Action Group Calls for Feedback on Light-duty Hybrid Work Trucks

The Light-duty Hybrid Work Truck Action Group announced that it is seeking potential vendors and interested parties to review and provide feedback on a draft request for proposal (RFP) for light-duty (Class 3-4) hybrid work trucks.

This draft RFP represents two years of research and input from a wide cross section of private and municipal fleets to promote the development of hybrid vocational trucks for service and government applications. Typical applications for these vehicles would include heavy service vans; light utility trucks; light stake body and platform trucks; and light dump trucks.

The Light-duty Hybrid Work Truck Action Group is a coalition of more than 25 commercial, utility and government fleets that have come together to facilitate the development of light-duty hybrid trucks suitable for use as work vehicles.

While it is not a member of the Action Group, the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) has acted as a clearinghouse and facilitator to provide the Action Group with information about, and access to, the work truck industry.

The Action Group's member fleets currently purchase in excess of 10,000 hybrid Class 3-4 vehicles each year. The Action Group's initial focus has been directed primarily toward hybrid systems that can be retrofitted to current original equipment manufacturer (OEM) platforms, but they will also entertain OEM participation. The retrofit approach is being taken to allow the Action Group to address the multiple vehicle types and duty cycle requirements utilized by member fleets.

Potential vendors and other interested parties should contact the Action Group at [email protected] no later than Oct. 31, 2007, to receive a copy of the draft RFP and an associated response form.

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