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Armored military vehicle unveiled at Aberdeen

International Military and Government LLC (IMG), a wholly owned subsidiary of International Truck and Engine Corporation, is showcasng its new International MXT-MVA (Military Vehicle - Armored) at the U.S. Army's Platform System Demonstration at Aberdeen Proving Grounds this week.

The International MXT-MVA is an all-terrain, armored wheeled vehicle platform designed to provide a new level of ballistics and blast protection to help protect soldiers on the battlefield. International has collaborated extensively with established armor providers and military development engineers within the US Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Centers (TARDEC) National Automotive Center to develop the right armor solutions for the full spectrum of military operations.

Built with the expertise of a leading commercial truck and engine manufacturer, International's MXT-MVA has the ability to handle the weight of the armor - especially over long distances, rugged terrain and when maneuverability is critical. Powered by a 300-horsepower International V8 diesel engine with 530 lb.-ft. of torque, additional armor does not adversely affect the vehicle's superior payload ability, towing capacity or durability. Not compromising the ever-changing needs of today's soldiers, the best-in-class cab can be configured to fit as many as six crew members in full gear, while the body of the MXT-MVA is versatile enough to accommodate an array of weapons, navigation and communications systems and applications such as convoy protection, field shelter, ambulance and communications units, which are seamlessly integrated with the company's proprietary multiplexed electrical system. This offering encompasses an A kit and B kit design.

"Crew survivability is our top priority," said Archie Massicotte, President of International Military and Government LLC. "With advanced up-armoring capabilities, the International MXT-MVA provides a significant level of protection against the new threats of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devises) our troops are encountering in the field. We want to do our part in providing today's soldiers the best possible solutions to the challenges they face on the battlefield. The MXT-MVA is part of that solution and it's ready for production."

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