuel supply.

Phone 610-939-0480 for further information.

Lite-Check upgrades Inspector software

Lite-Check has released version 7.4 of the Inspector software for the 910B automatic vehicle tester. Powering the Lite-Check Model 910B Inspector tester, this newest software version includes these enhancements:

  • Bendix TABS-6 ABS controller joins existing ECUs from Haldex, Wabco, Bendix, and Wabash on the list of ABS systems supported by the 910B's “One-Button ABS” fault and troubleshooting system.

  • Automated fault management for older blink-code style Wabash and WABCO ABS controllers has been enhanced.

  • Tractor ABS cab lights can be directly inspected with the addition of “cab-on” and “cab-off” broadcasts directly from the tester.

  • ABS fault code detail along with troubleshooting and repair instructions for ABS problems is easier to access through the improved computer display menus.

The Inspector 7.4 software upgrade is available for all Model 910B automatic testers produced since 1997. Testers currently running software versions prior to 7.1 may require hardware upgrades to support the functionality of version 7.4 of the Inspector software.

E-mail Doug Anderson at [email protected] for further details.

Sandbuster housing dispels corrosion woes

VIBCO Vibrators' new Sandbuster Model DC-60 spreader hopper vibrator features a new durable, injection-molded plastic housing. This housing was developed as an alternative to steel and cast-iron housings that can become corroded when exposed to ice control chemicals and other materials.

The new DC-60 plastic housing is non-corrosive and can be used in wash-down environments. The DC-60 is designed for use on tailgate spreaders with a capacity of up to one cubic yard. A 12-volt heavy-duty DC motor drives the vibrator, creating 60 pounds of force and 3,600 vibrations per minute, with push-button operation from inside the cab.

The DC-60 increases the efficiency and safety of road crews who spread ice control materials. The vibration of the Sandbuster keeps material flowing consistently from the hopper and provides better road coverage. By maintaining more consistent material rates, the risk of clogs in the hopper is reduced, keeping the crew safely in the cab. Overall truck downtime is reduced, along with maintenance costs otherwise incurred by manual clearing of the hopper.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Buyers Products adds safety chain bracket

Buyers Products Co has added a cruciform safety chain bracket to its product line.

The heavy-duty steel bracket, constructed of 4" × 5½" × 1/2"-thick steel tubing, simply welds to the bumper or hitch plate.

A cruciform cutout on the face of the bracket allows the safety chain to be inserted and twisted, locking the chain in position for extra security.

E-mail Brian Smith at [email protected] for full information.

Get a PowerRush from Carrier

PowerRush, a new line of high-performance 12-volt batteries engineered for transport refrigeration units, are available through the North American dealer network of Carrier Transicold, a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

Offered by Carrier Transicold in partnership with Interstate Battery System of America, PowerRush batteries feature an 18-month free-replacement warranty backed by Carrier Transicold dealers coast-to-coast.

These batteries come in three capacities of cold-cranking amps (CCA): the 950 and 750 CCA Heavy-Duty PowerRush batteries and the 700 CCA High-Cycle PowerRush battery with specially engineered plate stabilizers for extra cycle life.

All PowerRush batteries feature durability and vibration protection to handle the frequent start-stop cycles and harsh temperature demands of refrigerated unit applications. Vibration protection includes epoxy-bonded plates to prevent movement, and the ribbed housings are made of rugged polypropylene along with bottom stone-guard protection. A computer-optimized end-wall design protects the plates inside.

E-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected] for more information.

Graco/Gusmer debuts hybrid foam sprayer

The new Reactor H-25 hydraulic-driven proportioner is the first hybrid foam sprayer introduced by Graco/Gusmer. It combines the horizontal Gusmer pump and Grace technology, including digital controls and system diagnostics, as well as a user-defined pressure imbalance control that prevents off-ratio conditions. Other features of the H-25 include SoftStart, a technology that requires 1/3 less power during startup; a programmable standby mode that automatically shuts down the sprayer after a period of inactivity; and new lightweight hydraulic system with a five-quart reservoir.

The H-25 has a new hybrid heater that provides up to 15,300 watts and can quickly heat components to 190° F (88° C). It sprays up to 22 lbs/min (10 kg/min) with a maximum fluid pressure of 2,000 psi (140 bar, 14 Mpa), and can transfer foam through 310 feet (94 meters) of hose to a Fusion air-purge or mechanical-purge spray gun.

E-mail Mick Lee at [email protected] for more information.

Electronic braking standard on Internationals

A new full-power hydraulic brake system with antilock brakes is now standard for International RXT, 3200, 4200 4×4, and 4000 Series 4×2 models (except the mid-cab tractor).

With this full-power braking system, supplied by Meritor WABCO, International is delivering the first electronic brake force distribution (EBD) as a standard feature. The EBD proportions brake force relative to axle load conditions, providing balanced braking under various load conditions.

The master cylinder acts only to send signal pressure to a control valve. In response to this signal pressure, fluid from the accumulators is sent to the brake calipers for stopping the vehicle. As a result, the master cylinder does not have to stroke as far, resulting in a better pedal feel.

This brake system also provides two new options: automatic traction control (ATC) and a powered parking brake.

The ATC works at low-speed conditions to send brake pressure to wheels that are spinning to provide better traction. When both wheels are spinning at low speeds, ATC commands the engine to provide the appropriate level of power while sending braking pressure to the spinning wheels. When sensors detect spinning wheels above 30 mph, the ATC begins initiating “engine management”, which backs off engine power and does not apply braking pressure.

Powered parking, available as an option on medium-duty trucks with full power, will use the Spring-Apply Air-Release (SAAR) parking brake chamber. This chamber includes stroke indication, which identifies any damage or out-of-adjustment conditions with the parking brake. A service park brake indicator lamp on the dash will be lit should any such out-of-adjustment conditions be identified.

