The 10-year trailer guarantee

TEN YEARS is a long time, especially in the life of a trailer designed to transport heavy construction equipment. Yet that is exactly how long the new owners of Globe Trailers guarantee that its line of tagalong and heavy hauler trailers will last.

Globe Trailers has manufactured heavy equipment trailers for 25 years, but the idea of a 10-year warranty is an idea that is creating new interest in the company's product line.

“Our idea is to offer our customers premium trailers at a medium price,” says Jeff Walters, president. “The 10-year warranty is a very real way to demonstrate that we are providing a premium trailer.

Walters and a group of associates acquired Globe Trailers from the founder of the company in January 2004 — including the company's designs and its 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant located on a 10-acre site in Bradenton, Florida.

After the acquisition, Walters and his group began injecting new enthusiasm and direction into the brand. Walters brought in Russ Benuche, a trailer-manufacturing veteran who brought experience acquired with Miller Trailers and other major manufacturers. He also added expertise and technology that comes with being associated with an established supplier of welding equipment. The trailer manufacturer can now share engineering resources available at American Torch Tip, along with the company's knowledge of welding and manufacturing processes.

“The equipment used for manufacturing our trailers includes computerized plasma burning tables, optical beam cutting machines, and state of the art welding machines,” Walters says. Plant equipment also includes milling machines, shears, turret punches, and sandblasting and paint facilities. Welders are certified up to T-1 steel and are government certified, the company says.

American Torch Tip produces more than 16,000 types of replacement torch tips and consumables parts for cutting, welding and brazing applications. The company offers replacement parts for oxy-fuel, MIG, TIG, plasma, metal spray and laser equipment. The company also develops custom products for major manufacturers.

Tree hugger's dream

The Globe Trailers' guaranty covers the entire trailer, including the floor — if the customer buys trailers equipped with synthetic flooring.

Made from shredded tires and recycled plastic, the composite material is extruded into a tongue and groove profile that can be assembled much like conventional wood.

Rumber, a product of Rumber Materials Inc of Austin, Texas, flexes more easily than wood. To compensate, Globe provides more substantial support than normal by moving crossmembers closer together.

“But even the trailers we build with Rumber require additional crossmembers, trailers equipped with Rumber still weigh less,” Benuche says. “And we have a floor that we can guarantee for 10 years.”

What they make

Globe specializes in trailers designed for the construction market. Models include:

  • 50 ton, 3 axle detachable gooseneck, non-ground bearding lowboy trailer.
  • 50-ton, flip-axle detachable gooseneck, non-ground-bearding lowboy
  • 50-yard tandem axle, demolition dump trailer.
  • 35-ton, two-axle, detachable gooseneck, non-ground lowboy
  • 35-ton, two-axle, paver special trailer.
  • 20-ton tandem axle tag-along trailer.
  • six-ton low-profile trailer.

Looking ahead

Management believes it has made substantial strides in bringing new direction to Globe Trailers.

“We are excited about the team of people we have assembled,” Walters says. “We expect great things.”

For a decade — and beyond.

Frame: Main Beam: 16"

Rear Axles: 25,000 lb capacity

Kingpin: 3 1/2" heavy duty.

Tires: 255/70R × 22.5 “H” load range, steel belted radials.

Wheels: 8.25" × 22.5", 10 hole hub piloted steel discs

Brakes: 16.5" × 7" air brakes with spring parking brakes, automatic slack adjusters and all-wheel ABS.

Suspension: Air ride suspension with height control valve 25,000 lb per axle.

Electrical: 12-Volt electrical system with standard seven-way SAE connector. LED lighting sealed in rubber grommet mounting to DOT specifications.

Hydraulics: Wet line hook-up for tractor PTO operation.

Decking: 1 3/4" Rumber flooring, secured to frame with 5/16" self-taping torque screws.

Finish: Sandblasted to near white, primed with two top coats.

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