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Air-Weigh offers in-cab display option

Air-Weigh announces a new in-cab display option for the LoadMaxx series of truck and tractor scales. The new LoadMaxx display includes all of the Air-Weigh scale features in a small rectangular package that's 1.8" × 3.3" — or about the size of a credit card — and 0.8" thick. It can be mounted on any flat surface with permanent adhesive tape. An optional dash swivel mount offers even more mounting locations.

The LoadMaxx on-board scale, now with both rectangular and round display choices, converts tractor and trailer suspension loads to an accurate on-the-ground weight. Unlike air gauges or other air gauge-based load indicators, the LoadMaxx scale uses true digital two-point calibration to compute and display on-the-ground weight for steer, drive, and trailer axles. LoadMaxx accuracy is not affected by altitude, temperature, or humidity and is easy to install and operate. Programmable alarm outputs that indicate warning weights and overweight on any axle or GVW are standard. Fleets may also integrate their on-board computer with LoadMaxx via J1939, J1708, or RS-232 to monitor, record, and transmit vehicle weights.

With Air-Weigh scales, fleets have a tool to manage and monitor weight compliance, as well as eliminate overweight fines and all costs and delays incurred by checking weights at an in-ground scale.

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