More information about the brake system is available at

T-connectors can simplify tow vehicle wiring

T-connectors from Valley Industries take the guesswork out of tow wiring by plugging easily into a vehicle's wiring harness. With a simple one-piece design, T-connectors are designed to the highest industry standards using only OEM connector assemblies. They are engineered using 16-gauge wire for durability, and include built-in taillight converters (where applicable).

Fully illustrated instructions are included with each T-connector for quick installation. A unit is available for virtually every truck, SUV, and car on the road.

Valley's 2005 T-Connector Application Guide has been designed to assist in quickly and easily identifying the correct part number for a vehicle. It segments vehicles by make, model, and year, and lists connectors with reference information. This includes wire harness location, electrical wiring code, taillight converter type, maximum recommended amperage draw, and approximate installation time.

To acquire more information, phone 800-344-3112.

Wire designed for submerged arc welding

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces OK Autrod 13.20SC, a copper-coated low-alloy wire for submerged arc welding. This wire is an EB3 submerged arc wire designed to weld creep-resistant steel of the 2.5% Cr - 1% Mo type.

When combined with ESAB's OK Flux 10.63, the wire produces a clean weld deposit with an X-factor less than 15 and a J-factor less than 120. This combination fulfills the requirements for impact toughness after step-cooling treatment of the weld metal. The wire can also be used with other fluxes for applications not requiring step-cooling treatment. OK Autrod 13.20SC is suitable for process piping, heat exchangers, and pressure vessel fabrication applications.

ESAB products carry a 100%-satisfaction guarantee. For more information, e-mail Debi Ratliffe at [email protected].

Truss head anchor rivets come in two colors

Micro Plastics is offering its two-piece 1/4" all-plastic truss head anchor rivets in standard beige and gray colors.

These anchor rivets are versatile blind fasteners for solid or hollow materials. Installation is fast and secure. The nylon body provides high thermal, electrical, corrosion, and vibration resistance.

Micro Plastics also offers mushroom, round, and flat head anchor rivets for panel fastening.

Free samples are available upon request. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Enhanced Hunter RKHD simplifies alignment

The Hunter RKHD heavy-duty power rack now includes longer approach ramps and a redesigned rub rail system to create more clearance for lower and longer vehicles.

The standard RKHD configuration is 24" high and includes a turnplate section, four runway sections, and a pop-up ramp per side. Runway sections can be added for greater wheelbase capacity. The RKHD can also be installed in shallow-pit configurations of 24" or 30" depths.

The strong truss design provides a 20,000-lb-per-axle capacity. Each leg of the RKHD bolts directly to the bay floor and can be adjusted for level accuracy.

Turnplate sections are recessed to accept optional turnplates and include adjustable front wheel stops to provide clearance during service operations. Runway sections are 33" wide, facilitating drive-on and drive-off without moving the runways. Inside rub-rails help prevent smaller vehicles from driving off the sides of the runways.

Pop-up ramps add wheelbase capacity while making maximum use of bay space. Back wheel stops automatically engage when ramps are raised to the up position. Ramp legs safely lock in the over-center position at maximum rise.

For additional information, phone Jim Huhn at 314-731-3020, ext 375.

Smith system supplies uninterrupted gas flow

For industrial applications where compressed gases and liquids are frequently used, Smith Equipment offers its new Gas Manifold and Automatic Changeover Regulator System to provide accurate, uninterrupted gas flow.

Easy-to-read 2.5-inch chrome-plated gauges allow operators to inspect cylinder bank and outlet pressures visually, while an optional audio and visual alarm alerts users when a gas cylinder bank is nearing empty. Smith offers its nickel-plated regulator models designed for 15-, 40-, or 125-psi outlet pressures.

Master header bars attach to the left and right sides of the changeover regulator. Pigtail assemblies, available in 24- and 72-inch lengths, are constructed of stainless steel outer braids and Teflon' liners. Manifold header bars feature brazed joints for leak-proof connections, and manifold headers include check valves to prevent air from entering and gas from escaping the system. The changeover regulator includes two inlet pressure gauges (one for each cylinder bank), an interstage pressure gauge, and an outlet pressure gauge.

End users may expand the Gas Manifold and Automatic Changeover System to accommodate additional pressurized liquid or gas cylinders by using manifold extension assemblies in each cylinder bank.

Smith also offers low- or high-pressure stainless steel pigtail assemblies with multiple CGA (Compressed Gas Association) connections to accommodate a variety of pressurized gas or liquid cylinders such as acetylene, nitrogen, helium, argon, oxygen, or carbon dioxide.

For more information, phone 800-843-7912.

Gladhand seals come in 200-piece buckets

Phillips Industries is offering truck operators its expanded line of gladhand seals in 200-piece buckets. The new Gladhand Seal Buckets available at Phillips distributors each contain 200 industry-standard seals of black rubber; blue, red, or black polyurethane; or a mix of blue and red polyurethane seals.

Fleets can choose appropriate seals and have them on hand when replacement is required. Distributors ican place the buckets near the register, reminding fleets of the importance of these often-overlooked safety items. Phillips suggests that gladhand seals be inspected and replaced at a minimum of once a year.

E-mail Travis Hopkey at [email protected] for more details.

Inverter/charger provided for Volvo trucks

Xantrex Technology Inc's new RM1012 AL inverter/charger is available for Volvo VN and VT 880 heavy-duty trucks.

The RM1012 AL, which is externally mounted and fully weatherproof, converts DC power into 120-volt AC power in the vehicle cab to operate devices such as TVs, microwaves, and computers. It is ideal for long-haul trucks with sleeper cabs, because it provides clean, quiet electricity, and eliminates the need to buy special 12-volt appliances or an auxiliary combustion generator.

