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ALI updates annual Lifting Point Guide

The Automotive Lift Institute Inc (ALI) announces the availability of the 2011 edition of its Vehicle Lifting Points for Frame-Engaging Lifts.

This updated guide is a quick-reference single-source manual for lifting point information recommended by vehicle manufacturers. The 60-page Lifting Point Guide (LP-G) for light trucks and cars uses more than 200 undercarriage images to cover the most recent 20 model years.

For this new edition, the 2011 model year vehicles were added, some older images were revised, and additional cautionary notes were provided in an effort to clarify pick-up point locations for shop owners, technicians, and other guide users. ALI sponsors this guide annually as an industry service, using data furnished exclusively by Chek-Chart Products, Motor Information Systems. Many companies and franchises now incorporate ALI's guide and other safety materials as an integral component of their overall employee safety and training program.

Visit ALI's website to order this guide or for information on other safety materials and standards sponsored by lift manufacturers.

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