Anthony Liftgates extends equipment life cycles using alternative to galvanizing

Anthony Liftgates has replaced the powdercoat process with PRP Metal Polymerization, a PRP Industries' Alternative to Galvanizing corrosion protection system.

Designed for extreme conditions, without the added cost and weight of hot-dip galvanizing, PRP MP is a proprietary multi-step chemical process that creates a molecular bond between a co-polymer and the base metal. It provides corrosion protection against magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, as well as, rock chipping, acid rain, and extreme temperatures.

According to Tom Walker, president of Anthony Liftgates, years ago most of its equipment was protected with liquid oil-based solvents, but due to increased environmental and fire safety regulations requiring lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs), his company switched to water-based paints. Later the firm chose powdercoating, because the process emits near-zero VOCs, and the overspray can be recycled. Additionally, it was relatively simple and cost-effective to switch from liquid to powder because the necessary ovens, spray equipment, and washers were in place.

While industry standard powdercoat is a legitimate coating system for certain equipment and environments, Walker wanted something more durable to protect against extreme conditions on his clients' trucks, while meeting longer equipment life cycles and lower overall costs.

About three years ago, Walker contacted PRP Industries about a corrosion protection system for production of a liftgate for a local customer using PRP Metal Polymerization. Walker used the process on specific sections and watched them under extreme conditions for three years. He found the platform and other components with typical industry coating were breaking down and de-laminating, especially on the edges where the coating thinned out, while the PRP Metal Polymerization sections looked like new. Walker made the decision once again to reinvest in manufacturing.

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