Alum-Line Showmaster takes center stage

Alum-Line Inc, a manufacturer of livestock show and commercial trailers, has introduced its third line of trailers called the Showmaster Series.

Built with the same heavy-duty materials as the All-American commercial trailer, the Showmaster has been designed for medium-duty hauling needs, making it more affordable to smaller producers. The new line includes a standard aerodynamic V-shape front. Not only does it pull easier, but it also provides more useable trailer space.

Other standard features include all-aluminum construction, including the floor; seal beam lights; torsion axles; castor wheel jack; a center divider gate; a side escape door; and a rubber dock bumper. Inside heights are provided from 4' to 7', lengths from 12' to 18', and 6' width. Options include 6'-8" width, cover panels for the air spaces, and adjustable gate rail.

For more information, contact Alum-Line, PO Box 59, Cresco IA 52136.
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