ACOFAS Schedules Technician Training Clinic

The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists (ACOFAS) will be conducting courses in CSA2011 inspection procedures, healthy work safety practices, and engine and chassis computer diagnostics.

This clinic will be hosted by Mike Ross and held at Ross Body & Frame Works in Allentown, PA, April 19-20. The classes will include both classroom and hands-on instruction.

John Cheruka, Commercial Vehicle Safety & Accident, will discuss how CSA2010 will affect the independent service providers. He will cover the opportunities to partner with customers and also the liabilities that can apply; and vehicle inspection procedures that are used for roadside, weight station and inspection station inspections. The hands-on session will use many vehicles (trucks, trailers, coaches, and school buses) to demonstrate what is expected of the inspector.

Dr. John Marino, Marino Chiropractics, will present “Taking Care of Your Body,” a session on proper lifting, bending and warm-up procedures to avoid back and muscle strain. These procedures have been used by many companies to reduce worker’s compensation problems.

Matt McKegney, Noregon Industries, makers of the J-Pro Software, will demonstrate the J-Pro technology for engine and chassis technology.

Members of the Pennsylvania State Patrol, former students of Cheruka, will be on hand to test the technicians to make sure they understand the inspection procedures and the importance of proper inspection.

For information regarding this training program please call 815-482-4255.

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