Advantage + system links users, engineers

What if there was a way for the factory to always be available at a shop to help make adjustments or perform diagnostics with a full array of instruments?

Muncie Power engineers have made that possible by combining technology and decades of mobile power experience through its Advantage + System. This technology's built-in Real-Time Support Link allows the user to remotely connect an Advantage + System with Muncie engineers.

The Advantage + System provides these features:

  • Flow-sharing design for simultaneous equipment operation — even at low pump flows

  • Touch-screen display — High-contrast, high-resolution, multi-color

  • Useable with gear or piston pumps

  • Built-in Pre-wet and Anti-Icing controls

  • Menu-adjusted pressure controls and digital pressure displays

  • Operational data-logging and diagnostic data-logging

  • GPS and WiFi both built-in

  • Built-in interface and displays for Road/Air temperature sensors

  • No wire harnesses between cab controls and valves

Call Randy Fowler, group sales director, at 765-208-1967 or Mike Parks, snow and ice manager, at 815-307-0970 for more details.

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