Allison Transmission Division phases out hydraulic products

Allison Transmission Division of General Motors will cease manufacturing hydraulic transmissions to produce high-performance electronically controlled products for medium-duty truck applications exclusively.

Transmissions that Allison will phase out include the MT 643, MT 653, and AT 545.

The phaseout completes Allison's transition to electronically controlled transmissions for Class 5 through 7 mid-range, on-highway products, a move that began with the company's introduction of the World Transmission in 1991.

Replacing Allison's medium-duty hydraulic products will be the company's electronically controlled transmissions, including the 1000/2000/2400 Series and the 3000 Series.

Allison will accept final orders for the products according to this schedule: MT 643 and MT 653 through June 28, 2002; AT 545 through Jan 31, 2003.

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