ACOFAS clinic focus: Hendrickson suspensions

ACOFAS, The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists, announces its September 2007 Technician Training Clinic. This clinic will be held at the Hendrickson International training facility in Woodridge IL. It is being organized with the aid of aftermarket consultant Bill Wade of Wade & Partners.

The focus of this clinic is the Hendrickson Airtek, Primaax, and Haulmaax suspension systems. Hendrickson instructors will go through each suspension system, including operating principles, components that wear, alignment procedures, and limitations of the suspensions. This is an opportunity for attendees to see where the suspensions are designed, how experimental models are built and tested, and when suspensions are diagnosed for problems.

Dates of the clinic are September 11-12; attendance is limited to 50 persons. The registration fee will be $150 for regular members, $200 for associate members, and $300 for non-members.

For more information, phone Gordon Botts at 815-482-4255 or e-mail [email protected].

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