All Caterpillar engines EPA-approved for 2004 model year

Caterpillar Inc offers a complete line of 2004 model year clean diesel engines that are fully compliant and certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The 2004 regulations are more rigorous than the October 2002 standards, since engine manufacturers must demonstrate lower emissions for nearly double the miles of operation in heavy-duty on-highway engines. Earlier this year, Caterpillar certified the C7, C9, C13, C15, and C9 transit bus engines, all sold in the on-highway truck and bus markets.

The final Caterpillar engine to earn EPA's 2004 certification is the C11, designed for those who operate vocational-class trucks used to transport heavier loads over shorter distances. Full production of the engine, offered in the 305- to 370-horsepower range, will begin in the fourth quarter. All Caterpillar on-highway truck and bus engines are equipped with ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology) for 2004 production.

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