60-tonne trucks, a coming issue

TRUCK-TRAILER combinations capable of grossing 60 metric tonnes (132,300 lb) got special attention during the welcoming party for the international press corps at the start of the IAA in Hanover. While addressing many of the 1,850 journalists from 48 countries attending the truck show, Prof Bernd Gottschalk, president of the VDA automotive industry association, said:

“The issue of the 60-tonne truck…we ought to discuss in a completely impartial spirit. And that means not only focusing on its advantages in terms of a reduction in traffic volume, emissions, and fuel consumption, but also addressing — without any preconceived objections — the open questions such as the extra burden on roads and bridges, which we by no means wish to ignore.”

Besides journalists and industry executives, Dr Gottschalk's remarks were directed at government officials in the audience, such as Manfred Stolpe, federal minister of transport in Germany.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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