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Airgo Systems, Midwest Utility partner to provide tire inflation systems

After working together for over a year, Airgo Systems, Inc. and Midwest Utility, Inc. have agreed to further strengthen their partnership. Airgo Systems, a member of the Dominion Group of Companies, is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial tire monitoring, maintenance, and inflation systems. Midwest Utility will be the exclusive dealer of the Airgo tire inflation system to all Utility dealers in North America.

Midwest Utility, based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, is the third-largest volume dealer for Utility Trailer Manufacturing in the United States. Utility markets exclusively through its 80 dealers in North America. All Midwest Utility customers, many of whom are Fortune 100 companies, rely on guidance from Midwest Utility when selecting option content for their trailer fleets.

"Aligning with Airgo is aligning with the industry's best," said Ralph O'Donnell, co-founder, Midwest Utility. "Over the past year we have worked with Airgo to look, listen, and learn about tire inflation usage among our customers. Now we will share that knowledge with the Utility network. Partnering with Airgo, we will provide unprecedented value to our customers through a better understanding of their needs and the ability to service the Airgo System on an ongoing basis."

During the one-year partnership, Airgo Systems and Midwest Utility provided an after-care service program to satisfy the needs of Midwest Utility's tire inflation system customers. Many tire inflation system providers are connected to the original equipment manufacturers, but once the system is sold, there is no after-care. Midwest Utility and Airgo solved this problem by providing after-care and helping the customer realize an immediate return-on-investment on the AIRGO System.

"Drivers need simplicity and value," said Dale Lane, Director of Business Development, Airgo Systems. "With our partnership with Midwest Utility, we are not just selling a tire inflation system; we are helping the customer prolong tire life, improve fuel economy, and increase driver productivity."

"Automatic tire inflation is here to stay," said O'Donnell. "We are focused on helping our customers embrace it now so they will not be behind the curve in the future."

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