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AK Specialty Vehicles Is Renamed Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles

AK Specialty Vehicles, a subsidiary of Oshkosh Truck Corporation and a leader in mobile medical, homeland security command and communications and broadcast vehicles, announced it will change its name to Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles.

Adding another specialty market to the global scope of Oshkosh's specialty truck business, the mobile medical and select specialty vehicles will be marketed under the Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles brand in North America and under the SMIT brand in Europe. Homeland security command and communications and broadcast vehicles will continue to be marketed under the Frontline brand.

"As recognized leaders in their respective markets for technology integration and exceptional customer service, AK Specialty Vehicles and its brands are a perfect fit for the Oshkosh team and name," said John Slawson, Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles president. "We believe integrating the Oshkosh name into our branding will leverage Oshkosh Truck's well-known position in the specialty truck and truck body industries and strongly communicate our ability to continue expanding our innovative mobile solution product offerings and services."

Oshkosh acquired AK Specialty Vehicles in July 2006, as part of its intentional acquisition strategy designed to further diversify Oshkosh's business in the global specialty truck industry, strengthen its position within the homeland security industry for command and communications vehicles and continue its expansion in the European specialty vehicle market.

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