Air-Weigh to Remove ABS Fault Lamp Circuit

After testing to assure co-existence between Air-Weigh multiplexing-enhanced products and the PLC4TRUCKS trailer antilock braking system (ABS) fault lamp communications protocol, Air-Weigh announced that it is removing the redundant fault circuit from its on-board scale and multiplexing products.

“The Trailer ABS Fault Lamp circuit continues to be available for those customers with long-combination vehicles who wish to provide a trailer ABS failure warning to the driver in the cab,” says Peter Powell, Air-Weigh's vice-president — marketing.

Federal regulation FMVSS-121 requires only the first trailer suspension to be able to transmit an ABS fault to an in-cab dash-mounted warning lamp. PLC4TRUCKS, the industry standard for ABS manufacturers, now complies with that requirement. Air-Weigh, a member of the PLC4TRUCKS consortium, made significant changes to its own proprietary multiplexing network to ensure that the PLC4TRUCKS solution could successfully transmit its signal to the tractor in accordance with the regulation.

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