ACOFAS sprint 2006 training clinic focuses on heavy-truck wheel alignment

The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists (ACOFAS) announces its spring 2006 training clinic focusing on Principles and Procedures of Heavy Truck Total Wheel Alignment. The clinic will feature:

  • Frame inspection and gauging.

  • Rear suspension inspection, gauging, and correction.

  • Front suspension, inspection, gauging, and correction.

  • Steer axle inspection, gauging, and correction.

  • Steering gear adjustments, relief valve and poppet valve adjustments.

  • Steering gear disassembly, inspection, rebuilding and testing.

This clinic will take place April 12-13 at Mutual Wheel Co in Milan IL.

Cost for the two-day clinic is $150 for ACOFAS members and $200 for associate members and includes lunch on both days, break refreshments, and training materials.

To make reservations, phone: Tony Porretta at 215-634-6413 or e-mail:[email protected]; or phone Gordon Botts at 815-338-0594 or e-mail:[email protected].

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