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Anchor Bolt Approaches 50th Anniversary

Anchor Bolt & Screw Co, a third-generation, family-owned and operated fastener manufacturer and distributor, will soon celebrate 50 years in business.

When he incorporated the company Aug 21, 1952, Al Henriksen started with three employees who produced one cold-headed fastener from a small storefront on Chicago IL's near north side. In 1954, he relocated to a large building in Humboldt Park, a west side neighborhood. Increased fastener demand prompted Anchor Bolt & Screw to move in 1976 to the Chicago suburb of Melrose Park, where it remains today.

Marry Henriksen became owner when Al Henriksen, her husband, died in 1982. She is chairman of the board; her son, Pat, president and chief executive officer; his wife, Mitzy, vice-president of administration; and their daughter, Kim, executive vice-president and general manager.

Anchor Bolt & Screw opened a distribution center last year in Henderson NV to lower freight costs and provide quicker delivery times.

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