ArcticLite reefer scales six tons

An over-the-road refrigerated van designed for reduced tare weight was exhibited by Wabash National, Lafayette, Indiana.

The 53-ft, 102"-wide reefer scaled 12,030 pounds. Among the newest specifications are 2" composite floor stringers made of foamed extruded high-density polyethylene — the core material for Wabash's DuraPlate material. The Trust Lock Door hardware also serves as a door hold-back to secure the door against the sidewall. A lightweight air suspension and axles with half-inch wall reduce weight, as does the 1½" thick insulation. Wabash's proprietary MBS-2 antilock system also measures revolutions for an odometer and can measure spindle temperature, distance to dock, and activate back-up lights.

TAGS: Trailers
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