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Arrowhead Equipment Photo Gallery

Arrowhead Equipment Photo Gallery

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Military trucks are common jobs for Arrowhead Equipment, a truck equipment distributor with locations in Queensbury and Albany NY. Installing this Fisher snowplow requires special mounting hardware and new electrical components (including a custom wiring harness) to accommodate the truck’s 24-volt electrical system. Return to article

Representatives of a local municipality inspect a Sterling chassis equipped with Tenco wing and snowplow. Return to article

A plow is packaged and ready for shipment to Alaska. Arrowhead manufactures the custom mounting system that will make it possible for a snowplow to be installed on a HMMWV (Humvee). Return to article

Arrowhead fabricates its own spreader conveyor chains. Return to article

This small parts counter and display area in the Queensbury facility will do a brisk business when snow season gets into full swing. Return to article

The company’s latest product line is this articulated tractor produced by Benco Manufacturing Industries. Quick disconnects enable it to be converted easily from a sweeper to a snow blower. Return to article

Technician installs a remote control on a custom truck body that Arrowhead produced for an appliance dealer in Manhattan. Return to article

Custom graphic application is one of Arrowhead’s strengths. The company routinely performs contract paint services. Return to article

A bread truck is converted for use as a mobile hotdog stand for a local charity. Return to article

The Arrowhead mobile service truck is based on a custom body built in-house and mounted on a Chevrolet 3500HD. Among the services provided are preventive maintenance and DOT inspection assessments. Return to article

Arrowhead maintains a Dodge chassis pool that recently was recognized as the fastest growing in the Baltimore zone.

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