Actuator works with all brake controllers

BluDot Inc now handles the Titan BrakeRite EHB brake actuator. Its advantages include:

  • Brake response is three times faster.

  • Stopping distance is 30% shorter.

  • Brake line pressure is 30% higher than competitive electric-over-hydraulic actuators.

  • BrakeRite successfully completed more than 1 million cycles verified independently.

Compatible with all vehicle connectors, BrakeRite works with all brake controllers. Bludot can create a custom brake line kit and controller.

BrakeRite can be used with single-, tandem-, and triple-axle systems, on drum or disc brake designs. With a larger, more reliable motor that can maintain pressure for a longer period of time with less heat generation, it delivers 75 cubic inches of pressure per minute.

The pump and motor in BrakeRite are mounted vertically to reduce stress on mounting bolts and to take weight off the armature shaft and bearings. A power-saver feature reduces voltage as soon as full pressure is achieved. This reduces wear on the motor by lessening heat without cutting power.

For more information, contact Bludot, 4335 Meghan Beeler Court, South Bend IN 46628.

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