Drivers and fleet operators are showing more interest in inverter/chargers because they reduce fuel consumption and emissions caused by unnecessary idling of the truck engine to generate electricity.

Inverter/chargers allow truck drivers to enjoy on-board appliances while complying with anti-idling laws that have been adopted in recent years.

The 40-lb Xantrex auxiliary power unit, along with about 35 pounds of required harnesses, brackets and cables, is well below the maximum weight exemption set by the United States Congress.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

EZ-Coil reels now powdercoated blue

Coxreels' Safety Series EZ-Coil reels, with patented Controlled Retraction, painted safety yellow since their inception, now will be painted in the firm's signature Lustrous Blue Proprietary CPC powdercoat finish.

EZ-Coil models will feature updated logos and labels to be easily differentiated from the company's standard reels. The blue models will still have up to 80% slower retraction speed than standard spring rewind reels.

E-mail [email protected] for further details.

Plate and structural blaster tackles rust, scale

Viking Blast & Wash Systems' newest plate and structural blaster is the RT 9616-SP. It removes rust and scale from exterior surfaces of plate up to eight feet wide and three inches high and structurals up to 16 inches wide and 24 inches high.

The RT 9616-SP uses six, 15-horsepower VC-1 direct-driven, center-fed blast wheels for cleaning. The dual-direction, powered roller table conveyor system offers variable travel speeds ranging from about 1 to 20 feet per minute. The variable feed rate is adjustable to provide for different surface finishes ranging from a SSPC-7 brush-off finish to a completely white finish of SSPC-5. The blast cabinet is wear-lined with manganese and replicable ½"-thick cast chrome blast pads. Two isolation vestibules buffer the workplace from errant abrasive while the dust evacuation system keeps blasted material clean.

An optional abrasive blow-off system can remove carry-out abrasive from work, and the optional exit spill hopper returns the carry-out back to the blast unit. Entrance and exit conveyors, auxiliary abrasive hopper, part presence sensors are available, as well as other options.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Efficient, environmentally benign trailer units offered by Thermo King

Thermo King is engineering its newest trailer units, including the SB series single- and multi-temp units, to offer low life-cycle cost while delivering maximum performance with less impact on the environment.

Because Thermo King's engines drive the compressor directly, they maximize fuel efficiency, using less energy to generate the same Btu output compared with electric compressors. When heating a load, Thermo King uses advanced heat pump technology, which provides efficiency gains over electric heat.

The company also offers electric standby as an option on all of its trailer units, allowing the units to run on electric power rather than diesel. The result is less fuel burned and reduced emissions while the trailer is stationary in a loading dock or yard. All Thermo King trailer refrigeration units meet the EPA's Interim Tier 4 emission requirements.

Thermo King trailer units include proprietary low-noise technology as a standard feature. This includes sound-deadening components, an acoustical grill design, tuned intake resonator, exhaust and muffler components, and a quiet engine. More soundproofing material, special door gaskets, and sound-absorbing foam can be added as part of the optional Whisper package for all trailer units.

The EMI-3000 Extended Maintenance Interval is part of all Thermo King trailer units. By extending the time between maintenance services, not only are maintenance costs reduced by up to 45%, but waste associated with the service is also reduced.

E-mail Kim Thorsen at [email protected] for more information.

Vector transforms electrostatic spray guns

ITW Ransburg's Vector Systems have taken electrostatic spray guns to a new level with reduced weight, increased durability, lightened trigger pull, improved finish and transfer efficiency, and simplified electrostatic controls.

Improved atomization and transfer efficiency is achieved through a new design that redistributes pressure in the air cap and adjusts the balance between atomization and fan air. This causes paint particles to move slower through the charging field, resulting in stronger charging and more paint delivered to the part with less waste.

The weight of the Vector guns is up to 24% less than other electrostatic guns. Front to back and top to bottom, Vector guns are tough and more streamlined with better weight distribution.

Vector guns contain 25% fewer parts than other electrostatic spray guns. The guns use oversize, coarse threads for the air cap retaining ring and fluid tip, producing durability and easier cleaning.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Pendleton interior available on W900

Kenworth is taking orders for the new Pendleton Limited Edition interior for its W900 model introduced earlier this year.

Scheduled to go into production in summer 2006, the W900 Pendleton Limited Edition is available with Kenworth's 86-inch AeroCab and 72-inch AeroCab AERODYNE sleepers. Kenworth and Pendleton Woolen Mills have combined to produce a new cab and sleeper environment featuring rich brown leather in seats and door pads, leather sofa bed with microfiber suede inserts, wood grain cab interior trim, and wool fabric accents.

Leather driver and passenger seats feature Pendleton-designed patterned headrests along with Kenworth's new armrests that fold back and stow behind the seats for easier, more open sleeper access. The Pendleton Limited Edition also comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and can be ordered with the new Kenworth GPS Navigation system with MP3 player.

SuperLink overcomes safety issue

The new patent-pending SuperLink outriggers from Elliott Equipment Co fulfill a need for a set of A-frame outriggers that can be extended on one side and dropped vertically on the other. This allows users to work in confined spaces.

Previously, in order to work in confined spaces with an A-frame machine, users would not deploy the outrigger on one side of a unit at all, as it is impossible to penetrate the ground without extending the outrigger. This practice causes a safety problem and can put the user at risk.

The SuperLink outrigger allows the user to get full penetration on the extended side and the non-extended side. Operators are locked out from rotating to the non-extended side by a proximity switch. This allows users to work in areas as narrow as 15 feet wide and still get full penetration from a set of A-outriggers.

The feature can be used by inserting a pin into a collar on the outrigger leg to lock it into a vertical position to deploy straight down. Time for deployment is less than one minute. Elliott expects to outfit the majority of its A-Frame outrigger units with this option.

