Al-KO Kober marks 80 years in business

Eighty years ago, Alois Kober started a welding and locksmith's shop in Bavaria and prospered by having an eye for advanced designs for the tools of his trade. As he pursued innovations in engineering and functionality, his business grew from the tiny shop he founded in 1931 to an international manufacturer and supplier.

AL-KO Kober came to the United States in 1983 and began producing rubber torsion axles for several markets in its trademark hexagonal shape, a new design providing superior shock absorption capabilities and virtually eliminating shock transfer. US operations expanded again with the purchase of Hayes Axle in 1996.

Today, AL-KO Kober is a full-line manufacturer of axles, brakes, hubs, and drums for the RV, cargo, and commercial trailer markets with 3,600 employees and more than 50 locations worldwide. This year AL-KO celebrates 80 years in business and 25 million axles built, with third-generation Kobers at the helm.

Tim Kuppler, president of AL-KO's Elkhart IN-based US operations, said this is a time for both reflection and expectations. “We're not content to just throw ourselves a party and be satisfied with what we've done up to this point,” he said. “It's not about looking behind so much as building on the momentum of the past to go even further forward.” For more information about AL-KO, call 574-294-6651 or visit

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