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AEM says da to ConExpo Russia

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) announces the formation of a new exhibition — ConExpo Russia — in response to manufacturers seeking improved opportunities to showcase their products and technologies to the Russian marketplace. The inaugural show will be held Sept 15-18, 2008, in Moscow.

ConExpo Russia will focus on construction, forestry, and utility equipment. AEM is organizing the event in conjunction with the Exhibition and Marketing Centre, a Moscow-based exhibition organizer of DORKOMEXPO.

The Russian Association of Regional Highway Administrations (RADOR) has endorsed ConExpo Russia. Russian manufacturer associations such as NEDRA are also endorsing the event, and contractor associations such as the Russian Builders Union and the Russian Builders Association, will be supporting this exhibition through assistance with educational programs and promotion to their members.

For more information, in the United States, phone Alan Stenum at 414-298-4144; in Russia, Anastasia Belyaeva at 7-495-764-4013; and in China, Helen Sun at 011-86-10-684-92403; or access

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