E-mail [email protected] for further information.

TruckCraft upgrades TC-120 Ultra

TruckCraft's TC-120 Ultra just got better with three standard new features: 7,000-lb lift capacity, three-year limited warranty, and a 150-amp circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker protects the pump motor, is waterproof, is pushbutton-resettable, and provides an underhood on/off switch to prevent unauthorized operation.

Other improvements include higher-rated oilless bushings in the dump hinge and cylinder pivots, and high-performance seals in the cylinder stages.

The TC-120 has all-welded construction of T-6 alloy aluminum extrusion and Grade 5052 formed sheet. Weighing just 420 pounds, Ultra has a fast-lifting, front-mounted, three-stage telescopic cylinder that results in a low dump body floor — 3¼" above the pickup deck. The double-wall tailgate operates just like a pickup tailgate, only better, with single-handle top-drop, slam-shut operation, and controlled bottom-open for spreading gravel or mulch.

Ultra installs in less than two hours with just a drill and hand tools in most 8' or 6.5' United States pickup trucks. It comes completely assembled and is supplied with all wiring and mounting hardware.

Season-specific options for Ultra include an all-electric salt spreader and 8-cubic-yard aluminum leafbox.

E-mail [email protected] for further details.

RT 7000 brake replaces in-line drum brakes

Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction introduces a new mechanically actuated, sliding-caliper brake designed for parking, secondary, and industrial applications. Model RT 7000 is made from high-strength ductile iron and has a stay-clean, sealed design suitable for harsh environments. The brake offers quick-change non-asbestos organic or sintered metallic linings and provides superior fade characteristics.

This new RT brake was designed to replace in-line drum brakes that experienced problems due to dirt and debris accumulation. It is a lever-actuated brake that uses a ball ramp assembly to advance the brake pads toward the disc. The brake has a disc thickness range of 0.38 to 0.44 inches and a disc diameter range of 10 to 25 inches.

For further details, phone Gary Van Hall at 812-334-8727.

Extended warranties now cover sensors

Extended warranty coverage for transport refrigeration system sensors and protection against potential refrigerant leaks is available to trucking fleets and owner/operators.

Those coverages, along with a new overtime and call-out coverage (OTCC) program for emergency repairs, are being offered through an expansion of RoadCare Extended Major Component Coverage (EMCC) from Carrier Transicold, a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

The new sensor coverage option covers replacement costs for all factory-installed return, supply, and ambient air sensors, and labor charges to remove and reinstall the bulkhead, when required. The refrigerant leak option covers loss of refrigerant and refrigerant oil and progressive damage to other components for any refrigerant leaks associated with covered major components, joints, hard piping, and vibrasorbers.

OTCC provides protection for emergency breakdown situations in which repairs are required on loaded equipment.

For more information, visit

Henke plow successfully negotiates urban hazards

Henke Mfg's compression spring trip edge snowplow is a new clean-design, efficient plow for urban applications. Trip edge plows are suited for navigation of manhole covers, curbs, and obstacles faced while plowing in municipalities.

The compression spring trip edge design features six adjustable trip springs arranged into three trip sections. With this approach, a manhole encountered only activates a section of the trip edge and not the entire length, minimizing disruption to the plow operation.

Provided in either a rigid-mounted or pin-on moldboard design, this new design is available in 10', 11', and 12' lengths; one, two, or three sections; and with various running gear options.

E-mail Matt Hood at [email protected] for more information.

For tough jobs, call in Velvac's Enforcer

Velvac's Enforcer series of air cylinders lives up to its name. These air cylinders are machined from 6061 series aluminum. With 303 stainless steel shafts and solid aluminum piston cups that yield Nitrile O-rings and UHMW polyethylene wear bands, these cylinders can withstand a temperature of -40° F and keep on working. The self-lubricating bronze bearing protects against side load damage.

The Enforcer logo features a faceless, hooded warrior with bulging arms crossed and the name forged in steel. This series of air cylinders comes with a three-year warranty.

The series is available in push/pull, solenoid-operated, and spring-return versions. Air cylinder bore sizes range from 2½" to 6", while stroke lengths measure from 3" to 24". The 2½", 3½", and tailgate cylinders all feature a 5/8"-diameter stainless steel shaft and ¼" NPT intake and exhaust ports. The 6"-bore tailgate model features a spring return force of 2,400 pounds.

Velvac also offers a new 4"-bore, 24"-stroke High Lift cylinder for high-lift dump body styles.

E-mail Susan Heinitz at [email protected] for further information.

RustGard UV extends brake shoe, lining life

The new RustGard UV brake shoe coating from Carlisle/Altec solves the problem of rust-jacking and premature truck brake lining failure due to rusting brake shoes. Rust-jacking is caused by corrosive materials sprayed on highways to address slippery road conditions, typically magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and road salt.

RustGard UV coating applied to Carlisle/Altec remanufactured brake shoes protects against rust-jacking and maximizes brake lining life. To validate RustGard's performance, Carlisle conducted testing in accordance with ASTM B-117, salt spray test. These tests indicate that brake shoes without linings and coated with industry-standard paint had 50% surface rusting after 24 hours of exposure, compared with RustGard-coated/painted shoes, which had less than 10% surface rusting after 250 hours of exposure.

Tests conducted on brake shoes with linings yielded similar results. Shoes with industry-standard paint coating had 50% surface rusting with deep pitting after 170 hours of exposure, whereas RustGard-coated/painted shoes had less than 10% surface rusting after 1,450 hours of exposure.

More testing showed that RustGard withstands temperatures up to 500° F for six hours without affecting performance. RustGard also passed the 100 MEK (methyl ethyl keytone) double resistance chemical test.

