Mitsubishi Fuso, Supreme to offer StepSaver work trucks

Mitsubishi  Fuso Truck of America, Inc. (MFTA) has announced that it is increasing the  versatility of end-user applications for its line of Canter FE Series work  trucks by partnering with Supreme Corp. to offer the StepSaver body.

The StepSaver  body provides safe, convenient curb-side access to the cargo area through a  low-step entry near the front passenger side of the body. With either the  available roll-up or sliding pocket-style door, the interior space remains clear  and completely available for cargo.

By combining  the StepSaver body with a FUSO Canter FE Series medium-duty truck, the operator  enjoys the benefits of the Canter truck’s lower cost-of-ownership, remarkable  fuel efficiency and superior payload, as well as convenient, safe access to  cargo. In addition, because the cargo area is separate from the driving  environment, the driver benefits from the quiet, comfortable working  environment of the FUSO Canter cab, which may help to reduce driver fatigue.

Todd Bloom,  MFTA’s President and CEO, notes, “We have had a strong working relationship  with Supreme for years. And we’re very pleased to be offering this additional  choice to our dealers and customers in an effort to expand end-user  applications for our Canter trucks. We’re confident this combination will  appeal to many customers who are looking to lower the cost of their truck  transport operations, while improving the efficiency of their loading and  unloading.”

The new  StepSaver body option will be available through the FUSO dealer network  throughout the U.S. For more information about the FUSO Canter, visit or contact your local Mitsubishi Fuso dealer. For more  information about the Supreme StepSaver, go to

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