Anti-Restart Switches Protect Starter Motors

Cole Hersee Co offers its 956 Series anti-restart ignition switches that protect starter motors from restart damage by preventing the operator from restarting a running engine. The switch is suitable for the commercial delivery industry, where drivers often leave vehicles running during deliveries.

Anti-restart ignition switches allow the ignition to turn to the “restart” position only from the ignition's “off” position. The ignition cannot be turned to start when the engine is running. If the operator wishes to restart for some reason, the operator is forced to turn the engine off first, and then restart. This safeguard against burnt-out motors can be retrofitted into any kind of vehicle. It is available in two different styles: key ignitions for standard vehicles and levers for off-road applications.

For more information, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467.

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