For further information, phone 434-975-6028.

HyPerformance torch undergoes upgrade

A new HyPerformance plasma torch upgrade from Hypertherm Inc brings the benefits of patented HyPerformance technology to existing HyDefinition HD4070 metal cutting systems. Consistent cut quality, increased productivity, and lower operating costs are now assured for owners of older HD4070 mechanized systems, according to Hypertherm. Cut speeds after upgrade are up to 28% faster, and operating costs about 50% lower.

Torch-and-lead upgrade kits for the HD4070 come with either a 6-, 10-, or 15-foot torch lead. Each kit contains a 200-amp machine torch, HyPerformance torch lead set, and upgrade software, plus upgrade field service bulletin, ID, and safety labels. A consumable parts kit (30-200 amps) is sold separately. Upgrade kits plus installation assistance are available through authorized Hypertherm partners worldwide.

Patented HyPerformance technology achieves the virtually dross-free quality of HyDefinition cutting, but does it with greater speed and longer consumable life — up to two times longer than other systems. HyPerformance allows precision cuts, not just initially, but consistently throughout the full life of torch electrodes and other consumables.

E-mail [email protected] for further details.

Henke's plow makes the grade in Alaska

When the Alaska Department of Transportation asked snowplow manufacturers to provide a plow as part of a contest, Henke Mfg Co stepped up for the challenge. After a two-year trial, Henke has received top marks for its Alaska Severe Duty Expressway Snowplow. This plow combines the technology of a straight reversible snowplow and a tapered discharge expressway design. Designed for superior discharge of snow on the open roads, the plow also permits reversing through intersections and tight spots around town.

Henke's Alaska Severe Duty Expressway Snowplow is available nationwide. E-mail Matt Hood at [email protected] for more information.

Stor 'N Tow boosts truck bed functionality

Astoria Industries of Iowa Inc's Stor 'N Tow is a fiberglass utility body teamed with an 84", 60", or 56" CA cab chassis. This low-maintenance, sturdy unit includes:

  • Steel or aluminum floor.

  • Heavy-duty towing bumper.

  • Aluminum tailgate and aluminum tube cab guard with expanded metal screen.

  • Molded fiberglass compartments are 24" high and built with heavy-duty reinforcement for rough service.

  • Flip tops with lift-out bins and dividers allow the user to take required items to the worksite, and are keyed like the body and cab.

Other design features and options include:

  • Keyless electric locks or gang locks systems.

  • Integrated fender and side pack.

  • Fiberglass or aluminum shelving options.

  • Hinges are heavy-duty stainless steel with steel bolts.

  • Latches are stainless steel rotary two-stage.

  • Adjustable strikers are stainless steel.

  • Nuts are self-locking.

  • Doors are double-laminated, hollow-core, reinforced, warpproof, and keyed alike.

E-mail Lori Wehr at [email protected] for further information.

Compact design enhances valve

Civacon has added the new 3-inch VA1050 and VA2050 emergency valves to its line of air-operated emergency valves for fuel oil, lube oil, and heating oil transportation use.

The VA1050 (victaulic outlet) and VA2050 (TTMA flanged outlet) are specifically engineered to allow for greater flexibility of tank truck design and assembly due to a compact design. The internal air operation cylinder allows for maximum use of undertank chassis space while the “bellowed body” profile provides for higher flow rates and lower pressure drop when unloading.

The integrated design of the 3-inch VA1050 enables mounting of the piston inside the valve for reduced wear and exposure to the environment. The victaulic pipe connection allows for close-proximity pipe work runs. With no moving parts in the flow path, the VA1050 and VA2050 offer superior flow rates and faster drops.

Safety features include a manual override system and an external shear groove, designed to meet TTMA and DOT 406 requirements. In case of a collision, the shear groove allows the piping to break away cleanly while the valve seat and poppet remain intact so only the liquid in the piping is susceptible to loss. The VA1050 and VA2050 are cold-climate field-tested and rated at -40° to +150° F.

The VA1050 and VA2050 pneumatic actuation can be “single-acting” or “sequential” to confirm valve condition.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Eaton adds bi-directional fixed-displacement motor

Eaton Corp has expanded its Series 26 uni-directional fixed-displacement motor line by introducing a new bi-directional fixed-displacement motor.

This motor rotates both left and right and eliminates the need for distributors to stock both left- and right-functioning motor styles. It has 13 tooth gears that minimize pressure ripple, noise, and vibration. The polished gears and shafts improve mechanical efficiency and increase service life and reliability.

Eaton's expansion of the Series 26 bi-directional fixed-displacement motor allows users to replace the Eaton B1 and B2 motors. Visit for more details.

Steer axle family does fire/rescue duties

Dana Corporation's Commercial Vehicle Systems group has introduced a new steer axle family for fire and rescue vehicle manufacturers. The Dana Spicer D-2000F fully dressed steer axle family is available with both a 3.5- and 5-inch drop beam, providing chassis and suspension profile height options required by fire and rescue applications.

The axle provides high turn angles of up to 50 degrees, and axle ratings range from 16,000 to 22,000 pounds gross axle weight rating (GAWR). This steer axle's available tie rod geometry options improve tire life for a variety of wheelbases and allow fit-up of popular wheels. The D-2000F steer axle is compatible with both air disc and air drum brakes.

An example of a typical dressed steer axle may include:

  • Spicer D-2000F 5-inch drop beam steer axle
  • Bendix ADB22XTM air disc brakes
  • Spicer LMS hubs
  • Spicer LMS hubcaps

Phone 616-567-1000 for more details.

Carrier X-Series evolves into Niagara units

The Niagara trailer refrigeration series is the first major evolution of Carrier Transicold's X-Series.

