ACI Hydraulic SuperCharger is developed

American Crane Inc has developed a hydraulic system to replace the air-over-hydraulic pumps that it says have been the only source for operating jacks, rams, and bead breakers in over-the-road tire changing. Meaning no more air line freeze-up and dirty hydraulic lines to deal with, the new ACI Hydraulic SuperCharger can be connected to any tire or mechanic service truck in the field. The only requirement is that the hydraulic system has at least 6 gpm of hydraulic flow and between 2,500 and 4,500 psi of working pressure.

The SC10 is standard with four gallons of hydraulic oil for operating the jacks and bead breakers. The hydraulic oil reservoir is equipped with a 12-volt thermostat-controlled heater so that the oil is always warm. This system is radio remote-controlled with a manual override switch for emergencies.

The system comes standard with a high-pressure hose reel with 45 feet of hose and quick couplers. When the hose is not in use, it is connected to a quick coupler line back to reservoir so cold oil can be cycled out of the hose reel and back into the tank before operating on cold days.

Standard equipment includes a T-line system with quick couplers and shut-off valves so two jacks or bead breakers can be operated individually or at the same time. The remote-control unit is equipped with a magnet.

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