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ABS Inc Files Suit Against NHTSA

Air Brake Systems Inc, Mt Pleasant MI, has filed suit against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of the agency’s treatment of the company’s MSQR-5000 antilock brake system.

The suit was filed August 29 in federal district court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Assertions made in the complaint that ABS Inc filed include the following: that NHTSA ruled that the product did not comply with FMVSS 121; that NHTSA did not test the MSQR-5000 to see if it complied with FMVSS 121; and that decision caused significant harm to the company.

“We have documented how the DOT and NHTSA violated our constitutional rights of due process of law by issuing a notice of noncompliance to our customers,” says William Washington, president of ABS Inc. “They were relentless in their pursuits and took these actions without making contact with us or following the statutory requirements for notices of noncompliance and recall.”

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