ACOFAS conducts business meeting

ACOFAS, The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists, held its annual business meeting in conjunction with HDAW07 in Las Vegas NV recently. These topics were discussed and decisions made:

Manufacturers of truck-related components are being asked to join the association to share their technology and training aids with the association. ACOFAS asks the Allied members to allow ACOFAS to link the ACOFAS Forum to the technical/help web site of the manufacturers. Also ACOFAS would like the Allied members to help promote the ACOFAS technician training clinics whenever possible.

Regular membership in ACOFAS must be limited in number. If the number of members is not restricted, the effectiveness of the committee system is lost. With a large membership comes problems with accommodating training needs of the membership due to large class sizes.

The treasurer of ACOFAS reported the association has excess funds, so the decision was made to donate $3,000 to St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis TN.

The ACOFAS web site will be enhanced to include a home page, regular member section, Associate member section, and Allied member section.

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