3M Dirt Trap System cuts paint job defects

3M has developed a system to protect the paint booth and reduce paint department expenses. The 3M Dirt Trap System provides a paint booth system that traps dust, dirt, and overspray — reducing defects in paint jobs by as much as 50%.

The Dirt Trap System features an adhesive-backed material that is applied to wall and floor surfaces and a clear film to protect lights and windows. Once the material fills with debris, it is simply removed and replaced.

The 3M Dirt Trap System also helps body shop owners protect the investment in their paint booth by keeping the booth clean and bright. This eliminates the need for repeated washing that can promote corrosion or the cost of repainting the booth to restore its appearance. It also saves maintenance expenses by eliminating cleaning tasks such as sweeping, rinsing, and scraping windows.

This system is easily applied onto the walls and floors with a magnetic dispenser. The material is easy to handle, and allows the installer to reposition during installation, which should be completed in less than two hours.

For more information, visit www.3M.com/dirttrap.

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