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ACOFAS Announces Technician Training Clinic

ACOFAS, The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialist, announced its latest Technician Training Clinic Oct. 21-22 in St. Louis.

The focus of this clinic is truck chassis vibration diagnoses. Due to the amount of hands-on and demonstration instruction, the class is limited to 50 attendees. Technicians will be split into two groups of 25 and will be rotated between Hunter Engineering and the hotel over these two days via the hotel shuttle.

The two groups of technicians will be taught by engineers provided by:

  • Arvin Meritor on Driveline and Differential vibration.
  • Michelin Tire Company on Tire vibration and causes of tire wear.
  • ACOFAS trainers on Frame Flex, Hop and methods of locating vibration.
  • Hunter Engineering on the EVA (Electronic Vibration Analyzer) and wheel balancing.

The cost of this class is the same as all previous ACOFAS Technician Training Clinics: $150 for ACOFAS members, $200 for members of SSA, HDDA, NTHEC and CVSN, and $300 for all others. To register, please log on to the ACOFAS website at and see the coming events location. For further information, please contact Tony Porretta at [email protected] or Gordon Botts at [email protected]

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