Niagara units feature a major exterior redesign, providing more than just a contemporary new appearance. Panel doors are made of advanced DuraShell 2 material, a Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) composite. DuraShell 2 has structural integrity comparable to the X-Series' original DuraShell material, but with triple the impact strength, double the UV light resistance, 50% better thermal stability, and 20% better heat resistance. An optional chrome package is offered.

Improved sound quality comes from design changes and use of a quieter gearbox. The DuraShell 2 twin-sheet panel construction, acoustic foam on the interior surfaces, and integrated door seals help contain sound output. The redesigned grille's wider openings reduce airflow resistance. For additional sound reduction, an optional composite bottom panel is available.

Niagara models have hinged side doors that open all the way to the top, providing total access with the flip of a single latch on each side door. Front panels swing open from the center with a single latch release. The control box is larger with a tilted display that is easier for drivers and technicians to read.

For complete information, e-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected].

My-te maximizes control, safety

Improving the reliability of its 115-volt, single-phase winch hoists, My-te Products Inc offers its new B-series models that include a motor equipped with a physical disc brake.

Already designed with self-locking worm gear reduction for positive load holding and a dynamic brake circuit for instant stopping, the new B-series' motor brake completes a triple brake redundancy system. This enhances overall braking power and provides optimum load control for lifting and spotting.

Four different B models provide one- to three-ton lifting and include a one-year warranty on parts and workmanship. The new B series motor is also available separately, and can be installed on existing My-te single-phase winch hoists.

For full information, e-mail [email protected].

Air compressor provided for Cat engines

Caterpillar will introduce and distribute the Cat 270 air compressor, designed to provide cleaner air, greater reliability, less vibration, and quieter operation. The new air compressor is available on the Cat C13 engine in selected chassis, and it will be available on all Cat engines in all chassis in 2007.

The Cat 270 uses two cylinders instead of one, resulting in better balance that delivers up to four times less vibration in selected chassis. Noise is up to a full two decibels lower.

Reliability and durability are enhanced by a cast-iron piston that is stronger than aluminum pistons. Another advantage is that fewer parts and hardware are required to simplify the installation of the compressor to the engine. The Cat air compressor has a high-strength forged steel crankshaft and heavy-duty bearings.

The Cat 270 offers better oil control, reducing oil carryover that degrades cleanliness of the air supply. Longer head bolts and the full-length water-cooled cylinder bores provide optimum clamp loading and cooler discharge air. These contribute to reducing bore distortion and improving oil carryover.

E-mail Jason Phelps at [email protected] for more information.

PSI technology on prepped Meritor axles

Meritor ThermALERT an advanced MTIS by PSI technology designed to help detect elevated wheel-end operating temperatures, is available on new trailers assembled with Meritor prepped TN, TQ, and P-spindle profile trailer axles. A prepped axle includes beam, brakes, plugs, and stators factory assembled by ArvinMeritor.

ThermALERT, an option with the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI, detects increased wheel end temperatures and helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage can occur.

For more information on this option, e-mail D Mike Pennington at [email protected].

Truck-Lite expands Signal-Stat LED line

Truck-Lite Co Inc is expanding its Signal-Stat line of LED products to include more than 30 parts.

New Signal-Stat LED lamps include 2" and 2½" round beehive and 6" rectangular marker lamps, single- and double-face pedestal; and 2" × 4" rectangular stop, turn, tail, and rear turn lamps. These lamps will have an extended two-year limited warranty.

Other Signal-Stat LED line features and benefits include:

  • Extensive pattern of multiple diodes.

  • Standard mounting holes and accessories.

  • Retrofit easily by using standard plug connections.

  • Less susceptible to shock and vibration.

  • Complete seal of electronics in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture.

  • Draw less current.

E-mail Jamie Lindemuth at [email protected] for more details.

Rectifier designed for MMA welding

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces the LHF 405 Pipemaster rectifier is an SCR-controlled rectifier specifically designed for heavy-duty MMA welding with coated electrodes, basic Tig welding, and air-arc gouging.

The welding properties of the LHF 405 were configured to meet the requirements of welding with E-6010 cellulosic electrodes. The unit provides a consistently stable arc, even when starting from the lowest currents. When the arc is shortened, the arc force makes weld penetration easier, especially when the electrode is pressed against the welded material. The unit's vertical static characteristics keep a constant current — regardless of cable length or arc voltage — while the dynamic characteristics ensure a stable arc and ideal control of the molten weld pool. A high power factor lowers energy consumption and installation costs and the unit switches off automatically if it becomes overheated.

The wide current range allows the operator to optimize settings for a wide variety of filler materials. The operator may also adjust parameters during operation. LHF units are also equipped with hot start, arc force, and automatic anti-stick functions.

E-mail Debi Ratliffe at [email protected] for complete information.

Itemizer handles compartmentalizing

Knaack Mfg Co's Weather Guard Itemizer drawer units are lightweight storage systems that compartmentalize tools, small parts, and fittings.

Installed in vans or in enclosed truck beds, the Itemizer helps keep overall vehicle weight down. Drawer units are constructed entirely of aluminum with a Brite White powdercoat and have an anti-skid deck top. Lateral units can be mounted on top of one another; stacked units can be mounted side by side.

Each drawer fully extends on roller-mounted drawer glides and can support up to 75 pounds of tools and parts. Adjustable drawer dividers are included, and each drawer has an individual spring latch. For extra jobsite security, a padlock can be added using a pre-punched hole provided on the face of each drawer.

For more information, e-mail: [email protected].

ThermowarrioR can be repaired in the field

R•O•M Corp has added the ThermowarrioR insulated bulkhead system to its line of food distribution products.

