Alumax dump body can boost payloads

The recently introduced DuraClass Alumax heavy-duty aluminum dump body offers high strength and low body weight for long life and maximum payloads. Typically up to 50% lighter than traditional steel, the decreased body weight of aluminum bodies increases payload capacity, minimizes fuel consumption, and can improve truck life.

Alumax features a heavy-duty 8-inch extruded top rail that resists bowing from heavy internal loads. The heavy-duty bottom rail, which includes an inside radius for faster and cleaner dumping, ties the deck, sides, crossmembers, vertical posts, and outside dirt shedders together, providing superior structural integrity. Aluminum 5 ¾-inch I-beam longmembers have an integrated rubber track and rubber riser to significantly reduce shock and noise. The 4-inch stacked U-shaped crossmembers provide extra load bearing vertical walls. The unit's crossmembers are on 12-inch centers and feature gussets at each crossmember.

This dump body has configurations and options to meet specifications of municipalities and contractors. These options include additional oval light holes, center sliding patchgate, and spill apron. Alumax is available in a variety of lengths, side heights, and rear heights.

DuraClass designs and manufactures a range of Class 3-8 dump bodies, hoists, and related equipment and offers more than 100 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.

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