Acme adds semitrailers to CryoMaxx line

Acme Cryogenics Inc has added CryoMaxx semitrailers to the CryoMaxx family of liquid gas transportation equipment.

These semitrailers provide a high product payload without sacrificing equipment service life. CryoMaxx products incorporate the “Low Profile QCD” (quick cool-down) cryogenic pump design to ensure complete cool-down procedures are followed for pump seal longevity. They have air-ride suspension systems to minimize rear cabinet piping stresses that can lead to premature failure. Units are constructed with super insulation for low normal evaporation rates and full-vessel-length spray headers that minimize product loss and maximize savings. Welded baffle ring construction minimizes baffle maintenance and its related costs.

CryoMaxx semitrailers come in five standard models. Custom models, including special designs for West Coast payload allowances, are also provided. Standard models include:

  • CMT-6000-02 (6,000-gallon for maximized oxygen service)

  • CMT-8700-N2 (8,700-gallon for maximized nitrogen service

  • CMT-5300-AR (5,300-gallon for maximized argon service)

  • CMT-13,000-LNG (13,000-gallon for maximized liquefied natural gas service)

  • CMT-7800-O2/N2/AR (7,800-gallon multi-service for nitrogen, oxygen, or argon service)

For more details, access or phone 610-966-4488.
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