AME Workshop Features Just-in-Time Logistics

An Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) workshop event from June 24-27 is designed to immerse participants in Lean and “Just-in-Time” (JIT) logistics, from the supply chain and materials management to outbound distribution principles, value stream mapping and more.

AME’s Just-in-Time Manufacturing & Service Parts Logistics four-day workshop will be presented at the Embassy Suites, 1801 Newton Park in Lexington, KY, and also includes tours of two Toyota original equipment manufacturer suppliers, Toyota’s manufacturing plants, a Toyota dealer’s parts department (Kentucky) plus Toyota’s Cincinnati Parts Distribution Center.

Presented by workshop coach James Price, an expert in Enterprise Value Stream Transformation from the University of Kentucky, these workshops will supply attendees with the knowledge of how these “Just-in-Time” principles have been successfully applied to actual production and business practices, demonstrating value in customer satisfaction, shortened lead times, assuring quality and reducing costs. From the in-bound supply chain to JIT internal materials management and JIT service parts distribution system principles and practices, those attending will come away with a newly-found Lean roster of actionable items that they can apply to their own business mechanics with inspiration from the classroom and the plant floor, going beyond simple theory to actual practice.

Visit the AME Web site for a complete detailed roster of seminar and tour details and logistics.

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