AAR partners with Stewart & Stevenson on FMTV program

AAR announced today that it has signed an agreement with Stewart & Stevenson Tactical Vehicle Systems Limited Partnership under which AAR Mobility Systems will supply Shop Vans and Expansible Vans for the U.S. Army's Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles ("FMTV") program. Stewart & Stevenson is the U.S. Army's prime contractor for the five-year tactical truck production contract and has been building FMTV trucks since 1992. Under its one-year sub-contract with four one-year renewal options, AAR will build an expansible van for a 5-ton truck and a non-expansible shop van for a 2.5-ton truck. The FMTV program was launched in 1991 and includes eleven different truck variants, such as standard cargo trucks, dump trucks and tow trucks, with two of the variants equipped with integral vans, or shelters. These rigid-walled shelters, which are equipped with basic electrical and lighting systems, heaters and air conditioners, are used as maintenance shops, parts warehouses, command and control centers, and mobile offices."We are pleased with our selection as a provider of shelters for the U.S. Army's FMTV program," said David P. Storch, AAR President and Chief Executive Officer. "This contract award enables us to build on our position as the leading manufacturer of containers, shelters and pallets for the U.S. Military by providing us with an opportunity to extend our services and technical capabilities to other Department of Defense customers."AAR's proven capabilities and reputation for providing quality, low-cost shelters and delivering them on time was a major factor in the decision to award the contract to AAR. We are proud to continue to assist the U.S. Military in their ongoing efforts to improve operational effectiveness by employing a more flexible deployment strategy with increased strategic and tactical mobility."

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