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Aluminum upper body on steel dump

CARNEHL combines aluminum hollow-core boards with a Hardox steel half-round base to achieve a 150 kg (330 lb) weight reduction. The floor half-shell is of 4 mm (.157") Hardox and curves up 940 mm (37"). The 50 mm (2") hollow-core boards are placed vertically in steel channels top and bottom to produce a flat sidewall 960 mm (37.8") high, for a total sidewall height of 1.9 m (75"). The flat front wall also is of 4 mm (.157") Hardox, while the rear gate is of aluminum.

The 29-ft dump body is mounted on a three-axle steel chassis. Tare weight is 6450 kg (14,200 lb). Payload is 27.5 tonnes (60,600 lb). Heinrich Carnehl Fahrzeugbau, Johann-Koch-Strasse 13, D-30982 Pattersen, Germany.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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