This system features high-technology construction to deliver superior temperature control and water resistance, and its modular components provide long-term cost savings. With the ThermowarrioR's patent-pending reversible seal technology, top, corner, and side seals can be easily removed, rotated, and reattached for like-new seal protection.

Benefits of the bulkhead for food distributors include:

  • Cost savings — Modular design allows field-replacement of individual parts that may normally require the replacement of the entire bulkhead.

  • Optimal temp control — Reversible seals keep the bulkhead at peak performance level while a strong, dense foam core provides optimal strength, moisture resistance, and density for insulation.

  • Water resistance — Vinyl-coated polyester skin laminated to a polyethylene foam layer prevents water penetration to the bulkhead core, which itself repels water.

  • Light weight — Less than 90 pounds on a standard bulkhead.

  • Durability — Impact-resistant layers, high burst strength handles and straps, and heavy-duty hardware.

More information is available at or by phoning 800-827-3692.

Kenworth adds Cat C15 to T800 high-hood

Kenworth Truck Co offers Caterpillar C15 600-horsepower and 625-hp engines on the Kenworth T800 high-hood model.

Caterpillar's C15 600-hp engine provides 1,850 ft-lb of torque at 1,200 rpm, and the 625-hp engine provides 2,050 ft-lb of torque at 1,200 rpm. The Kenworth T800 high-hood model with either C15 engine requires a manual transmission and Kenworth's 1,430-square-inch radiator.

Access or for more information.

Trailer jack operates without hand-cranking

Inventor Don Lepley has a patent-pending invention called the Powered Trailer Jack, an apparatus for the automatic lowering and raising of the tongue jack on utility trailers, RV trailers, and similar vehicles.

Upon initial observation of a trailer equipped with this invention, no difference is apparent. However, closer inspection reveals that in lieu of a hand crank to operate the tongue jack, an electric motor and associated reduction gears are provided. Hitching and unhitching of the trailer still occurs as normal, but instead of cranking the tongue jack foot up or down, the user activates a hand-held control with up and down switches.

Power is supplied from the trailer's electrical system, or could be supplied from the tow vehicle if necessary. When unhitched and level, the hand-held control along with its umbilical cable can be disconnected and stored for physical protection and to prevent inadvertent operation.

E-mail [email protected] or phone 800-747-3109 for further details.

Boss brings out new snowplow products

The term “cutting edge” applies aptly to The Boss's new High-Performance formed cutting edge. Wearing twice as long as other cutting edges, the High-Performance cutting edge (patent-pending) is made from a material that the firm says sets a new standard for durability in the snowplow industry. This year, the new cutting edge will be standard on all Boss Power-V plows. For added features, this new cutting edge comes complete with built-in curb guards and a snow catcher.

Also from The Boss, the patent-pending Snowplow Sight System lets operators align their plows on the first try, every time, from the comfort of their cabs. There's no more hassle of driving back and forth to line up and attach a snowplow; simply use the sight system to line up the truck and plow, and drive right into it. This feature is now standard on all Boss snowplows for the 2006 season.

Phone Rick Robitaille at 906-776-3511 for more details.

Grip-O-Matic Puller self-contained

Power Team's new 30-Ton Hydra Grip-O-Matic Puller removes larger gears, bearings, and other press-fitted parts with speed and ease. It can be used in industries including agriculture, trucking, or wherever heavy industrial equipment is employed.

The 30 Ton Hydra Grip-O-Matic Puller offers:

  • Optimal puller design — the harder the pulling force, the tighter the jaws grip for secure holding force.

  • Self-contained, compact design — no other hydraulic tools required.

  • Easily metered release control knob.

  • Spring-loaded live centering cone.

  • Bladder-type oil reservoir.

  • Rapid adjustment.

  • Adjustable for use as two- or three-jaw puller.

  • Supplied with a storage case.

  • Protective blanket included in storage case.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Manhole can be controlled at ground level

Knappco has added its new Safe Loading System SLS-1000 auto-opening manhole to its product line. Engineered for the safe loading and unloading of dry bulk materials, the SLS-1000 can be controlled at ground level, eliminating the need for an operator to climb on top of the tank at every loading site.

A pneumatic control can be activated from the ground. It includes an open/closed indicator that guarantees no-fail operation even in harsh climates after years of use with dusty materials like cement, limestone, and sand. The SLS-1000 is designed with a long-lasting inflatable gasket to ensure the cover has a positive seal at all times. The new manhole is retrofittable, eliminating conversion labor by installing without any welding on LM, BL, or MM weld rings. The overall height of the trailer will not change when the SLS-1000 is added.

Constructed of aluminum, the SLS-1000 requires a minimum of 100 psi regulated air, 12-volt DC power fused at 2 amps, and the installation of a LM, BL, or MM manhole ring.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

VST tapes do jobs of mechanical fasteners

A new line of acrylic foam tapes for attaching, bonding, fastening, and sealing in a range of product assembly and attachment applications is being introduced by Converters Inc.

VST acrylic foam tapes feature a solid foam that will outlast air-filled foams; an acrylic adhesive capable of up to 25 lbs/inch peel strength, depending upon type and substrate; and can be supplied with paper or polyethylene liners. Eliminating many varieties of mechanical fasteners, this double-acrylic foam tape provides excellent UV resistance and can be die-cut to OEM specifications.

These tapes are available in white, clear, and gray in sizes from 0.64 to 2 mm thick, without a liner. Tapes are supplied in custom slit widths and die-cut shapes.

Literature, samples, and price quotations are available upon request. For more details, e-mail: [email protected].

Kit helps technicians make connections

Red Dot Corp's new Electrical Connector Assembly Kit is an assortment of connector bodies, receptacles, plug assemblies, housings, terminals, seals, and locks neatly organized in a durable metal case.

