APSCO adds two products

Air Power Systems Company (APSCO Inc) recently added the AV-195 and VM-2-X to its line of product offerings.

The AV-195 is designed to address the needs of vehicles that have electric PTOs or PTO controls installed in a vehicle cab. Benefiting from years of design and quality manufacturing, the AV-195 offers metering hoist control and is available with the same console options as the AV-295 valves. Additional options for the AV-195 include dead-man's handle and tailgate controls.

Replacing the obsolete VM-2-A, the VM-2-X features improved metering for finer brake band control. It is detented in the full position, eliminating any movement of the handle that can be caused by vibration. The product also features a 90-degree mounting option for top or side mounting, a new ergonomic handle, and a dedicated 1/8" exhaust port.

For more information, visit www.apscopower.com.
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