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ARE develops new lightweight, durable Site Commander commercial truck cap

ARE has developed the new Site Commander commercial truck cap ideal for companies that want to outfit their fleets with functional, high-quality products that deliver a professional appearance.

The Site Commander utilizes fiberglass construction to create a lightweight yet durable truck cap that offers storage and organization to fleets. Its wide-opening rear doors permit easy loading and unloading of full-size plywood and drywall, or the addition of a Bedslide sliding cargo tray that gives easy access to the entire truck bed. The truck cap comes standard with a reinforced roof capable of accommodating most brands of commercial ladder racks.

This cap features a cored roof and doors for increased strength and stiffness. Front and rear sections of the cap are model-specific to provide a more custom look.

The Site Commander is painted to match the truck's color code using standard DuPont base coat/clear coat paint. It comes with ARE's three-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

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