AAIA study examines Mexican aftermarket

The Mexican vehicle fleet grew 70.5% in a decade, rising from 10.6 million in 1991 to 18.1 million in 2001, according to Global Aftermarket Trends: Mexico, The Continuing Evolution Under NAFTA, released by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).

With a world-class production infrastructure, the oldest vehicle population in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) region, and a domestic market that is increasingly accepting United States products and services, Mexico holds considerable potential for aftermarket parts, accessories, tools, and equipment. Global Aftermarket Trends: Mexico, The Continuing Evolution Under NAFTA reviews the latest aftermarket and vehicle developments in Mexico.

The study provides information for aftermarket companies interested in expanding their business in Mexico. Included in this study is information on:

  • The impact of NAFTA on the Mexican aftermarket.

  • The economic and political climate in Mexico.

  • Characteristics of the Mexican vehicle population.

  • Historical vehicle sales data.

  • Recent trade agreements Mexico has signed.

  • Detailed statistics for US-Mexico trade of automotive products.

  • Key contacts for aftermarket imports and exports.

  • Details of the Mexican accessories market and tool and equipment market.

For more information, visit www.aftermarket.org or phone 301-654-6664. The study is available to AAIA members for $295 and non-members for $595.

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