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Aero showcases Conestoga 2 tarp system

Aero Industries has introduced its Conestoga 2 DT Drop Deck rolling tarp system. The unit operates by fully transitioning the rolling tarp system onto the drop-deck trailer's top deck. Aero also offers a DL model that fully transitions to the bottom deck of a drop-deck trailer.

Conestoga 2 models offer enhancements to Aero's original model. Those features include front and rear locks, a panelized tarp with no visible seams, a smooth, sleek bulkhead with corner lights, redesigned uplift bows with “shock absorbers,” and a new bottom tarp seal.

All applications for the Conestoga 2 have steel wheels on a stainless steel track and the patented DOT-rated bulkhead. This bulkhead meets both US Department of Transportation width regulation 23 CFR 658.16(b)(2)(iv) and standard 393.114(c)(2) for loads up to 50,000 lbs. The patented panelized tarp, combined with the mechanism's design and workmanship, ensures years of reliable service with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Other features present in all Conestoga 2 models:

  • A sleek bulkhead that is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.

  • A wheel and track system that eliminates unscheduled downtime and maintenance.

  • A patented built-in bump rail that protects the track from forklifts and other loading hazards and automatically seals the tarp.

  • Rear and front locks operated from the ground, meaning no more climbing on the trailer.

To find out more, contact Aero Industries toll free at 1-800-535-9545 or visit on the web at

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