The kit gives technicians the components they need to create electrical assemblies that look, feel, and perform like the sealed OE connector. It includes bullet and spade-type connectors and receptacles; Weatherpak and Metripak terminals; and shroud, tower, and spade-type housings.

This kit is part number RD-5-11966-OP. Red Dot also offers the Electrical Assembly Tool Kit (RD-5-12140-OP), a six-piece set of hand tools for creating connections.

E-mail Robert Gardiner at [email protected] for more details.

Tire, battery monitoring technology for 8600

International Truck and Engine Corp has demonstrated a new tire and battery monitoring technology that will be introduced on its International 8600 model, used primarily by regional haul fleets.

A high-resolution on-board color display screen makes it easy for drivers to check tire pressure and battery health. Optional exterior cameras to reveal blind spots and provide assistance when backing can also feed images into the on-board information display. The tire pressure monitoring system quickly and accurately identifies tire temperature and pressure. This system relies on International's multiplexed electrical system and pressure sensors. The battery monitor provides drivers with information on battery voltage and state of charge for engine cranking.

Entree latch boosts security stylishly

The new Entrée latch from Southco offers an attractive, affordable system for enhanced security in an entry door latch for travel trailers, fifthwheel trailers, horse trailers, caravans, and other RV applications. The recessed latch has two key-locking security options: one for the paddle that actuates the slide bolt, and one for an additional deadbolt option.

A die-cast design provides robust performance in a compact package with a sleek contour compatible with aerodynamic RV designs. It is available in three different finish options: polished chrome, or a black or white UV-stabilized powdercoating.

The basic latch design comes in two formats; a standard key-locking version and a key-locking version with no lock plugs installed for users who wish to provide their own lockplugs. Paddle handles provide convenient, ample grip for entry and exit, while the slide-bolt design offers slam-shut convenience. An optional deadbolt can be engaged or disengaged by a manual lever on the interior of the latch or a keylock on the exterior face of the latch.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

MicroNova series shines in tight spaces

Grote Industries has a complete line of miniature LED clearance/marker lamps designed to fit LED performance into restricted mounting areas.

The MicroNova lamps will fit in the narrow top rails of trailers, while maintaining a low ½" profile. The lamps require only a ¾" mounting hole, and are hard-wired with cable seals. Slimline male bullet pigtail connections assure moisture-tight installation.

These lamps are available with snap-in grommet or screw mount options. Low amperage draw of the LED means voltage drop is no longer an issue.

MicroNova is designed to be field-hardened, using fully potted circuit boards and polycarbonate bases and lens.

The new lamps come in P2, PC, Bar Lamps, and kits, and are also available with chrome bezels. They are provided with red, amber, or clear lenses.

E-mail Chris Cammack at [email protected] for further information.

Paccar medium-duty engines to be offered

Kenworth will install the new Paccar PX-6 and PX-8 medium-duty engines in Kenworth's conventional Class 6 and 7 vehicles beginning in January 2007.

The 6.7-liter PX-6 engine, which will be offered in both Class 6 and Class 7 configurations, will be available in ratings from 200 to 325 horsepower and 520 to 750 ft-lb of torque. This engine has a two-year warranty with unlimited miles.

The 8.3-liter PX-8 engine will be provided in ratings from 240 to 330 hp and a torque range of 660 to 1,000 ft-lb in addition to a 360-hp version for emergency vehicles. The engine will be available in Class 7 and the tandem-axle Kenworth T300. The PX-8 has a two-year, 250,000-mile warranty.

Battery of the future could be lighter

Degussa AG of Dusseldorf, Germany, is developing new materials for lithium-ion batteries that make possible a new generation of starter batteries weighing just 2.5 kg. The new battery is now being used in a Lotus racing car.

At the heart of the battery is SEPARION, a separator that consists of an ultra-thin ceramic composite material. Efficient and safe electrodes and electrolyte additives from Degussa are also used. These materials make lithium-ion cells more powerful and safer. The cells have successfully passed overcharge and nail penetration tests, in which a nail is driven through the battery. When conventional separator materials were used, smoke developed and in some cases, fire broke out.

“This lithium-ion technology will be used in the future also for energy storage in hybrid vehicles,” said Sven Augustin, who is responsible for automotive marketing at Degussa.

Freightliner offers rack and pinion steering

Freightliner Trucks is the first heavy-duty truck manufacturer to provide rack and pinion steering, a component that until now has been used only in light trucks and automobiles. Offering benefits that result in optimal performance and maneuverability, including a 45-pound weight reduction, rack and pinion steering is available on Freightliner Coronado, Columbia, Century Class S/T, and Classic/Classic XL trucks.

The idea for offering rack and pinion steering on Class 8 trucks originated when Freightliner engineers were working with Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record-holder Mike Ryan. The Century Class S/T driver is one of almost 150 drivers who annually ascend Pikes Peak in a race to the top.

Once engineers saw how well rack and pinion steering performed on the tough terrain, they determined that all heavy-duty trucks could also benefit from its features.

Reduced tire replacement is just one maintenance benefit. Because rack and pinion steering is mounted to the front axle, the system temperature remains cooler, therefore improving the durability of seals and hoses. Plus, by moving the steering gear and universal shaft from the left frame front, engine access is easier.

Meritor WABCO to supply power brake

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems has entered into an agreement with International Truck and Engine Corp to supply its new hydraulic power brake system as standard equipment on select models of the truck maker's medium-duty models.

The new Meritor WABCO Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), which is the next generation of the company's hydraulic actuation and antilock braking system, provides full-power braking performance functions and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). EBD automatically adjusts the drive axle brake pressure to achieve more balanced braking for the vehicle. Optional Automatic Traction Control (ATC) is also available with the package. HPB is available now on International's RXT, 3200, 4200 4×4, and 4000 Series 4×2 models.