Another record year for Volvo Trucks

Volvo Truck’s deliveries in 2005 were the highest ever recorded in the history of the company. In total 103,696 trucks were delivered, an increase of 7% on 2004.

The total market in Europe increased by 9% during the year, comprising 276,700 vehicles (up from 254,700). On Volvo Trucks’ part deliveries decreased in Europe by 1%. The number of vehicles delivered amounted to 42,633 (down from 43,210).

On the North American market demand for heavy trucks was very high. The total market comprised 329,000 vehicles (255,000), an increase of 29%. Deliveries from Volvo Trucks increased by 23%, totalling 32,151 vehicles (26,035).

Even within Volvo Trucks International Division deliveries increased. Both South America and Asia increased their deliveries by 2%, comprising 7,723 (7,580) and 17,678 (17,328) vehicles respectively.

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